Thursday, 24 October 2013

Parka yer bum up here a while

I've been on the hunt a while now for two new winter coats. Every winter I like to get a nice warm coat, which usually ends up being a wool one. This winter there are two on my mind. Number one is a pale grey cocoon or boyfriend coat. The Topshop one I blogged about here which ticks all my boxes (no easy feat I may add) is sold out in my size. So while I keep religiously checking the website for it to come back in my size,  I decided to concentrate on the other coat I'm after. I thought this would would be easy to find, but it turns out I was wrong.

The other coat I was after was a khaki Parka. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Not when I add in my many requirements. It has to be:
  • Warm- fur or fleece lined ideally
  • Waterproof - if recent pants weather is anything to go by we're in for a wet winter
  • Long- somewhere between thigh and knee
  • In my size- this is becoming a nightmare for me, everything I love seems to be out of stock in my size
  • A reasonable price- I ain't paying £300 for a coat no matter how many boxes it ticks!
After trawling the Internet for hours on end, it seems my needs couldn't be met - so something had to give. I ended up getting an Only Parka, now it's not classed as waterproof, but I was caught in a particularly bad shower on Sunday at the Hubs football match, and I didn't end up like a drowned rat - re-sult!!!!
Next jumper
H&M cashmere scarf
Only Parka
H&M Maternity jeans
eBay Chelsea boots
Below are a few other ones that caught my eye on my many hours searching online. 

1. My actual coat by Only, available in New Look and ASOS. It's fur lined (therefore cosy) and dare I say it, shower proof. Also available in Navy - £79.99

2. Matalan's parka is a great budget option. Its borg lined and has some amazing reviews on the website. There are very limited sizes left online, but they usually do a far better range instore - £34.99

3. This H&M one has a detachable lining which makes it a great spring/summer option too. This one is available in navy too - £49.99

4. Zara padded and fur lined hood option is lovely, it looks nice and heavy in the photos, so it should be a warm one. Also available in black - £89.99

5. This Regatta one was top of my wish list, it ticked all of my boxes and then some. It's fully waterproof and has thermo-guard insulation  (I've no idea what that is, but it sounds bloody warm!). I thought it was a great compromise between a proper outdoorsy coat and the ever trendy parka. I searched everywhere for my size in this, but it could not be found. So I bit the bullet and ordered the Only one. I've now found it in my size though and really considering ordering it, as a proper all weather coat that still looks good is unbelievably hard to find. It's perfect for standing on the sidelines cheering the kids, or in my case the Hubs on. It's a pretty reasonable £49.99 too.

6. Topshop's borg lined Parka, caught my eye because of the slightly brighter Khaki colour, the black fur hood is a little different to the usual beige colour too. It also comes in a lovely burgundy colour for something a little different to the normal khaki - £100

So I'm really torn now, I feel like I should nab the Regatta one while it's available in my size, but that would probably mean eBaying my Only one at a loss. What to do, what to do?!

P.S. If your eyeing up anything on the H&M website, the codes 0506 for £10 off, and 1304 for £5 off still work and can be used together. Don't say I never do my bit for the economy!


  1. I think you should order the Regatta one as well if that is your first choice and see what it's like in real life. You might not like it as much after all or ... you could love it and have a cosy winter. I have just ordered a winter parka from Zara but in black. The ones I have are not waterproof but the one I have ordered is - I'm thinking of the standing on cold football pitches on Saturday mornings here. I need all the insulation and protection I can get.

    The nice thing about your Only parka is it's a nice shape and doesn't add bulk which some of them can. And where's the bump?

  2. Listen to Sue - she's wise!! And I know nothing about parkas, so I'd be of no help whatsoever. (Mum of girl ... so no Sat morn football pitch for me!!)

  3. I bought a warehouse one and tried it on for a week but then brought it back. It was dear though and I just felt it was too much to spend on a coat that I know I'd not wear much. I also have my Target Dry one you see - so can't really justify another. But I do like the idea of a khaki green I'll be checking out the Matalan one when I'm in getting a refund for my black coat! x

  4. Love the Only one on looks snugly but I would scratch the itch and order the Regatta rather than keep thinking thinking about it! It might not live up to your expectations! x

  5. You look gorgeous and the parka is lovely but I agree with the other ladies about trying the Regatta one. I watch my son play footie 2-3 times a week so I have a warm parka from Jack Wills 3 years ago. It's lined with faux fur and is perfect for the job xxx love Liz xx

  6. You made a good choice and I agree that it's not easy finding the right winter coat especially one that's warm without adding too much bulk.

  7. I am in desperate need of a casual waterproof winter coat & the Parka ticks all the boxes for me too! My boss has the same NL one as you & so I've had to cross that one off my list! Do as the girls say & get the Regatta just to see how you feel about it in the flesh! I'm going to take a closer look at it too! :) Ax

  8. Loving the commitment to the parka cause. I've been hanging onto the same old faithful for years because I can't bear to let it go without a replacement. I'm thinking Zara...


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