Thursday, 13 February 2014

Every little helps........

I was so disappointed when I discovered these bargain shell tops after dedicating my last post to them. I felt I needed to share as they are amazing for the price, and with the added benefit that you can drop them into the trolley while picking up your groceries - who needs milk and bread when you can feast on fashion! So if you haven't already guessed from the title they're from F&F, Tesco's clothing label. Check out Sue in hers here to see what they are like on, she's doing a better job at modelling them than me, I can tell you that for nothing.

While perusing the rest of the F&F website, which I haven't done in a long time, I was totally amazed at some of the gorgeous pieces available. So here's my round up of the best things I've seen.

These wrap tops are gorgeous, and not unlike the yellow Zara one I have, they would work equally as well for a night or or meal as they would in the office.

I keep meaning to get a polka dot shirt, either one of these would fit the bill and would look great poking out under a jumper.I'm thinking my mint jumper would love divine over the cream one. 

These cami tops are lovely too, there's a massive selection of colours and for £8 you could literally fill your basket- who needs food when you can have clothes.

The dress selection is pretty good too, definitely worthy of a spring Wedding or Christening. I particularly love the bottom right one.

They also have a great version of the shell dress and I kind of regret not buying the orange one. Yes orange, not yellow- I fear a new colour obsession coming on for the spring by the way!

Now onto the skirts, there wasn't as big a selection as I would have liked, but definitely some gorgeous ones all the same.I love the navy tapestry one, very Zara-esq. And speaking of Zara they have also done a version of the Zara skort too, which also comes in black. 

So what did I buy, well I decided on a few staples, and some things I can wear post baby bump, so nice and floaty. I can totally see you rolling your eyes about yet more yellow purchases by the way, but I'm a hormonal pregnant woman, your not allowed to judge!!

I can't wait for the next Clubcard boost, as I'm definitely heading back to pick up some pieces. I have my eye on everything below but, I'm not sure if I can even hold out until then, that tapestry jacket is calling out to me big time!!

Use code 'FFSHOP14' for £10 off orders over £50. 



  1. I added half of what you have picked out here into my online basket yesterday! I haven't checked out yet - not sure I want to as I have ordered A LOT! Those tops that both you and Sue have are amazing - I need them I think!

  2. Great to read another blog post that helps me to battle on with #frugalfebruary - NOT!! Struggling to resist those shell tops though I have been in Tesco to feel the quality of them but I didn't buy *polishes halo*...they are a lovely weight. I was impressed - and the tunic is lovely too! x

  3. Wow really love the shell tops and the crossover ones too! Will have to make a trip to my nearest tesco soon!

  4. There are some really nice items here! Love the shell tops esp the pink one. Both dotty tops are really cool, and I love the tartan dress, and the floral pencil skirt - I could go on more...

  5. Love the dotty shirt....may have to invest in one of those!! x

  6. Thanks for the lovely mention Trea and do you know what? I directed everyone to look at you in your Whistles shell top because I thought you modelled that so well and far more interestingly than me - I loved the layering you did with it.

    And the love for yellow continues unabated - will look forward to seeing what you think of your goodies when they all arrive.

  7. Can't believe those pieces are from Tesco. I love the last piece you styled with the bold blue trousers. Food shopping just got a little more expensive now.. haha ;)


  8. Looks like I NEED to go to Tesco!!! I'm loving all of these pieces! x


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