Friday, 27 June 2014

Feeding not frumping!

If you're a breast feeding mummy, I'm sure you've spent more than a few hours trawling the Internet looking for suitable feeding attire for special occasions. If you're anything like me those searches won't have been very fruitful.

After scouring every corner of the net for a nursing dress to wear to a wedding, I can conclude there's absolutely none that I like. I don't think your style should have to change just because you're nursing, so if I wouldn't wear it normally I'm not wearing it while nursing. I don't know about you, but going to an event wearing something I'm not comfortable in would sort of ruin my day. It can be a stressy enough day with a baby in tow without feeling a bit crap about your outfit.

I know wrap dresses are considered the dogs danglies when it comes to nursing dresses, but they're really not me. But, it has to be said the wrap is very functional and there's definitely a reason most nursing dresses are wrap styles. I was after a more modern wrap style rather than the usual jersey wrap and was pleasantly surprised that I found so many options.

So here's my round up of what I've found, as always links are below the photos.
The zip front dress is also having a moment, so a few options can be found on the high street. These are a great option for easy access, and provide plenty of coverage for those rather unsexy nursing bras.
Another options is to go with the matchy matchy trend, and wear a co-ordinating skirt and top set. Most of these could pass for a dress, with the added bonus that you will get extra wear out of them as separates.
If it's a jumpsuit you're after, River Island has come up trumps recently. They have this jumpsuit with a wrap front, and it actually has a popper button at the bust,for easy access. It comes in quite a few different prints also.
I bought this one a few weeks ago, it's so comfy as it has elastic around the waist at the back so doesn't feel as restrictive as some jumpsuits can.
Jumpsuits are fast becoming accepted evening wear, with a killer pair of heels and a sparkly bag they look as good if not better than a dress, add a fascinator and you're ready for a wedding. Jersey jumpsuits are great too, not only are they very handy for feeding but can be very flattering on a post partum body, while being very on trend at the same time. Win win all round!
If our sunny weather ever comes back heres a few playsuit options too. I have the blue Zara one and its perfect for feeding as its quite roomy around the top.
I've recently ordered a few basic jersey tops from Boohoo that have been very handy. They're loose around the bottom and I just wear a stretchy vest under and they've worked pretty well.
Left outfit: Necklace from my shop The Treasure Trove, Boohoo top, Only jeans, Next sandals
Right outfit: Boohoo top, RI skirt, Next sandals
Wrap tops are big at the moment too, and the sheer material is getting a big thumbs up from me at the minute (I'm still in the sweaty Betty stage) as they provide a bit of coverage without being too hot.

So to conclude here are my top tips for breast feeding attire.
  • If a wrap over top has a little stitch at the bust simply un-pick it and replace with a little square of Velcro, thus preserving your modesty and giving you easy access to the boobage.
  • Wear a stretchy vest under a low cut top and simply unclick bra, vest goes down top goes up and boob's your uncle!
  • A killer pair of heels and great accessories such as a statement necklace or fascinator can really transform the plainest of dresses, so don't be put off by the dress straight away. I've added more necklaces to the shop, so many of them look great with a dress, have a look here.

I hope you've picked up some tips to make shopping a bit easier - and remember think outside the box, and don't limit yourself to traditional nursing wear. You're feeding not frumping remember!!!


Friday, 13 June 2014

A style rut and some storage

For some unknown reason I've been drawn to black a lot recently. Perhaps it's to match the bags under my eyes it's featured heavily recently in my outfits! 

I'm sort of in a style rut at the moment and I'm really not feeling the love for my wardrobe space so maybe that's something to do with it. I'm looking forward to the move into the new house so I have a bit more room for my clothes. Being able to see everything at a glance will help, out of sight out of mind and all that!! 

We're about two months away from moving in and my dressing room (yes my, hubbie can find a wee corner somewhere for his, or share with the wee man like he does now!) and en suite currently looks like this.

Some day soon I hope it will look like this.

I'm hoping I can stretch the space enough to have this! 

Necklace storage is another obstacle I've have to overcome. Since starting The Treasure Trove my necklace collection has grown considerably! Perks of the job of course! I've taken over a decorative hanging thingymajig in the bathroom, necklaces can now be found in every nook and cranny of our small house at the minute. 

All necklaces from my shop The Treasure Trove

Now most people can't spare the space to have a wall of shoes, but necklace storage is a bit easier to overcome. I like the idea of hooks and on rails to store mine, as you can see it all at a glance, and it's doesn't take up too much room.

These ones from Ikea are marketed as a kitchen storage solution, but I think they will be perfect for the job. The little hanging cups will come in handy too. Our Master bedroom accent colour is orange so it works out perfect. Love it when a good storage plan comes together!! 

Onto recent outfits- if you like black you've come to the right place. If colour is your thing, well maybe check back next time when I'm feeling a bit more inspired! 

Isabel Marant for H&M tee
Next white skinnies 

New look striped top
Next white skinnies 
H&M boots

Next top
Oasis skinnies
Next shoes 

F&F blouse
Topshop skinnies
New look shoes

Hopefully next time I'll be a little more colourful and inspiring!