Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Some exhausted ramblings.........

Some rather exhausted posting here at the minute, so apologies for rambling and spelling mistakes. I've just done a day shift and a night shift inside 24 hours, and thanks to the clocks going back the wee man is up an hour earlier, so running on 3 hours sleep here people!! So this will be short and probably not so sweet.

Outfit first, this was Saturdays effort for collecting Granny fresh from her 'haldays'. Apologies for a rather crap full length, I really need to snap before I head out the door, as evening snaps in my bathroom have a weird hazy look to them.

I did have New Look maternity wet look leggings on before I left the house, but they didn't last too long. I looked like Nora Batty after about ten minutes, so they got swapped out for a Next pair, so if you buy them definitely size down. 

H&M denim shirt
Zara scarf
Next leggings
ASOS wedge trainers
I'm spending all my spare time at the minute planning the interior of the house, much to the Hubs dismay might I add, as the outside isn't even finished!! But it's taking a bit of shape and I just can't help it. Houzz is an incredible site for all things house related, it's similar to pinterest but it only has house photos. I spend hours on it getting inspiration and ideas.

Can you tell the house will have a slight grey theme?! 


Speaking of all things grey, I wanted to share these awesome little H&M baseball boots with you too.If you have kids they're a great little bargain at £5.99. I got the wee man a grey pair (I may have ordered the next size up too), they're a great wee Sunday shoe, as I try to have him in proper supportive shoes most of the time. They come in even more colours so plenty of options for a match to any outfit for both boys and girls, and for under £6 who cares if they grow out of them in a few months. 


That's all my ramblings for now, I'm off to try and persuade the wee man to take a nap, so I can catch some much needed zzzzz's too!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Parka yer bum up here a while

I've been on the hunt a while now for two new winter coats. Every winter I like to get a nice warm coat, which usually ends up being a wool one. This winter there are two on my mind. Number one is a pale grey cocoon or boyfriend coat. The Topshop one I blogged about here which ticks all my boxes (no easy feat I may add) is sold out in my size. So while I keep religiously checking the website for it to come back in my size,  I decided to concentrate on the other coat I'm after. I thought this would would be easy to find, but it turns out I was wrong.

The other coat I was after was a khaki Parka. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Not when I add in my many requirements. It has to be:
  • Warm- fur or fleece lined ideally
  • Waterproof - if recent pants weather is anything to go by we're in for a wet winter
  • Long- somewhere between thigh and knee
  • In my size- this is becoming a nightmare for me, everything I love seems to be out of stock in my size
  • A reasonable price- I ain't paying £300 for a coat no matter how many boxes it ticks!
After trawling the Internet for hours on end, it seems my needs couldn't be met - so something had to give. I ended up getting an Only Parka, now it's not classed as waterproof, but I was caught in a particularly bad shower on Sunday at the Hubs football match, and I didn't end up like a drowned rat - re-sult!!!!
Next jumper
H&M cashmere scarf
Only Parka
H&M Maternity jeans
eBay Chelsea boots
Below are a few other ones that caught my eye on my many hours searching online. 

1. My actual coat by Only, available in New Look and ASOS. It's fur lined (therefore cosy) and dare I say it, shower proof. Also available in Navy - £79.99

2. Matalan's parka is a great budget option. Its borg lined and has some amazing reviews on the website. There are very limited sizes left online, but they usually do a far better range instore - £34.99

3. This H&M one has a detachable lining which makes it a great spring/summer option too. This one is available in navy too - £49.99

4. Zara padded and fur lined hood option is lovely, it looks nice and heavy in the photos, so it should be a warm one. Also available in black - £89.99

5. This Regatta one was top of my wish list, it ticked all of my boxes and then some. It's fully waterproof and has thermo-guard insulation  (I've no idea what that is, but it sounds bloody warm!). I thought it was a great compromise between a proper outdoorsy coat and the ever trendy parka. I searched everywhere for my size in this, but it could not be found. So I bit the bullet and ordered the Only one. I've now found it in my size though and really considering ordering it, as a proper all weather coat that still looks good is unbelievably hard to find. It's perfect for standing on the sidelines cheering the kids, or in my case the Hubs on. It's a pretty reasonable £49.99 too.

6. Topshop's borg lined Parka, caught my eye because of the slightly brighter Khaki colour, the black fur hood is a little different to the usual beige colour too. It also comes in a lovely burgundy colour for something a little different to the normal khaki - £100

So I'm really torn now, I feel like I should nab the Regatta one while it's available in my size, but that would probably mean eBaying my Only one at a loss. What to do, what to do?!

P.S. If your eyeing up anything on the H&M website, the codes 0506 for £10 off, and 1304 for £5 off still work and can be used together. Don't say I never do my bit for the economy!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Patch it up!

So far I've bought one maternity item, and I simply couldn't resist them while having a bit of a spree in H&M recently. These maternity jeans are quite simply amazing, lovely comfy stretchy denim but what really sold them to me was the quirky patches on the knees.

F&F jumper
H&M jeans £29.99
Zara heels 
Patches are the new rips it seems, which works out well, as the extra ventilation the rips provide isn't always welcome over the winter months.

Vero Moda oversize blazer
H&M jumper
Only jeans
Jones Bootmaker boots    
ASOS £25
These Only ones landed with me this morning and they were straight on me, I couldn't resist. These have a great fit, perfect amount of skinniness and perfect pocket placement.

