Monday, 30 September 2013

Edgy tartan

Fully embracing the tartan trend I have been raving about, I picked up this Zara shirt on eBay. It has just the perfect amount of tartan for me, if tartan was measured on a scale of 1-10, I'd say this shirt would be a 6.

I'm definitely more taken with the green/navy tartan combo as opposed to the black/red combo, but I haven't ruled it out. 

Even though we had a glorious weekend weather wise, it was just a little bit too nippy for bare legs, so out came the tights for their season debut. I found these tan boots that I had forgotten I had, initially I thought they wouldn't work but on tying them on I was pleasantly surprised. I think they give the outfit that 'country heritage' look. The studs and spikes give it a little edge, to ensure I don't look like an Emmerdale extra. I have tan riding boots that I think would also work great with this outfit for a more casual look. I love how a simple shoe change can give an outfit a whole new angle. 

Zara shirt
Primark necklace
Next skirt
Moda in Pelle boots
There are two tartan trends that you'd have to have been living under a rock to have missed, firstly statement necklaces over a tartan shirt, and secondly tartan shirts tied  around the waist. The latter is definitely on my 'to try' list, it's got that edgy casual thing that I love going on. 

So is anyone else obsessed with tartan or is it just me? 



Friday, 27 September 2013

Casual cool

After a mammoth Shopping session the other day, I have to say my favourite item I bought was these H&M sweatpants. I love dresses and heels, but I have to say I'm most comfortable in trackie bottoms with converse or Hi-tops. These ones have a lovely slim fit, and are so so soft. The charcoal ones I got aren't on the website, but they're in black, light grey, teal and a gorgeous berry colour that I also need!
H&M £9.99
 Here's how I plan to wear them, with pieces I already have in my wardrobe - perfect for a lazy weekend (like that ever happens with a 2 year old!!).
After my luxury item post here, I've since noticed that H&M have introduced 100% cashmere jumpers and cardi's for £40. The 25% off code is still working until midnight tonight, £30 for a cashmere jumper is an absolute steal. Code is 0747.
I think it's safe to say my love for H&M has been reignited!
T x  

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A little bit of luxury and some discount codes

luxury at H&M

Leather and cashmere at H&M, click photos below for links. 

We all love to get some money off don’t we, I know I do anyway- it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know I’ve saved some money or got a bargain. In case you didn’t know right now H&M have a 25% discount online (code is 0747) and in store (using a voucher, I got mine in the H&M catalogue) until 27th September. The discount is only off one item though, and when you shop online it takes the discount of the highest priced item.

So of course I had to buy something. Now I have to say nothing has really jumped out at me lately in H&M online at least, so I decided to invest in some staples for the winter and accessories. H&M have stepped up their game on the luxury items front recently, stocking not only a lot of leather items but cashmere too.  

I've ordered the camel coloured cashmere scarf from above (£26.24 with the discount) as well as a black leather belt and the leather cuffs. Unfortunately I woke up the next morning to an email saying they couldn’t dispatch the leather belt and cuffs, due to a quality issue. I was sooooo disappointed as I have been looking for a black leather cuff for a while now and £7.99 was a complete bargain!! 

I love the black flats too, they're exactly what I'm looking for, but there were none left in my size. This is normal for leather pieces at H&M, so if something catches your eye, make it quick as they always sell out fast as the leather stuff is always reasonably priced. 

I also ordered a couple of wooly hats in grey and yellow (surprise surprise) which will be a great way to finish an outfit, as well as keeping me snuggly and warm.

There's also 20% off at Warehouse until midnight tonight (24/09/13) with the code 'STYLE20', if you've had your eye on something now's the time to pounce, pounce I tell u! 


Friday, 20 September 2013

Check it out

check it out
Click on photos for links:
Checks and tartan are everywhere this season, and I love love love it!! I'm not the biggest fan of tartan overload, but I think a subtle hint of tartan can look great. The Preen tartan collar above is a perfect way to do two of this seasons biggest trends- punk and tartan. Buy it at Matches here.
I have a particular fondness for the 'window pane' check, and Gap have the perfect jumper and trousers (which are in the sale at £27.99 atm). If you want to be on trend but aren't fond of tartan, and I know a lot of people aren't, this pattern is the one for you. It's a bit less in yer face and a bit more chic, it's also more office friendly than the traditional tartan check.
I've ordered the ASOS check skirt above, it looks like a lovely tweedy type material - perfect for winter with some black tight and a silk blouse.
Will you be embracing the tartan trend this A/W or like me do you favour the more subtle 'window pane' pattern?

Monday, 16 September 2013

Fashion blogger in no full length mirror shocker!!

In times of madness the one thing that falls by the wayside is my outfit photos. It may be hard to believe but I actually don't own a full length mirror- shocking I know!! With our temporary living quarters being practically all sloped ceilings, there's no long wall for one to fit on *sigh* the sacrifices I have had to make for this house!!

The smaller mirror I use for outfit pics actually works well as either the head or feet have to be chopped off - obviously the feet make the cut every time. I also have to move the mirror into good light to take my photos, which can be a bit of a faff. So I often have to take the opportunity to snap a few photos when out and about, be it changing room photos or a quick snap in a friends loo.

