Monday, 16 September 2013

Fashion blogger in no full length mirror shocker!!

In times of madness the one thing that falls by the wayside is my outfit photos. It may be hard to believe but I actually don't own a full length mirror- shocking I know!! With our temporary living quarters being practically all sloped ceilings, there's no long wall for one to fit on *sigh* the sacrifices I have had to make for this house!!

The smaller mirror I use for outfit pics actually works well as either the head or feet have to be chopped off - obviously the feet make the cut every time. I also have to move the mirror into good light to take my photos, which can be a bit of a faff. So I often have to take the opportunity to snap a few photos when out and about, be it changing room photos or a quick snap in a friends loo.

I can assure you, no such problem will occur in our new house, my dedicated dressing room will definitely be having a full length mirror, or maybe even two for that matter!! 
Shopping with the girls a while back:
H&M jumper
Zara jeans
Boden bag
Next shoes
  The day after one of the weddings:
Zara blouse
H&M jeans
Next shoes
               Out with the girls Friday night:
Zara jacket
Topshop cami
Zara jeans
Zara sandals
    Visiting friends Saturday night: 
ASOS top
Topshop baxter jeans
Nike Hi-tops

So I think I'm well and truly caught up with outfit posts by now. Roll on the move in so I can be a little more organised and share outfits in at least the same month they were taken. I'm off back to picking window colours, who knew there were so many shades of grey?! (no '50 shades' association intended there btw!)


  1. I feel your pain - it's the lighting and the facial expression gets me every time!! Loving how you have styled your jeans - especially loving the Next shoes in the first picture, and I may just have that jumper;)

  2. Love the Asos top! I'm still without a dressing table - 13 years!! We didn't have room, then we moved here, now I can't find one I like!

  3. I love all the outfits! Great inspiration Trea.

  4. High heels the day AFTER a wedding? Serious RESPECT!

  5. Last 2 outfits FAB.

  6. LOVING outfit no 2. and never knew Next did such fab shoes! I have to check them out!

  7. I may have to steal the cream jacket look.....I love it and I have some similar items!! All I need now is somewhere to wear it!! All in all some fab inspiration....thank you x

  8. Love outfit 2! The top with the orange shoes is gorgeous! Make sure that a full length mirror is the first thing you buy when you move! I know how you feel though as I did without one for ages & shudder to think how I left the house most mornings! You however look amazing as always! Ax

  9. Im lacking a propper mirror too, I have to go in places I know have a decent mirror to take outfit pixs, Im such a looser lol. Fab outfit adore the neon shoes x


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