Sunday, 2 February 2014

Shell overload

Life is hectic at the minute, so please forgive me for being rather slack. There’s a lot going on in the T’n’P household. Between baby shopping and house shopping, the clothes shopping has had to take a bit of a backseat. That’s not to say I haven’t been buying anything at all – oh no no, the very though of it! The bump has grown considerably in the past few weeks and just throwing on anything in the mornings is a thing of the past. I’m having to have a few try on sessions every week as my wardrobe choices are dwindling as time goes on.

I’m still trying to buy very little maternity clothes, as I can’t bear to have something in my wardrobe that can only be worn for a few months, or weeks as I’m into now (eek!). A style of top that is particularly appealing to me at the minute is the sculptured or shell top.

What I love about these tops apart from the fact that they fit over the bump, is their versatility. They’re great paired with skinny jeans and a statement necklace for a night out. They look amazing tucked into a pencil skirt for something a bit more formal while also working with boyfriend jeans and ankle boots for a casual look. But my favourite look has to be when they are worn with a shirt underneath (long and short sleeves both work) for something a little quirkier.

My wardrobe item of the moment is the Whistles sculptured top I bought a few months back. Due to its slightly boxy oversized shape I’m still getting some wear out of it, albeit it doesn’t look as loose as it’s supposed to. It also helps that it’s yellow, ‘cause everyone knows I’m a bit of a yellow freak!It's had a lot of wear over the last few months, it's my grab and go top because it works with so much the whole outfit just falls into place easily.

Lunch with the girls
H&M shirt, Whistles top, Oasis leather jacket, Zara scarf, H&M jeans, Mango boots
Dinner with the hubs a while back
Whistles top, H&M coated jeans, Zara shoes, TK Maxx bag, Next necklace

This shape can also be found in dresses. Whistles, of course do a few versions, on the pricier end of the market. But not to worry there are a lot of other cheaper versions by the usual suspects, so I’ve done a bit of a high street roundup.

Dorothy Perkins have a few good options. There’s the shell top in Orange, Black and the navy version I snapped up for a mere £7, which seems to be sold out now. They also do a blush dress in it which I have bought. It’s a bit snug in my regular size with the bump, but I will hold onto it for after it’s a perfect post baby dress.

DP orange and black both £25 with 30% off currently
Topshop have a great range of these dresses, in loads of different colours. They even do a maternity 

Topshop £45
Pink and black £45, orange £25
Topshop Maternity £45
I love these Warehouse ones, perfect colours for spring of course, the yellow is very similar to my whistles one, which is now sold out.

Wearhouse £36

But I've saved the best for last- the Whistles ones. I haven’t seen all the other ones in the flesh but I don’t think anything could beat the quality of the Whistles ones. The material is a lovely heavy crepe that hangs beautifully, well worth the investment especially if you can snag one with a discount code. ASOS is your best option for this. They have updated the style slightly from last year, mine is the same as the orange one below but the new ones have a higher neck.

Whistles £85

The dress has been updated too. The red one below is last seasons style, and the one I like the best. The other ones have a few more seams on them but they are pretty gorgeous too.

Whistles £115

So there you have it, a little round up of my favourite shell tops I've spied around the interwebz. I'm definitely eying up a few more, the long sleeve green Topshop one is my favourite at the minute.
And what have I been wearing recently, you guessed it - a shell top over a shirt. I'm totally obsessed with shirts under everything, from dresses to, jumpers and dressy tops. We were of celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary this weekend, which makes me feel very old indeed!!

H&M shirt, Dorothy Perkins top, Savida skirt, Barratts wedges



  1. I love the vibrant yellow with the leather leggings - fun and cool at the same time :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Thanks Charlotte, this is one of my favourite outfits- love yellow and electric blue!

  2. You look lovely Trea. I particularly like the nude dress, it would work well in my wardrobe. She'll tops are brilliantly versatile aren't they x

    1. Thanks Donna. They really are versatile, I can't wait to add a few more to my collection. The blush DP one I bought is very similar to the whistle one so check that one out!

  3. That yellow top looks gorgeous on you and really disguises the bump, you don't even look pregnant in it and it was the right colour choice for the coming season x

    1. Those photos were a while back so not the same size of bump as I have today! Not even sure the yellow top would fit me today!!lol

  4. Love the Whistles shell top on you, the colour is so perfect for you! You most certainly have the most stylish bump I have ever seen! x

    1. Aw thanks Michelle, it's a stunning top so glad I got it. Most of the time im slobbing in trackie bottoms but try to make and effort when heading out in public!!

  5. Truly you are the most stylish pregnant woman I've ever seen. You are stunning x

    1. Aw Liz you're too sweet, I need you to follow me around all day! Lol

  6. I'm not surprised you like yellow so much as it really is gorgeous on you. I'll say it again ... you must the most stylish pregnant lady I've ever seen!!

  7. I must of missed this fab post on Sunday, I love my whistles structured top but would love a cheaper option just for day wear..... Thanks for the round up. You still look great managed to keep stylish during your pregnancy! Gorgeous xx

  8. You look amazing - seriously wouldn't even know you are pregnant never mind building a house!! Love the yellow on you, and dreaming of wearing a short sleeved tee without long sleeves underneath!


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