Monday, 30 September 2013

Edgy tartan

Fully embracing the tartan trend I have been raving about, I picked up this Zara shirt on eBay. It has just the perfect amount of tartan for me, if tartan was measured on a scale of 1-10, I'd say this shirt would be a 6.

I'm definitely more taken with the green/navy tartan combo as opposed to the black/red combo, but I haven't ruled it out. 

Even though we had a glorious weekend weather wise, it was just a little bit too nippy for bare legs, so out came the tights for their season debut. I found these tan boots that I had forgotten I had, initially I thought they wouldn't work but on tying them on I was pleasantly surprised. I think they give the outfit that 'country heritage' look. The studs and spikes give it a little edge, to ensure I don't look like an Emmerdale extra. I have tan riding boots that I think would also work great with this outfit for a more casual look. I love how a simple shoe change can give an outfit a whole new angle. 

Zara shirt
Primark necklace
Next skirt
Moda in Pelle boots
There are two tartan trends that you'd have to have been living under a rock to have missed, firstly statement necklaces over a tartan shirt, and secondly tartan shirts tied  around the waist. The latter is definitely on my 'to try' list, it's got that edgy casual thing that I love going on. 

So is anyone else obsessed with tartan or is it just me? 




  1. For me a tartan skirt seems too young, a tartan shirt too boyish (a paranoia I have), a shirt around the waist too flimsy for my personal style but I'm toying with the idea of tartan trousers... not sure I could pull them off though!

  2. Oh u could definitely pull them off, H&M have a gorgeous green and black pair at the minute. They would be prefect for your more polished style.

  3. Ha ha I love the tartan scale! I basically look like tartan attacked me in the street I wear so much of it! x

  4. I love this on you Trea! I'm yet to go there but I have been tempted & even more so now after reading this post! :) Ax

  5. I'm definitely warming to the odd few pieces but I much prefer the pink coat trend right now! Jealous of your eBay find though, so need to get in clothes shopping on eBay x

  6. I love the tartan look but find the plaid fabric really hard to get right - it just doesnt fit me and I end up looking super busty. I'll try this one from Zara though as it's gorgeous...

    South Molton St Style

  7. great post!like your blog!
    could you check out mine please? would be an honour!


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