Wednesday, 30 July 2014

There is no secret!!

I'm going to be totally honest and tell you I was in two minds about doing this post. After consulting my very honest blogging friends we all agreed it's a contentious issue, and can get women's backs up, but most of them said they would be interested to read it. I decided to go ahead with it and share my thoughts. What am I talking about- why the post baby body of course!! 

You'd have to have been living under a rock not to have noticed the media frenzy when a high profile celeb has a baby. All the talk about their crazy diets and gruelling exercise regimes is plastered all over the mags and I'm sure many people do buy into it. But I for one don't. There is no secret trick to weight loss and the sooner you realise that the sooner you get on your way to loosing the weight. 

So how do they do it? 

1.Having a head start. Celebs have a helping hand in that the vast majority of them have amazing bodies to begin with, and the muscle memory eventually kicks in again after a few months anyway. The vast majority of us don't have rock hard abs to begin with, so to think that we could possibly have flat stomachs shortly after having a baby is ludicrous. 

2.Genes. A lot of the celebs and models have got where they are because of their figures, and a lot of the time their figures are down to their genes. We all have a friend that eats like a horse and never puts on any weight - well a lot of celebs are that 'friend'. So it stands to reason that genes will play a part in post baby recovery too. 

3. Being healthy. A lot of women see pregnancy as an excuse to gorge on forbidden foods, after all we're eating for two right? Wrong. We only need to eat an extra 200 calories a day to provide for the baby, and that doesn't even begin to cover a gorging session. The key is eating healthy throughout pregnancy not only for your health but for your baby too. Obviously you're going to put on weight but if you are sensible and stay within the healthy range, it's going to be easier to loose it the other side. For a lot of Celebs their career is built on their bodies so they are probably thinking long term more than the rest of us who's income doesn't depend on how quick we get back into our skinny jeans. 

4. Money. Probably the most obvious one. When you can pay for nannies, personal trainers, nutritionists and god knows what else, it's going to be a lot easier than the average woman who is surviving on little sleep, running a house, tending to a newborn, possibly looking after other children and in some cases even working.

I've had a few emails from women who've had babies recently asking how I've lost my baby weight, so I thought I'd do a post in the hope it may help someone. The vast majority of my weight loss, I've put down to genes, or as some people call it luck! Through being sensible and eating normal throughout pregnancy I put 1 and 1/2 stone. One stone disappeared in the few days following birth, leaving me with half a stone to play with. Being moderately active and eating healthy, has shifted the last half stone without too much effort. Breastfeeding has also played a part, as it burns up to 500 calories a day, basically while sitting on your bum - where else would you get a workout like that without breaking out in a sweat! 

I did put on more weight in my last pregnancy, with about a 2 stone gain. It wasn't as easy shifted last time, and I literally only lost about 10 pound after giving birth, and my wee man was 7lb 2oz. It took about 9 months of strict dieting and being very active. I wasn't as healthy 3/4 years ago and did do a bit more 'eating for two' in my last pregnancy. But while loosing the weight last time I educated myself on diet and have a lot more knowledge now, and subsequently changed my attitude to food. 

I used the My Fitness Pal app to help with weight loss after my last pregnancy. Basically you put in your current weight and your ideal weight, and how much you want to loose a week, and it tells you how many calories you need to eat per day to get there. Then you log in what you eat daily to keep track and it counts up the calories for you.You can also add any exercise to it too. It does take a bit of time and thought, but its a great way of educating yourself on the amount of calories, carbs, protein etc in your food. I don't calorie count now, as long term I think its unsustainable. I just eat loads of fruit, vegetables, quite a lot of protein and try not to go too crazy on carbs. I also have a gluten and dairy intolerance so have to be careful with food choices. 

While I might be back to normal on the scales now my bodies not exactly as it was before, I definitely still have a wobbly belly complete with linea nigra. Because my stomach muscles split during pregnancy I have to be careful with core exercises. I still have some hip pain following on from the PGP I had while pregnant, and to top it all off I have an awful shoulder injury from overuse of muscles and bad posture while feeding. 

It's going to take a bit of exercise to really tone up, but right now I can't really do much, so I'm continuing to walk as much as possible and do a little bit of light running when I can, and eat healthy and hope I'll get to where I want to be in a few months time.

So there's no big secret to the perfect post baby body, but if you arm yourself with a bit of knowledge on healthy eating and get active, you will see progress. Instagram is great for getting healthy eating ideas and fitness inspiration. Search #fitspo #postbabybody #healthyeating #cleaneating type hashtags and have a quick flick through your feed every morning to help you on the straight and narrow for that day.

