About me

I'm Trea, just your average 30 year old mother and wife, with a possibly unhealthy addiction to fashion and shopping. I'm no style queen but I know what works for me. I love looking at what people are wearing on their blogs so felt it was only good manners to share what I'm wearing -  I like a bit of give and take!

I hit the big 3-0 recently and of course I'm starting to feel a bit old now, but I'm adamant that being over 30 does not mean you have to dress any different. Becoming a mum has definitely impacted on my fashion choices, as I always have to make sure I'm able to run after my very energetic little boy, so white skinnies and high heels are not always the best option as you can imagine, but I don't think I have to dress 'mumsy' now just because I'm a mum over 30- in my head I'm still about 24!
Feel free to leave me a comment and say hello.

Contact me on treacrozier@yahoo.co.uk


  1. We should get on just fine then. I have two energetic little boys to run after, I'm rubbish at keeping white jeans white and high heels are for high days and holidays and only if there is a car nearby. Oh yes and I love fashion though I'm getting on a bit too. I look forward to your future posts!

  2. Are you on Facebook? You should join Fashion Bloggers Unite - it's a group of mummy fashion bloggers and Sue is in it too. Really helpful & supportive - we're keeping it small so it's a beneficial group but you're more than welcome to join. Just search for Fashion Bloggers Unite and ask to join the group. Any problems, just email me on schoolgatestyle@yahoo.co.uk x

  3. Will definately try that Avril I'm on FB, thanks for the heads up!


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