Saturday, 29 March 2014

A little luxury

So after The Treasure Trove necklaces featuring on the runway at Belfast Fashion Week, the next best thing to happen recently was a break at my favourite hotel. I went to Lough Eske Castle in Donegal at the weekend, to squeeze in some last minute pampering while I still can.

Safe to say I was not disappointed. Being a 5* hotel, all the rooms are that bit special, but we got a lovely little surprise when the porter informed us we were heading to the presidential suite while in the lift. It was simply bliss, while it wasn't the biggest room I've stayed in at the hotel, it certainly was the grandest.

Thanks to a late checkout we were able to basically eat non stop for 24 hours. The food there is second to none, and my favourite meal of the day breakfast, lasted well over an hour with a least five courses consumed- well I had to make up for the lack of alcohol calories consumed somehow!!

After the success of my capsule packing back in December, I decided to give it another go, and set myself the challenge of basing all my outfits around one pair of jeans (nothing to do with the fact that I only have a few pairs that fit me now of course!).

Friday: all H&M and necklace from The Treasure Trove
Friday night: Zara blouse, Treasure Trove necklace, H&M jeans, Zara shoes
Saturday: F&F shirt, Next jumper, H&M jeans, H&M brogues

It worked out ok, other than the fact the hotel was absolutely roasting and the shirt/jumper combo I usually favour was a bit too much. I definitely have a new found love for capsule packing, as I love a wee styling challenge, and it definitely makes things easier when picking what to wear. 

I'm loving a bit of double polka dot at the minute, and have wore this jumper/shirt combo together a few times over the past few weeks. The F&F shirt is great quality, I almost bought a New Look one but this one is much better for the money.

Sorry for the rubbish photos by the way, the hotel is all very dark and moody and somehow forgot my SLR and the crappy iPhone camera can't really cope with lack of light. 



  1. Well done you for getting the necklaces off the ground and noticed so quickly, that is a real achievement, the hotel is beautiful, you can't have too many mini breaks between now and the new arrival (not so easy with all the new baby clobber!)

  2. What a gorgeous place and how lucky were you to get the Presidential Suite. Another successful packing trip, love your outfits, you stylish mama x

  3. Blimey, firstly you look AMAZING - I mean totally gorgeous. Secondly, I NEED to go to a 5* hotel - NOW!

  4. Oh my what a treat....this place looks amazing! Still rockin' the maternity looks Trea, you look great! xx

  5. That looks spectacular ... as indeed do you! Not long to go now ... x

  6. Gorgeous the hotel and you! looks my type of place. x

  7. I bet that was just what you needed some good old RnR! You packed so well! xx


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