Friday, 9 May 2014

The Treasure Trove latest!

Things have been very busy with The Treasure Trove recently, so I thought I'd share some of the new pieces here, as I have limited stock and I wouldn't want you guys to miss out!

Here 's just a selection of some of the latest pieces. I'm not sure which of these are my favourite but I have to say this navy and black rope necklace below, is definitely up there, it's so versatile and looks as good with a denim shirt as it does with a wedding outfit.

The power of a statement necklace is amazing, take any simple top or dress and add a statement necklace and suddenly it's transformed into an #OOTD worthy outfit! They just seem to give your outfit an added something. I can't wait to get wearing the gold and clear stone one below, it's one of those necklaces that literally go with everything, and I'm already thinking of what I'm wearing it with tomorrow!

I also have a massive selection of earrings if you're not a necklace person. I really wish I suited earrings, as there are so many gorgeous ones, but sadly I look laugh-out-loud silly in them for some unknown reason.

All are available in the online store link here, except the bracelet above that I'm taking pre orders for,  it will be £30, email me at or PM me on the Facebook page. Click here for the Facebook page, where I regularly update when new pieces have arrived. 



  1. Some spectacular pieces Trea! Off to check out the shop xx

  2. Some gorgeous pieces. Off to have a browse

  3. Amazing necklaces Trea, so colourful, off to have a peak x

  4. Oh I love your necklaces - and am totally with you on the strange effect of glam earrings, they just make me feel strange!

  5. Some stunning pieces Trea! I used to love earrings & change them every day but I think after the kids come along its something that gets forgotten about! You always look amazing in your necklaces! xx


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