H&M £24.99
H&M's offering is a great option too, but the shade of blue on the Only ones swung it for me. I have another pair of Only jeans this colour and have been looking for this exact shade for years now, plus I do love a bit of distressing.

Noisy May £50
For those of you who prefer a higher waisted option, these Noisy May ones are a great option. The patches are a little bit more subtle too.

River Island £45
These River Island ones are a boyfriend style, I love these, but don't think I can justify another pair of boyfriend jeans, at least for a few months anyway.

Zara £29.99
Not to be outdone, Zara have also combined the Tartan and patch trends in one. I love the cut of these ones - not quite boyfriend not quite skinny, skinny boyfriend perhaps.

Zara £29.99
Another great option from Zara, these are a bit more subtle than the rest but sometimes a gentle nod towards a trend is enough for some people.

Tripp NYC £75
If subtle isn't your thing, these Tripp NYC tartan patch ones are perfect, a little OTT for my liking, but I think they'd look great styled right.

So will you be joining me in the patch trend, or do you think its more a fleeting season trend?


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Shopping with bump in mind

The only store I've managed to get into recently is H&M, they do a maternity range but I think I'll leave that until as long as possible i.e. when getting dressed in the morning is a two man job!
Jersey dress £9.99                       Black dress £7 in sale
 I have definitely been more drawn to dresses recently, particularly ones with a bit of stretch in them for obvious reasons. I bought the burgundy one in charcoal too, and sized up to ensure they will work for most of my pregnancy. The black one looked a bit Marant-ish to me, and it can be drawn in at the middle to give a bit of definition to the bump. 
Jersey skirts £7.99
You may have read about my love for H&M stretchy skirts before. I have some of these skirts in the shorter length and they're amazing quality for the money. So I decided to get myself a navy and grey longer length version, after recently buying a black version from Dorothy Perkins. The long stretchy skirt box is well and truly ticked now!
Coated jeans £29.99                     Skinny joggers £9.99
On the trouser front, the joggers I bought recently were a no brainer, they will expand with me and great with trainers for puffy tired feet down the line. These black coated jeans are amazing too and definitely well overdue in my wardrobe. This was the high waisted version, I have ordered the low cut pair online that will hopefully work under the bump. 

So my H&M haul was very much executed with bump in mind. It takes a bit of imagination to see how things will work in the coming months (and the use of a rolled up jumper or two!). But for now I'm surviving in my current wardrobe (how long that will last is anyone's guess), and trying to keep unnecessary purchases to a minimum. 

Dedicated Maternity wear can be expensive, I bought two pairs of maternity work trousers last time and survived in dresses, my bigger jeans and used bump bands. So like me if you want to buy things that will fit during the early few months and you will still be able to wear after the bambino has made an appearance, my top tips for maternity shopping are;

  • Go for stretchy fabrics such as jersey and Lycra 

  • If you want to buy non maternity jeans make sure they have a low rise, so as not to interfere with bump. 

  • When buying dresses, go for a relaxed less structured shape or something with a bit of definition in the middle that will look good with a bump or not. 

  • Look for really nice accessories such as scarves or statement necklaces, then you can rotate a few plain tops and jazz them up a bit so they don't always look the same. They obviously have the added bonus of fitting at all stages. 

Finishing off with Sundays outfit. I'm trying to get a bit of wear out of my Zara skort/skorts (never know whether it should be plural or not) while I can. I had been dying to wear it/them with tights and this Next jumper was the perfect combo for a bit of cosiness. The jumper was £14 in the sale, it's still showing at £30 on the main site though, but I've included the sale link. It's lovely and thick and a bit oversized so it should see me through the winter months.

Next jumper
Zara skorts
Jones bootmaker boots
Feel free to share your maternity clothes tips - I really enjoy having a bump, but I definitely want to look stylish with it!


Saturday, 12 October 2013

Treasures n Pleasures is expanding!

I haven't posted in a while, and I have definitely been a bad blogger in general the last few months. But hopefully you will forgive me as I have an excuse - our wee family is set to multiply in 2014!!

We're chuffed to bits and feel very lucky, and are so excited at what the future holds. But it has added a bit of pressure on us to get moved into our self build in time for the new arrival, so safe to say blogging has come last quite a few times recently. Oh and the horrible morning (noon and night) sickness has hardly helped either! 

But it seems I'm over the worst of it, and I will soon be half way so things are definitely looking up. I'm trying not to go too mad shopping wise and will be utilising my own wardrobe for long as possible. Right now I'm still fitting into all my clothes and how long that'll last is anyone's guess, so I'm trying to wear my favourite things while I still can. I have done a bit of shopping (course I have!), but I have to keep the next few months in my head, as I don't want to buy things I can't fit into for months. More on that to come on the next post though.

So back to outfits; I'm loving the opportunity to wear this pleather skirt again with tights, I tend to avoid it in the summer months as with bare legs it can be a bit Pretty Woman. I've definitely been drawn to monochrome and animal prints a lot as the summer season ended, and this Zara shirt is probably my favourite top at the minute. It just seems to go with everything.

Zara shirt
New Look necklace
Topshop pleather mini
New Look suede boots
Not sure why my hair looks such a horrible colour in this photo, but I've been thinking of getting rid of the ombre, and going back all dark for the winter. But be warned, I went from seriously long hair to a 'Frankie Saturday's' cut in my last pregnancy, so who knows what I'll do this time!

Right now I'm off to watch xfactor and put my feet up and enjoy a lovely cold Magners cup of tea!