Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Some exhausted ramblings.........

Some rather exhausted posting here at the minute, so apologies for rambling and spelling mistakes. I've just done a day shift and a night shift inside 24 hours, and thanks to the clocks going back the wee man is up an hour earlier, so running on 3 hours sleep here people!! So this will be short and probably not so sweet.

Outfit first, this was Saturdays effort for collecting Granny fresh from her 'haldays'. Apologies for a rather crap full length, I really need to snap before I head out the door, as evening snaps in my bathroom have a weird hazy look to them.

I did have New Look maternity wet look leggings on before I left the house, but they didn't last too long. I looked like Nora Batty after about ten minutes, so they got swapped out for a Next pair, so if you buy them definitely size down. 

H&M denim shirt
Zara scarf
Next leggings
ASOS wedge trainers
I'm spending all my spare time at the minute planning the interior of the house, much to the Hubs dismay might I add, as the outside isn't even finished!! But it's taking a bit of shape and I just can't help it. Houzz is an incredible site for all things house related, it's similar to pinterest but it only has house photos. I spend hours on it getting inspiration and ideas.

Can you tell the house will have a slight grey theme?! 


Speaking of all things grey, I wanted to share these awesome little H&M baseball boots with you too.If you have kids they're a great little bargain at £5.99. I got the wee man a grey pair (I may have ordered the next size up too), they're a great wee Sunday shoe, as I try to have him in proper supportive shoes most of the time. They come in even more colours so plenty of options for a match to any outfit for both boys and girls, and for under £6 who cares if they grow out of them in a few months. 


That's all my ramblings for now, I'm off to try and persuade the wee man to take a nap, so I can catch some much needed zzzzz's too!


  1. Love your scarf Trea! It most certainly perks up your outfit.....such gorgeous colours!!
    The H&M baseball boots are fab aren't they! I've bought a couple of pairs for my daughter.....she lives in them! They are so reasonable it is worth stockpiling a couple of pairs!! x

  2. Love those baseball boots. Joe gets through shoes like no-one's business, so will definitely have a look fro them on my next shopping trip.

  3. Fab scarf Trea. I beat you can't wait to move into your new home...enjoy all the planning

  4. All our walls are turning grey here - I think it is really elegant and sophisticated - and very contemporary. I'm not a big fan of yellowy beige/cream walls - I prefer something cooler. LOVE the scarf xx

  5. I am in love with your scarf Trea - I have been wearing one I got from Avril's shop non stop, it's a bit like this one with lots of colours! But always looking for more additions;)

  6. Get some sleep Trea, don't worry about blogging, we will all still be here when you wake! You always look fab, that scarf really lifts the whole outfit x

  7. What GlamRosie said! RELAX! I love the home collage looking great xx


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