Saturday, 9 November 2013

Once you HAC you never go back!

I'm not a massive make-up and beauty fan. To me make up is just one of life's essentials to ensure small children are not left bawling their eyes out in my wake! From time to time I add a few beauty bloggers to my Bloglovin account, but after a few weeks I usually end up deleting them, due to the amount of unread posts I have.

Try as I might, I just cannot muster up the same excitement for make-up as I can for fashion, but there has been one beauty blog that I have remained loyal to over the years. The name of that wonder blog is Maskcara. It's written by a wife and mum of a little boy (so I can definitely relate), who is a complete genius on everything beauty, and sometimes even hair related. 

Cara is a make-up artist and photographer, which is a match made in heaven for a beauty blogger of course. Her witty and self depreciating writing style means the whole beauty thing never gets too heavy for me, and there are always a few laughs along the way. She has recently won Allure Beauty blogger of the year and is set to launch her own makeup range this month. 

A lot of Cara's posts and videos have stuck with me over the years, but her knowledge on eyebrows and HAC (that's highlighting and contouring for all you beauty novices like me) is amazing.

But it's the HAC-ing posts that I really wanted to share. I decided to give this a go a few months back and safe to say I'm hooked. I'm not going to get too deep into it, as Cara describes it waaaayy better than I ever could. But the defining principles are that you shade and highlight different areas of your face to make the best of your features. She has very recently done individual posts on HAC-ing for different face shapes, check it out here. Or check out her step by step video here.
Cara demonstrating the HAC effect.
Here's my HAC kit, it's nothing too fancy but I think it does the job for me.

  • Boujoirs Healthy Mix Serum
  • Soap and Glory Hocus Focus
  • Benefit Girl Meets Pearl hightlighter
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer (you definitely need a matt bronzer for HAC)
  • Rimmel Blusher (really need a new blusher)
  • Models Own angled brush
  • Lily Lolo Brush
Before I go I wanted to share my new darker hair with you. It's not too drastic but definitely feels more me. It's just a home dye kit I applied straight over my ombre. The ends are still slightly lighter, so it has an ever so subtle ombre effect in direct sunlight.

Hope you enjoy having a read through Cara's blog, as I've picked up loads of little tips over the years. Oh and be sure to check out her makeovers, they are simply jaw dropping!!



  1. You look lovely Trea - your hair has gotten SO long! I'm off now to read about HAC'ing....all new to me. You and Joanna are very useful to know! xx

  2. Love your hair colour Trea, it looks great on you. Like you, not a huge make-up experimenter but I would so like to know some more tricks so off to have a look. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Your hair looks amazing Trea & I'm loving the contouring of the different face shapes, will definitely be trying this out. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. LOVE the hair colour. I've decided I want to go darker too .. am intrigued that you were brave enough to do a DIY job. Looks fab.

  5. You look stunning with your new darker hair Trea! I love Caras blog too! Shes amazing! Ax

  6. Pregnancy suits you! Check the length of those locks!


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