Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My latest obsession's

Sorry for the recent absence, I've been caught up with teething/sleep regression/new house stuff/illness blah blah blah. 

I don't have a lot to report on the clothing front as I'm spending all my pennies on house stuff recently with the big move hopefully being October. My current obsession is the kids rooms. I've been making great use of Pinterest and Houzz recently, and have done little mood boards for each room. This is a great way to pull all your ideas together and figure out if everything works. 

The overall palette for the new house is grey and white, with bright accents for each room. The house is open plan so the separate spaces have to flow more than in a traditional house. It's also means it's easy to change the rooms up a bit as it's the little details that hold the colour. 

Charlotte's room will be painted pale grey with bright accents, in particular mint and coral with a bit of neon too. She's only 5 months but I didn't want to have a babyish room, but one she can grow into. 

Coh├ín's will be mostly black and white with yellow 'John Deere' green accents among other colours. He's mad about tractors, diggers and Fireman Sam, so of course there will be some of that, but we will also have a playroom so that's going to be more about the toys and the bedrooms will be for chilling and sleeping. 

The open plan space which consists of the kitchen, living and dining room, as well being the central part of the house where all other rooms and the stairs lead off from, will have a grey base with bright accents. The two canvases were my starting point, the bottoms one is called 'sunset' and is by Parvez Taj. I love his artwork and have my eye on a few more pieces for elsewhere in the house. Thankfully because the house has been on the go a while we've bought most of these things already, and our garage is full to bursting with boxes full of furniture. The one big thing that we still need to get sorted is the sofa below. This one is from Dwell, but hubby is going to make ours himself, as he was an upholsterer in a former life, and that way we can plan it to fit the exact space.  

Here's the link to my Pinterest if you want to follow me, and let me know if you like to see more interior posts, for me interiors go hand in hand with fashion.