I can assure you, no such problem will occur in our new house, my dedicated dressing room will definitely be having a full length mirror, or maybe even two for that matter!! 
Shopping with the girls a while back:
H&M jumper
Zara jeans
Boden bag
Next shoes
  The day after one of the weddings:
Zara blouse
H&M jeans
Next shoes
               Out with the girls Friday night:
Zara jacket
Topshop cami
Zara jeans
Zara sandals
    Visiting friends Saturday night: 
ASOS top
Topshop baxter jeans
Nike Hi-tops

So I think I'm well and truly caught up with outfit posts by now. Roll on the move in so I can be a little more organised and share outfits in at least the same month they were taken. I'm off back to picking window colours, who knew there were so many shades of grey?! (no '50 shades' association intended there btw!)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Grey days

Well the temperature has well and truly dropped, I've located my numerous brollies to make sure I always have one to hand, and I find myself looking longingly at my scarves. In what feels like far, far too sudden autumn is now upon us.

Boots and coats are my favourite A/W purchases, and I think I've the boot situation covered (navy DP boots have arrived but still waiting on my Ash Spiral in a smaller size, a new tan pair would be nice too, but that's a whole other post) so it's all about the coats this week. 

I love a good coat, but I will seriously miss the ease of dressed by simply throwing on a top, bottoms and shoes and away I go, and not having to think of endless layers. 

I'm seriously loving the oversize or boyfriend coats doing the rounds. I have always been a big fan of a wool coat and love the warmth they provide without bulk. I've settled on a wool oversize coat, and I'm thinking grey is a good option colour wise. It isn't as harsh as black, but goes with almost every colour black does and I don't have a grey coat, only grey jackets so grey it is!! 
So here's my favourite finds, seriously Topshop heavy, but they definitely have the best selection.

Number 3, would be my pick and it's exactly what I'm looking for, but it's sold out in most sizes, only sizes 14 and 16 remain, so be quick if you like it. Number 4 is a close second, but it's grey marl and I really wanted wool for the warmth, but its the only other one I could find in pale grey. I love the yellow big bird-esq one, but I can't imagine it would get much wear as an every day coat.
So the hunt will continue on. eBay is always worth a nosey for this type of thing so until it appears on the high street eBay will get some serious trawling from me.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Catching up........

Yes, I know I have been a very bad blogger of late, I haven't posted in over a week, but I've been snowed under at the minute with one thing and another.  I can't even blame the wee man and school starting as that's a couple of years away yet (only 2 might I add - scary thought), but it's just general everyday life getting in the way and pesky work spoiling my fun. The self build is in full flow, even though the Christmas move in date is not looking too hopeful, another Christmas with our rather bijou tree is on the horizon. But anyways, enough of the rambling as I know your here to talk fashion.

I'm gonna do a wee catch up post as I feel there's no much I have failed to share recently, and frankly it's stressing me so I need to get it all out.

So, first up after my boot post here, I can confirm I ordered the Ash Spiral in black - yay for me!! They arrived after five long days and they are massive - not so yay!! I'll be returning though, in the hope that a four will do the trick and don't look like trotters on me, as a size five is already a small shoe size for my height.

Atterley Road £149
Not only did I order the Ash ones, but I also couldn't resist the Navy and black Dorothy Perkins wedge boots I featured in that post too. DP are offering 25% off all purchases until tomorrow night (08/09/13) with the code DPFW25, so obviously the decision was taken completely out of my hands. They have some great little gems, you just have to do a bit of work to find them usually, and DP is always a place I go for shoes, especially boots. 

Dorothy Perkins £39 before discount

In other new purchases news, I finally got me a pair of Ray-ban aviators! I've been wanting a pair for years, but just never really got round to it. After a major try on sesh in HOF, I was totally sold on them, as I discovered they do a slightly smaller size lens (52mm as opposed to 55mm). Every other pair of sunglasses I try on make me look like a little kid playing dress up, such is the perils of having a narrow face. I even considered buying kids sunglasses at one point. But I need not have worried the 52mm are perfect for me, and I was sold there and then. All we need now is the sun to come back! 

Currently on sale at Sunglasses Shop for £106

I also got my hands on the Topshop neon animal print tunic, that was sold out almost everywhere. Yet to grace my back, but I think the navy wedge boots will be perfect with it. 

So onto outfits, I've been a bit slack in taking photos recently so only have a few to share from the last few weeks. 

Wedding a few weeks back:
Reiss dress (4 years on and still going strong)
Zara heels
                          Off to the Fleadh in Derry/Londonderry:                  

            F&F biker jacket
               Zara top
             Primark trousers
               Next Hi-tops

This also happened the same day - Happy Birthday sung in a restaurant full of people, I'm blaming u Jo!!!

Chilling on a Sunday:
All H&M
     Work dinner/drinks:
Matalan blouse
H&M jeans
Zara shoes
So there you have it, I'm all caught up. I feel a bit better getting that little lot off my chest. Hopefully normal blogging will now resume. As you were.