Thursday, 12 September 2013

Grey days

Well the temperature has well and truly dropped, I've located my numerous brollies to make sure I always have one to hand, and I find myself looking longingly at my scarves. In what feels like far, far too sudden autumn is now upon us.

Boots and coats are my favourite A/W purchases, and I think I've the boot situation covered (navy DP boots have arrived but still waiting on my Ash Spiral in a smaller size, a new tan pair would be nice too, but that's a whole other post) so it's all about the coats this week. 

I love a good coat, but I will seriously miss the ease of dressed by simply throwing on a top, bottoms and shoes and away I go, and not having to think of endless layers. 

I'm seriously loving the oversize or boyfriend coats doing the rounds. I have always been a big fan of a wool coat and love the warmth they provide without bulk. I've settled on a wool oversize coat, and I'm thinking grey is a good option colour wise. It isn't as harsh as black, but goes with almost every colour black does and I don't have a grey coat, only grey jackets so grey it is!! 
So here's my favourite finds, seriously Topshop heavy, but they definitely have the best selection.

Number 3, would be my pick and it's exactly what I'm looking for, but it's sold out in most sizes, only sizes 14 and 16 remain, so be quick if you like it. Number 4 is a close second, but it's grey marl and I really wanted wool for the warmth, but its the only other one I could find in pale grey. I love the yellow big bird-esq one, but I can't imagine it would get much wear as an every day coat.
So the hunt will continue on. eBay is always worth a nosey for this type of thing so until it appears on the high street eBay will get some serious trawling from me.


  1. Gorgeous selection of coats.....particularly no.3!! What a shame the sizes are sold out :0( You never know though....keep watching it as it is only September and it's early might reappear!! That keeps happening to me on ASOS but I've persevered and managed to snag the items in the end!!

    Can't wait to see how you style the DP boots! x

  2. I love number 3 and 5 very cute. I agree with you this season is all about oversize coats

  3. I've just seen this light grey coat in TKMaxx (see web address below). The smallest size they have is a 12 though. Wasn't sure if that would be too big for you? Good luck hunting if it's not the one. Love your blog!,4,shop,001,0395

  4. Loving this seasons oversized coats. Sometimes the coats just havn't come in yet. The Mag's feature them way before they hit the shop just keep looking! xx

  5. The oversized coats are my kind of look! Great post and A/W is my favorite season... Xo

  6. These are great pics, number one is my fav! Don't think the oversized coat is for me however, I can't cope having anything hanging around me!

  7. Great selection of coats and I instantly loved number 3, before scrolling down and reading the rest of your post! Hang in there .. if its that popular, it's bound to be restocked. Good luck with your search!

  8. You would look amazing in number 5.....its your colour! :) I've been trawling my local charity shops for one & found a beauty a few days ago but didnt have any funds on me! I hope its still there when I go tomorrow! Ax


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