Saturday, 19 October 2013

Patch it up!

So far I've bought one maternity item, and I simply couldn't resist them while having a bit of a spree in H&M recently. These maternity jeans are quite simply amazing, lovely comfy stretchy denim but what really sold them to me was the quirky patches on the knees.

F&F jumper
H&M jeans £29.99
Zara heels 
Patches are the new rips it seems, which works out well, as the extra ventilation the rips provide isn't always welcome over the winter months.

Vero Moda oversize blazer
H&M jumper
Only jeans
Jones Bootmaker boots    
ASOS £25
These Only ones landed with me this morning and they were straight on me, I couldn't resist. These have a great fit, perfect amount of skinniness and perfect pocket placement.

H&M £24.99
H&M's offering is a great option too, but the shade of blue on the Only ones swung it for me. I have another pair of Only jeans this colour and have been looking for this exact shade for years now, plus I do love a bit of distressing.

Noisy May £50
For those of you who prefer a higher waisted option, these Noisy May ones are a great option. The patches are a little bit more subtle too.

River Island £45
These River Island ones are a boyfriend style, I love these, but don't think I can justify another pair of boyfriend jeans, at least for a few months anyway.

Zara £29.99
Not to be outdone, Zara have also combined the Tartan and patch trends in one. I love the cut of these ones - not quite boyfriend not quite skinny, skinny boyfriend perhaps.

Zara £29.99
Another great option from Zara, these are a bit more subtle than the rest but sometimes a gentle nod towards a trend is enough for some people.

Tripp NYC £75
If subtle isn't your thing, these Tripp NYC tartan patch ones are perfect, a little OTT for my liking, but I think they'd look great styled right.

So will you be joining me in the patch trend, or do you think its more a fleeting season trend?



  1. Oh don't Trea. The more I see them, the more I want a pair and I know they are just wrong for me. I know what I need and what I'm looking for but it's so easy to get sidetracked. Love that you are rocking this trend for your pregnancy - if I was pregnant again, I'd definitely be following you for the maternity wear tips and how to do it in style.

  2. Ok, not on the subject at all - I love your oversized blazer! Looking fab as always:)

    1. Pulled it out of the wardrobe this morning wondering what it was, then I though pink coat trend ticked without having to buy one - result!! Ps. It may not look so oversized in a few months lol!

  3. Get them Sue!! For £25 the only ones are amazing, and I don't say that lightly about jeans! They would slot into your wardrobe effortlessly too. I'm taking advantage of the fact that I can still buy normal sized stuff while I can, it'll be a different story in a few months! X

  4. Oh those maternity ones are fab - actually nicer than the other H&M ones! And I'm a huge fan of the over the bump jersey thing - with my second pregnancy, I just couldn't do the under bump ones at all - they were so uncomfortable but I couldn't find nice over bumps ones. You are going to be one stylish pregnant mama! Have a great weekend - rest up xx

  5. The maternity ones look fab on you! They're going to be so comfortable as your little bump grows! Gorgeous. Lynne x

  6. I love the H&M ones but they haven't stocked them in any of my 4 local stores!! I don't want to order online as I'm not sure about the sizing and their online return policy is such a faff!! The Only ones look like they are worth a go!!? What's the sizing like? x

  7. I really like my h&m one's! Looking fab trea x

  8. They look like a fab pair of maternity jeans, I loved over the bump ones rather than the side panel ones, which basically used to fall down. You look super stylish.

  9. Love these jeans Trea & very tempted to order a pair of patched jeans myself but I keep telling myself how many jeans does a girl need?!!!! Of course the answer is you can never have enought ;-) xx

  10. Congratulations!! I didn't realise you were pregnant! You look amazing. Thank you for the great selection here. Love Liz xxx

  11. You are one stylish Mummy to be! Good for you, you look amazing x

  12. You'll be the most stylish pregnant lady around - I was such a frump when I was pregnant! Love the Only ones but I am resisting after ordering the Mango chaps...x

  13. Love those first jeans! Congratulations on your pregnancy :) X

  14. Aw thanks ladies, u are all too kind!! Xx

  15. I can't believe they are maternity jeans! How cool is that?! Maternity wear has come such a long way since the days of tent dresses & dungys! Jeans & tights were the only maternity items I bought! Oh & bras of course! ;) Ax


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