Whenever your little ones (hopefully) go down for a nap, if you can, use the time to do a YouTube ten minute exercise session or plan a healthy lunch for yourself. And remember 9 months on 9 months off, and if you can do it any sooner that's brilliant, but if you're determined you will get there. 

I think the best thing is to try and change your lifestyle as opposed to dieting, concentrate on eating healthy so you can set a good example, because weaning is not far away and why would you feed your babies with the best food possible and fill your own body full of crap. Around the weaning stage is a great time to start eating healthy, so take full advantage of all those healthy foods you're feeding the wee ones.

Obviously I'm no expert, I just have a love for food and exercise, and I'm far from perfect, but I do try and do the best I can with what I've got. But whats most important of all is to enjoy those snuggly, chubby, cute little balls of joy you created as obviously their needs come first. If you have a bit of time and energy to spare for getting back into shape use it, if not just do it when you can, the baby days are only a few months of your life!


Friday, 11 July 2014


When Kaleidoscope contacted me about getting involved with their #bloggersabroad feature, I immediately thought that because I'd never shopped with them before I wasn't sure if it was my thing. On having a quick nosey on the site I changed my mind, and thought I would definitely be able to pick a few things to bring on holiday from their vast range. 

All their holiday items are grouped together in the one section called the Holiday Shop. I love when sites do this as navigating a whole site can be very daunting.

I was immediately drawn to this red sleeveless shirt. I'm making a conscious effort to buy more red, as I have very little of it in my wardrobe. I knew it would both work as a holiday piece and slot into my everyday wardrobe. Sleeveless shirts are also great for wearing under jumpers without bulking up too much. I've worn it here with off white denim shorts, and think it will be perfect for a day of exploring. The shorts will definitely be going in my suitcase. White shorts are prefect for a capsule suitcase as they go with everything and make a great alternative to denim ones. 

Matalan shorts
Next sandals
Topshop necklace

I'm showing major love to playsuits at the minute, and picked out this navy polka dot one. I've already worn it with flat sandals during the day, and it will work as a beach cover up over a bikini on holidays, and then could be dressed up with heels at night. I usually only take tan wedges on holiday as we tend to do a lot of dandering about in the evenings, and these are the only ones I have that are as comfortable as flats. Plus tan usually goes with everything. 

Next flat sandals
Topshop wedges 

This printed beach kaftan jumped out at me too, I loved the print and embellishment on the neck. I'm going to pair it with gold sandals to pick out the detail. It's half price in the sale also, that's the good thing about going on holidays late in the summer, you can get some sale bargains in June when the summer sales start.  

Gold sandals are years old have no idea where they came from!
Heatons hat

I'm looking forward to packing these pieces in my suitcase come September when we're off to Spain. I'm sure the shirt will get a run out before then, it looks great with a black and white striped skirt for a night out, which are few and far between at the minute!


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The bargainous skirt!

I decided to have a wee nosey at the start of the Zara sale a few weeks back. Not the smartest move for someone who is supposed to be saving all their pennies for the new house, but I just couldn't resist.

I think I did pretty well though and was very restrained, the husband might not agree but what he doesn't know won't hurt him eh?  My "what this old thing?! I've had it for years" act deserves an Oscar nomination at this stage. 

So what did I buy, well I hate to say it but it's sort of predictable, neon - check, grey -check, nursing friendly - check! 

I couldn't resist this neon jacket, bright jackets are brilliant for just finishing off an outfit. This one will work all year round and looks as good over jumpsuits and dress as it does over a white tee and jeans. It seems to be sold out now unfortunately. 

As soon as I saw this jumpsuit I knew it was for me. I've been drawn to this minty blue colour recently and the fact that it has a wrap for making the boobies accessible meant it was a done deal. This now seems to be sold out also.

But what I'm really loving is this grey wrap skirt. I'm sure I've well over ten jersey skirts in my wardrobe. They are so versatile and usually very cheap, that it's hard to pass one up. The go with everything from killer heels to converse. This grey one was no exception, as I knew I could wear it out, or wear it during the day with flats. It has the perfect amount of stretch and has an added spanx effect of pulling you in, and who doesn't love it when that happens!!

H&M Breton top
H&M heels 

Topshop top
Next sandals

I went back to the Zara website today to check if they are still in stock, as I've had a lot of people asking where I got it and what do you know they're only down to six blooming quid!! Mine was £9.99 at the start of the sale. I'm sure I don't even have to tell you I ended up buying another couple. The neon and charcoal are now on their way to me!!

Buy here

Buy here

Buy here

There are also patterned ones, which are equally as nice, and I love the grey knot front one too, but was very restrained and decided one grey jersey skirt is enough, even for me.

Buy here

Buy here

Buy here

There a quite a few sizes left in most of them, but if you fancy one be quick, as I can't imagine they'll hang around long at £5.99!!