Wednesday, 26 February 2014

An unexpected bargain

Way back when we were being bathed in glorious sunshine and were all sporting lovely tans, I fell a little bit in love with a certain pair of boots.

Now these weren't just any old high street boots, no that would be too easy. These were Isabel Marant boots. The Jenny's to be precise. But at over £400, lets face it, it was never going to happen. I had been keeping an eye out for some Jenny-alikes, but they never appeared and I gave up.

I sort of forgot about them until I happened to be browsing on the H&M website, and spied a pretty similar pair. Granted these don't have the slouchiness of the Jenny's, which is the main thing I love about them, but they're  pretty good for the money.

H&M boots £34.99
They set me back a measley £26.25, and for a real suede pair of boots that's a complete steal! They are £34.99, but I used code 1319 to get 25% off. They are also mega comfy. I wore them for the first time yesterday, and still had them on my feet at 8pm last night, which is a big deal for me as my slippers usually go on when I get through the door.

I got dressed in a major rush yesterday morning (it's getting increasingly hard to haul my pregnant ass out of bed these days!) and literally grabbed the closest things to hand.
School Gate Style scarf
Primark mens jumper
H&M jeans
H&M boots 
The jumper is from Primark mens section, and I thought it would be ideal for covering my increasing bumpage, while being nice and cosy too.The H&M maternity jeans are still going strong. I'm living in these, and will definitely still be sporting them after baby T'n'P comes, as they are just like a second skin, and with the added bonus that you don't have to pull them up every three seconds either. The scarf is a favourite of mine from Avril at School Gate Style's online shop. She has some stunning scarves in stock, it's definitely worth a look.

I'm off for tea and biccies, gotta make the most of the last few weeks of getting spoiled, as once the baba is here I've a feeling tea and biccies with my feet up will be but a distant memory!


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mint madness

It looks like winter is going nowhere any time soon, so in a bid to encourage a few little rays of sunshine and a rain free day (gasp!), I’ve resorted to dressing all ‘spring – like’. Pastels are going to be massive this year, but to be honest I’m not a massive pastel fan. I’ll do mint green and pale pink and well that’s about it- don’t even think about coming near me with lilac or I might scream!
I wanted to get a few more spring friendly pieces in my wardrobe, and what better way to do that than to get a new pastel coat. It ticks the spring trend box as well as keeping me reasonably dry and warm, which is my main motivation when getting dressed on a cold dark morning. This makes my green coat the perfect trans-seasonal piece!
Sheinside coat £23.31

It’s had quite a few outings so far, and I’ve found mint is surprisingly easy to wear. It obviously looks great with other pastel colours, but can look equally as good with neutrals like black, white and camel, and of course it looks amazing against denim too as most colours do.

This also goes for nearly all other pastel colours, so everyone should be able to work the spring trend with their current wardrobe. And if all else fails simply throw it over a black outfit to give it an instant colour boost, and you’ll look like you’re a serious fashionista with your finger on the pulse!

Here are some amazing mint green inspo pic’s I’ve been looking at recently, as you can see it’s a pretty versatile colour.

All photos via Pinterest

Some of my recent outfits with my new coat. Flats are featuring heavily at the minute, as I’m trying to keep heels for special occasions only. By the way my social life has never been as busy, I haven’t got a free weekend until 40 weeks, at this rate of going baby T’n’P is going to have to make an appointment with me for the labour!
ASOS blouse
F&F top (as seen on last post)
Matalan necklace
Sheinside coat
H&M skirt
Office flats
H&M jumper
ASOS trousers
Sheinside coat
H&M brogues
Next blouse
Sheinside coat
H&M skirt
Dunnes pumps

My coat is a medium by the way, I took a chance as the small is sold out. It's a bit big across the shoulders, and a bit short in the arms for me, but that's par for the course with my stretch Armstrong length arms and Chinese clothes. But on the whole I would say it's more like a size 10.

So how do you feel about pastels, are you like me and just dipping your toe in, or are you going for the full on Easter Bunny look?


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Every little helps........

I was so disappointed when I discovered these bargain shell tops after dedicating my last post to them. I felt I needed to share as they are amazing for the price, and with the added benefit that you can drop them into the trolley while picking up your groceries - who needs milk and bread when you can feast on fashion! So if you haven't already guessed from the title they're from F&F, Tesco's clothing label. Check out Sue in hers here to see what they are like on, she's doing a better job at modelling them than me, I can tell you that for nothing.

While perusing the rest of the F&F website, which I haven't done in a long time, I was totally amazed at some of the gorgeous pieces available. So here's my round up of the best things I've seen.

These wrap tops are gorgeous, and not unlike the yellow Zara one I have, they would work equally as well for a night or or meal as they would in the office.

