Sunday, 27 April 2014


I thought it was about time to get back to the old blogging. I've been getting a bit too comfortable on the sofa drinking tea and eating rubbish, and as any mum will know it's all about routine, so the sooner I get back to normality the better.

Our little woman is doing great, she's 3 weeks today and is feeding and sleeping well, and I'm feeling pretty good myself so I've been very lucky.

I've been trying to get dressed most days, as I instantly feel better when I'm dressed with a bit of slap on. But there have been a few days where it's been eat/sleep/boke/repeat but that's to be expected at this stage!

I've been posting on Instagram, so here's the roundup of my outfits from the last few weeks. It's so good to be able to wear whatever I want without having to find something to fit over the bump. A serious shopping spree is on the cards, as I fee like I've missed out on so much.

As you can see I've been living in H&M, Next and Zara recently, and after posting this I realise I really need to expand my shopping horizons, and start browsing elsewhere, as it's really easy to get stuck in a shopping rut.

H&M jacket
Boden top
Next skirt
Next brogues
Necklace from my shop link here

H&M top
Zara jeans
Next shoes 

Next shirt
H&M jeans
Converse trainers

H&M cardi
H&M maternity jeans
Next brogues

Next sweatshirt
Zara jeans
Nike hi tops

F&F shirt
Zara jeans
Next shoes

H&M jumper
Zara jeans
Next brogues
Necklace from my shop
Michael Kors watch
Cartier style bracelet from my shop

Only Breton top
Zara jeans
Converse trainers

Next blouse
Zara trousers
M&S boots
Micheal Kors watch
Bracelet from my shop


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Baby T'n'P

Our perfect little woman arrived 06.04.14 at 8:10am, weighing in at a whopping 6lb 6oz! 

After days of labour pains she arrived rather unexpectedly. We are both doing great, and she has been an absolute angel since she has arrived, so long may that continue. The wee man has now become the big man, and is obsessed with his little sister thankfully. 

I'm still in shock and really can't believe I'm the mother of a little girl, but also scared as I'm now going to be eternally broke. So much shopping so little time!!  

I'm going to take a while to enjoy her, so will be quiet on here for a while. I will still be active on Instagram though, so you can follow me on there if you wish by clicking here

T x 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Sunday skirt

Recently, it seems without even realising it I've created a Sunday uniform. I always take the opportunity to dress up on a Sunday, and generally try to wear a skirt or a dress. This hasn't fallen by the wayside during pregnancy as I have quite a few stretchy pencil skirts which are guaranteed to fit at any time. As we usually go out for dinner on a Sunday evening, they are perfect for housing a food baby, or in my case an actual baby. 

Of course skirts are the item of the season, with so many styles around to pick from. I do love the flared bottom ones and will definitely be getting a few once I've popped, but at the minute the stretchy pencil skirt is my savior. 

If I see a patterned stretchy pencil skirt I pounce on it, and extra marks are given for one with navy or black elements, ensuring it's wearable with tights as much as bare legs. Remember those bare legged days of last summer ahhhhh ......... I'm hoping they're not too far away again. 

Primark jumper 
H&M chambray shirt
H&M skirt
M&S ankle boots
Office flats
Hunter wellies 

A few weeks back myself and my friend took our little men on a leprechaun trail at a local national trust property. The day for me started in this outfit and my new M&S navy boots, they lasted all of about half an hour, when I spied my office flats (which are like slippers at this stage) calling to me. But they were never going to withstand a forest trail so the trusty hunters had to step in. 

Now I know Hunter boots can be expensive, but I really do believe they are worth the money, as for a wellies they are very comfortable. Mine get quite a bit of wear living in both the country, and on a building site and are usually covered in muck and all sorts. Safe to say they mine are not usually paired with a tulle skirt and pearls! 

A little tip by the way if you're a smaller size, order the childrens ones from Next they are around £45, and just finish a little more below the knee. Perfect if you're petite or have shorter legs too. 

Next jumper 
Savida skirt 
M&S ankle boots 

Last weeks outfit for 'the last supper' with my friends, was based around the Savida skirt I picked up to wear on Boxing Day. I absolutely love the colours in this skirt, and would love an orange cashmere jumper specifically to wear with it. Again the M&S boots were on, this time for long enough to break them in. 

F&F shell top
eBay necklace
H&M skirt
Dunnes pumps 

On Sunday for Mother's Day lunch out, I wore my 'oldie but a goodie' H&M floral skirt. I've got so much wear out of this skirt, it's well over 3 years old. The fact that it features so many different colours mean I have tons of tops to match it in my wardrobe. When I get a mental block over what to wear this is my fall back skirt every time. 

The F&F shell top made it's debut too, it was a little short with bump stretching it to maximum capacity, so a black vest was worn underneath to protect my modesty. 

I'm hoping I won't see another Sunday with a bump apart from a rather deflated one as I'm due this week. I went early last time, and have everything crossed the same will happen again, but of course with babies you never know. So I could end up in a stretchy pencil skirt next Sunday again!! Who knows?!!!

T x