Sunday, 11 August 2013

The topshop cami

My new favourite thing is cami tops. They're in all the major high street stores at the minute, but the ones I keep hearing everyone raving about are the Topshop ones. So when I found myself with a rare (very rare!) child free few hours recently, Topshop was the first port of call.

I haven't been in actual shops much recently, favouring Internet shopping for it's handiness - cup of tea in one hand gluten free biccie in the other of course! But I really enjoyed getting into a shop and having a good nosey about and a feel of things.

I bought a cream one, but also want a black one and a printed one. When I love something I really go to town (next sandals anyone?), but I just love the fit of these camis, as some can be quite low. They are a perfect wardrobe staple as they look as good with boyfriends or skinnies as they do with a fancy skirt.

Topshop Cami
Topshop skirt
Next shoes
I grabbed this skirt to try on too, but decided against it for some reason, but looking back at the photo I really like it, especially with the cami, so I think I may go back for it. Annoyingly it's not showing online anymore, so I'm hoping my local store still has it. Also loving the forest print one below too.
My top tip for the day is go for printed skirts/trousers, as I think it gives you plenty of options for wearing different tops, and most of us have more tops than bottoms. Then the skirt or trousers can be dressed up or down depending on the top chosen. It means you can get more wear from things, as a pencil skirt looks equally great with a slouchy top or with a dressy top.
        Forest print skirt £28                         Fairground print skirt £28
So back to the camis, here are my other favs from topshop.
Digital print cami £20                                    Fish tail cami £26

Fluro print cami £26       Chartreuse cami £18

Not forgetting the shopping OOTD of course:
Zara top
Matalan trousers
Next shoes
Topshop necklace



  1. Ha I wore one yesterday! I love them they drape so well - so funny I recently ordered that skirt too - it looks fabulous on you!

    1. They are perfect aren't they Joanna! Can't believe u ordered the skirt, we've been liking a lot of the same things recently! X

  2. Those cami tops look lovely and so flattering on - a great wardrobe staple. And seriously - get you back to Topshop for the skirt!! It's gorgeous on you! xx

    1. They are the most flattering ones I've seen, hence everyone's raving about them. Looking forward to wearing them under jackets too as it gets cooler. Which isn't far away I think! Yes, I'm definitely going back for it but knowing my luck it will be gone! X

  3. I have loads of cami tops too! I use them for layering mostly now as I am a bit conscious of my upper arms! X

    1. I can see me stocking up of them now, they are perfect for under jackets as I hate being too stuffy and warm with layers! X

  4. I'm obsessed with camis right now too!! I could buy a truck load!! New Look has some great ones in too!

    Ps. Love the changing room outfit, you have to hunt down that skirt!!!


  5. The skirt is such a fun and playful piece. Love it.



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