Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Capsule packing aka stuffing it all in!

Last weekend I headed off to Cardiff on a hen do, considering the fact that I was only away one night, I thought hand luggage would do me.

Now I hate packing at the best of times, as sometimes I just don't feel like wearing the outfits I've packed, so end up getting stressed and bringing everything. But this wasn't going to work this time, as there wouldn't be any room to stick in a substitute outfit or two. 

So after thinking long and hard about it I knew I needed to: 
  • Pack things I love, and won't change my mind on
  • Pack interchangeable pieces/shoes
  • Pick a colour base that goes with a lot such as tan/black 
  • Pack Light items, as baby bumps and SPD aren't really compatible with lugging large bags about

My old French connection bandage dress was the first definite item, as dress code for the night out was black dress, and bandage dresses are perfect bump wear at the minute!!

My H&M maternity jeans were the next definite item, they're so damn comfy but still look funky at the same time, so I knew I was definitely wearing them for the flight over. 

Next thing I thought about was a jacket/coat. I knew I'd have no room to pack two different options, so it needed to work for daytime and for the night out- as I wouldn't have my beer coat to keep me warm for once! As it was particularly mild last weekend, my leather waterfall jacket done the trick. 

Onto day shoes. As I had to pack a separate pair for the night out, I wouldn't have room for a different pair to wear for flying home. My new-ish Mango boots stepped up here. Casual enough to work with jeans, but dressy enough to work with a skirt or dress which I usually wear on a Sunday. They are now down to £49.99 btw.

So Saturdays outfit was jeans, boots and the leather jacket. I then decided on my favourite Boden top and I was good to go.

Oasis leather jacket
Boden top
H&M maternity jeans
Mango boots
H&M scarf and hat

Sundays outfit had to work with said boots and leather jacket and also be light, so I went for my favourite H&M tube skirt and H&M patterned top for a bit more colour. 

The wooly items were easy after that, as grey goes with most things, and I just swapped the grey scarf for a mustard one on Sunday to pick up the colour of my skirt.
Oasis leather jacket
H&M top
H&M skirt
Mango boots
H&M scarf and hat

Saturday Night:
French Connection dress
River Island shoes
My Boden bag was a total no-brainer, as it can be used as a cross body bag for day and you can remove the straps to make it into a clutch for night. I don't buy a lot of bags, so when I do I like them to be multifunctional like this one.

So there you have it, a little bit of thought goes a long way when packing. Picking a few multifunctional items definitely helps to keep the amount of gumph crammed in to a minimum. I'll definitely be thinking a bit more when packing in future, and lets face it, the less washing you have to do when you get back the better!!



  1. Great post, its so true when you think ahead. As opposed to feeling frustrated that you have nothing to wear when you get there!haha. Leather jackets are always a winner.:)


  2. Great capsule packing Trea & I'm with you on the less washing on your return the better Jane xx

  3. I thought you looked amazing in that dress when you put the pic up on FB xx

  4. You did so well Trea! I used to be dreadful with the whole packing nightmare but like you I now pack fav items & make sure it all mix n matches before I set off! You & bump are looking lovely! Ax


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