I keep meaning to get a polka dot shirt, either one of these would fit the bill and would look great poking out under a jumper.I'm thinking my mint jumper would love divine over the cream one. 

These cami tops are lovely too, there's a massive selection of colours and for £8 you could literally fill your basket- who needs food when you can have clothes.

The dress selection is pretty good too, definitely worthy of a spring Wedding or Christening. I particularly love the bottom right one.

They also have a great version of the shell dress and I kind of regret not buying the orange one. Yes orange, not yellow- I fear a new colour obsession coming on for the spring by the way!

Now onto the skirts, there wasn't as big a selection as I would have liked, but definitely some gorgeous ones all the same.I love the navy tapestry one, very Zara-esq. And speaking of Zara they have also done a version of the Zara skort too, which also comes in black. 

So what did I buy, well I decided on a few staples, and some things I can wear post baby bump, so nice and floaty. I can totally see you rolling your eyes about yet more yellow purchases by the way, but I'm a hormonal pregnant woman, your not allowed to judge!!

I can't wait for the next Clubcard boost, as I'm definitely heading back to pick up some pieces. I have my eye on everything below but, I'm not sure if I can even hold out until then, that tapestry jacket is calling out to me big time!!

Use code 'FFSHOP14' for £10 off orders over £50. 


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Shell overload

Life is hectic at the minute, so please forgive me for being rather slack. There’s a lot going on in the T’n’P household. Between baby shopping and house shopping, the clothes shopping has had to take a bit of a backseat. That’s not to say I haven’t been buying anything at all – oh no no, the very though of it! The bump has grown considerably in the past few weeks and just throwing on anything in the mornings is a thing of the past. I’m having to have a few try on sessions every week as my wardrobe choices are dwindling as time goes on.

I’m still trying to buy very little maternity clothes, as I can’t bear to have something in my wardrobe that can only be worn for a few months, or weeks as I’m into now (eek!). A style of top that is particularly appealing to me at the minute is the sculptured or shell top.

What I love about these tops apart from the fact that they fit over the bump, is their versatility. They’re great paired with skinny jeans and a statement necklace for a night out. They look amazing tucked into a pencil skirt for something a bit more formal while also working with boyfriend jeans and ankle boots for a casual look. But my favourite look has to be when they are worn with a shirt underneath (long and short sleeves both work) for something a little quirkier.

My wardrobe item of the moment is the Whistles sculptured top I bought a few months back. Due to its slightly boxy oversized shape I’m still getting some wear out of it, albeit it doesn’t look as loose as it’s supposed to. It also helps that it’s yellow, ‘cause everyone knows I’m a bit of a yellow freak!It's had a lot of wear over the last few months, it's my grab and go top because it works with so much the whole outfit just falls into place easily.

Lunch with the girls
H&M shirt, Whistles top, Oasis leather jacket, Zara scarf, H&M jeans, Mango boots
Dinner with the hubs a while back
Whistles top, H&M coated jeans, Zara shoes, TK Maxx bag, Next necklace

This shape can also be found in dresses. Whistles, of course do a few versions, on the pricier end of the market. But not to worry there are a lot of other cheaper versions by the usual suspects, so I’ve done a bit of a high street roundup.

Dorothy Perkins have a few good options. There’s the shell top in Orange, Black and the navy version I snapped up for a mere £7, which seems to be sold out now. They also do a blush dress in it which I have bought. It’s a bit snug in my regular size with the bump, but I will hold onto it for after it’s a perfect post baby dress.

DP orange and black both £25 with 30% off currently
Topshop have a great range of these dresses, in loads of different colours. They even do a maternity 

Topshop £45
Pink and black £45, orange £25
Topshop Maternity £45
I love these Warehouse ones, perfect colours for spring of course, the yellow is very similar to my whistles one, which is now sold out.

Wearhouse £36

But I've saved the best for last- the Whistles ones. I haven’t seen all the other ones in the flesh but I don’t think anything could beat the quality of the Whistles ones. The material is a lovely heavy crepe that hangs beautifully, well worth the investment especially if you can snag one with a discount code. ASOS is your best option for this. They have updated the style slightly from last year, mine is the same as the orange one below but the new ones have a higher neck.

Whistles £85

The dress has been updated too. The red one below is last seasons style, and the one I like the best. The other ones have a few more seams on them but they are pretty gorgeous too.

Whistles £115

So there you have it, a little round up of my favourite shell tops I've spied around the interwebz. I'm definitely eying up a few more, the long sleeve green Topshop one is my favourite at the minute.
And what have I been wearing recently, you guessed it - a shell top over a shirt. I'm totally obsessed with shirts under everything, from dresses to, jumpers and dressy tops. We were of celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary this weekend, which makes me feel very old indeed!!

H&M shirt, Dorothy Perkins top, Savida skirt, Barratts wedges