Wednesday, 26 February 2014

An unexpected bargain

Way back when we were being bathed in glorious sunshine and were all sporting lovely tans, I fell a little bit in love with a certain pair of boots.

Now these weren't just any old high street boots, no that would be too easy. These were Isabel Marant boots. The Jenny's to be precise. But at over £400, lets face it, it was never going to happen. I had been keeping an eye out for some Jenny-alikes, but they never appeared and I gave up.

I sort of forgot about them until I happened to be browsing on the H&M website, and spied a pretty similar pair. Granted these don't have the slouchiness of the Jenny's, which is the main thing I love about them, but they're  pretty good for the money.

H&M boots £34.99
They set me back a measley £26.25, and for a real suede pair of boots that's a complete steal! They are £34.99, but I used code 1319 to get 25% off. They are also mega comfy. I wore them for the first time yesterday, and still had them on my feet at 8pm last night, which is a big deal for me as my slippers usually go on when I get through the door.

I got dressed in a major rush yesterday morning (it's getting increasingly hard to haul my pregnant ass out of bed these days!) and literally grabbed the closest things to hand.
School Gate Style scarf
Primark mens jumper
H&M jeans
H&M boots 
The jumper is from Primark mens section, and I thought it would be ideal for covering my increasing bumpage, while being nice and cosy too.The H&M maternity jeans are still going strong. I'm living in these, and will definitely still be sporting them after baby T'n'P comes, as they are just like a second skin, and with the added bonus that you don't have to pull them up every three seconds either. The scarf is a favourite of mine from Avril at School Gate Style's online shop. She has some stunning scarves in stock, it's definitely worth a look.

I'm off for tea and biccies, gotta make the most of the last few weeks of getting spoiled, as once the baba is here I've a feeling tea and biccies with my feet up will be but a distant memory!



  1. Those boots are fab, they look great on and if they are super comfy that is perfect. I love your idea of getting a men's jumper from Primark, it just means it is such a good length. You are looking super glamorous as always and Avril's scarf is such gorgeous colours x

  2. Thanks Frances, I'm really chuffed with them as I think they will go with quite a lot of outfits. I'm hoping I can wear the jumper after in a more slouchy style, but for a fiver it was well worth it even if I don't!

  3. Love the boots Trea, such a gorgeous colour too.
    Glad to hear you're making the most of the last few weeks of your pregnancy, it seems to be flying by!
    Jane xx

  4. I love them and what a great price with the code x

  5. Great boots Trea, I can't wait to see how you style them in the summer x

  6. you look fantastic, I hope your pregnancy is all going well.

  7. I remember your love for those boots & I'm so glad you finally found a pair! What a bargain they are too! You look great Trea! Those jeans were a great buy too! Ax


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