Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Shopping with bump in mind

The only store I've managed to get into recently is H&M, they do a maternity range but I think I'll leave that until as long as possible i.e. when getting dressed in the morning is a two man job!
Jersey dress £9.99                       Black dress £7 in sale
 I have definitely been more drawn to dresses recently, particularly ones with a bit of stretch in them for obvious reasons. I bought the burgundy one in charcoal too, and sized up to ensure they will work for most of my pregnancy. The black one looked a bit Marant-ish to me, and it can be drawn in at the middle to give a bit of definition to the bump. 
Jersey skirts £7.99
You may have read about my love for H&M stretchy skirts before. I have some of these skirts in the shorter length and they're amazing quality for the money. So I decided to get myself a navy and grey longer length version, after recently buying a black version from Dorothy Perkins. The long stretchy skirt box is well and truly ticked now!
Coated jeans £29.99                     Skinny joggers £9.99
On the trouser front, the joggers I bought recently were a no brainer, they will expand with me and great with trainers for puffy tired feet down the line. These black coated jeans are amazing too and definitely well overdue in my wardrobe. This was the high waisted version, I have ordered the low cut pair online that will hopefully work under the bump. 

So my H&M haul was very much executed with bump in mind. It takes a bit of imagination to see how things will work in the coming months (and the use of a rolled up jumper or two!). But for now I'm surviving in my current wardrobe (how long that will last is anyone's guess), and trying to keep unnecessary purchases to a minimum. 

Dedicated Maternity wear can be expensive, I bought two pairs of maternity work trousers last time and survived in dresses, my bigger jeans and used bump bands. So like me if you want to buy things that will fit during the early few months and you will still be able to wear after the bambino has made an appearance, my top tips for maternity shopping are;

  • Go for stretchy fabrics such as jersey and Lycra 

  • If you want to buy non maternity jeans make sure they have a low rise, so as not to interfere with bump. 

  • When buying dresses, go for a relaxed less structured shape or something with a bit of definition in the middle that will look good with a bump or not. 

  • Look for really nice accessories such as scarves or statement necklaces, then you can rotate a few plain tops and jazz them up a bit so they don't always look the same. They obviously have the added bonus of fitting at all stages. 

Finishing off with Sundays outfit. I'm trying to get a bit of wear out of my Zara skort/skorts (never know whether it should be plural or not) while I can. I had been dying to wear it/them with tights and this Next jumper was the perfect combo for a bit of cosiness. The jumper was £14 in the sale, it's still showing at £30 on the main site though, but I've included the sale link. It's lovely and thick and a bit oversized so it should see me through the winter months.

Next jumper
Zara skorts
Jones bootmaker boots
Feel free to share your maternity clothes tips - I really enjoy having a bump, but I definitely want to look stylish with it!



  1. Oh so cute - I can see the tiniest bump in the midi skirts! But yes, dresses and skirts are good when pregnant - no dodgy waistbands which dig in where you don't want them. But I profess to enjoying the good old joggy bots - BTW, have you got yourself one of those elastic button extension things to eek out the lifespan of normal jeans?

    Love the colour of the damson jersey dress - lovely.

    1. Yes it's coming on rightly Sue!! Need to get one of those elastic button thingys, as I refuse to buy a lot of clothes that I can only wear for a few months! X

  2. Firstly huge congratulations! Amazing news! :-) Secondly you look amazing... lucky girl I was twice the size at that stage! Or luck is not really what was to blame, it was me stuffing my face, ha! I lived in Top Shop maternity jeans and jumpers. Also came to realise all tops had to be as long as possible. Never mind how wide it was the length that became the problem towards the end. Btw I particularly love your last outfit, very cool.

    1. Aw thank you Minna, I'm sure I will catch up very soon. I'm actually a lot bigger than last time already, so will probably end up a lot bigger towards the end. Trying to wear my normal stuff as long as possible as I hate spending on stuff only worn for a little while! X

  3. Congratulations you look fab. I didn't do pregnancy very well! Eighteen years ago the choice was beyond limited and then 13 years ago I gave birth to an elephant so dressing well was the last thing on my mind.

    I love all your stretchy stuff x

    1. My last pregnancy was a lot better than this one, I have yet to get the 'glow' and not sure if I ever will. The maternity style is great at the moment, a lot better than it was even a couple of years ago when I was pregnant last. Hopefully the stretch stuff will be stretchy enough!! X

  4. First off, congratulations!! I'm right with you in the not buyinng too many clothes that you will only wear for a few months! You look amazing and I'm sure you'll find ways to stay stylish all the way through! xx

  5. Some fab buys from H&M Trea & the skorts look fab on you. I managed on just a handful of maternity pieces when I was expecting which of course now seems like another lifetime ago....can't wait to see how you dress your bumps in the coming months xx

  6. There is no doubt but that you are going to be one of the most stylish pregnant women around! Fab choices ... loving the jersey skirts.

  7. Hi Trea! You have made some fab purchases here & they will most certainly last through your pregnancy! Great advise too for other Mums to be! The black dress was such a bargain & looks fab! Ax


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