Friday, 30 August 2013

Boots glorious boots

We haven't even hit the end of August yet, and already I'm thinking about my winter wish list. For some reason my wish list is very shoe and accessory heavy this season, and for me it's all about the ankle boots!!

I've always loved the Ash Jalouse/Spiral boots (no real difference in the two as far as I can see) and thought I could survive without them - well turns out I was wrong!! I've thrown on a lot of outfits recently and have been thinking  "Oh if I just has those boots in black my outfit would be perfect" *stomps feet*.

For me they are a perfect mix of a daytime boot to wear with a simple tee and jeans, but they also look equally as good with dresses. It sounds easy but there are not a lot of black boots that can fit both criteria. I have a biker style pair from Jones Bootmaker, which are great with jeans, but don't work as well with dresses.

Ash Spiral £155

So when I decided I was finally going to give in and buy them, what did I discover only a midnight blue pair on the Ash website too -  cue some major excitement from me!

My quest for navy boots has been going a while now, I have a Hispanitas wedge pair but they just don't go with everything like the Ash ones would. So now I'm in a dilemma as to what colour to go for. Navy boots are so hard to find, but I really want the Ash ones in black as I know they would get some major wear.

Ash Spiral £155

So I thought if I could find another pair of navy boots, I would definitely go for the Ash ones in black, and so the search was reignited........yet again!

Starting with the current favourite, can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think they may be too low, therefore verging on the too casual.
Vince Camuto Tricera £110

I've been a big fan of Hudson boots for a while now, but haven't purchased as yet. But these would have been 'the ones' had they have been in my size, only a 6 available in Office now, as I think these are last seasons. Serious scouring of eBay being done for these at the minute!
Hudson Horrigan £145
There's also the Eckne by Hudson, and yes you guessed it, none available in my size. The navy boot god's are definitely not looking down on me!
Hudson Eckne £119
 Yet another pair of Hudsons, kudos to Hudson by the way for making three pairs of navy boot, which is virtually unheard of. These are not strictly ankle boot territory for me, so they're a no.
Hudson Riley £160

Not a a place I would usually look for shoes, but these are John Lewis, I found them via the Shopstyle website, which is great for hunting down particular items. They are in my size and are the cheapest by far at £49, but they may be a bit too 'mum boot' for me.
John Lewis £49

I love these Dorothy Perkins boots, but they don't quite fit the bill. They're a bit too dressy and I could just imagine me breaking my ankle while running after my 2 year old mini Usain Bolt in them. Pity though as they are a reasonable £39 with 15% off and free delivery with DPESSENTIAL1. For a dressy option they are perfect, so I haven't ruled these out completely.  
Dorothy Perkins £39

So after all that I am really no further forward, if I can find the Hudson Horrigans in my size they are the ones, in the meantime I may just order the Ash boots in black and keep on searching.
If there are any navy ankle boots I have missed, do let me know and I will love you forever!!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Blogger PJ Party!

The lovely Katrina Doran, creator of Sugahfix, an online magazine featuring fashion, beauty and covering all the glamorous NI events recently asked me to join FABB (fashion and beauty bloggers). It’s a group of Northern Ireland bloggers who share a love for all things fashion and beauty, and who wouldn’t want to be part of that?!

The first FABB event I got invited to was a Blogger PJ party in the 4* Malone Lodge Hotel, organised by Anna from INPR, and I was well up for it, I’m obsessed with hotels – if I ever win the lotto I’m buying one to live in!

The night kicked of with bellini's in the famous lobby, followed by a tour with chatty Carla the General Manager of the hotel to check out its facilities, and I have to say I was impressed. The hotel has just recently had a make over and now has that boutique feel without being pretentious, which is probably down to the fact that’s its family run and a lot of the Managers are quite young which seems to keep the feel of the place quite relaxed.

The calm before the storm.

There are so many areas to suit different needs from the Deramore Suite for weddings and parties, the Knife and Fork Grill and Deli for some gorgeous lunch or dinner, the private dining room for a more intimate gathering but best of all for us bloggers on the night was the Malone Suite. This suite which is licensed for civil ceremonies had been sectioned off for the night with one side set out for us to sample some of the delicious food they have to offer and after eating and drinking to bursting point, it was time to retreat into the pamper side of the room which featured the biggest bed I’ve ever seen.

The Knife and Fork Grill, Cocktails and the sumptuous lobby.

With drinks and delicious cupcakes from CakesbyJames in hand, we were treated to a demonstration from Skin Medi Spa on their latest anti ageing treatments and even got a little cleanse treatment ourselves using my favourite Elemis products. The very talented Rebecca Bryson from Bexberry blog then treated us to a little make-up demonstration using the hilarious Aoife Malone from Aoife Malone blog as her model.

I picked up some great little tips here from the other girls especially Sara from Belfast Beauty Love, Gemma Louise from That Belfast Girl and Nicola from Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog- these girls really know a thing or two about make-up, and not being massively into make-up, I know they are going to teach me a thing or two.

The goodie bag, The humongous bed and a little bit of glamour with Audrey.

Zara dress and boots
Because I didn't stay over PJ's were not the order of the night. I wore a Zara dress I picked up in the sale a few months back, with Zara suede boots. It was a perfect choice as I could laze around in it without being restricted. Looking forward to rocking it in the winter with black tights and boots too.
It was a brilliant night overall and it was great to meet other newbie FABB-er's Ruth from Willow Lane, and catch up again with Rosanna from Silverbrogues. I’m looking forward to future events with FABB girls.
I seriously urge you to give the Malone Lodge a go, you will not be disappointed. My only regret was that I didn’t actually stay the night and get to enjoy the very comfy beds and the amazing breakfast the other girls got to enjoy the next morning – but I’ll know for the next time *wink nudge*

Thanks to the team at Malone Lodge and Anna at INCPR for a wonderful night.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Primark A/W 2013

Primark A/W collection is everywhere at the minute, and I can't believe I'm actually going to say this but I'm looking forward to layering up with some of these pieces. Here's some of my favourites, that I've spied across the interwebz. 

Tartan is going to be a massive trend this A/W, I was never quite convinced about tatan before, but I feel myself coming round to it. I've been after and red and black plaid shirt for a while so perhaps that will ease me in gently. 



I'm loving the red which seems to be heavily featuring, and am seriously lusting after the animal print jumper above. 


Every single pair of these would slot into my wardrobe rather seamlessly, so I'm hoping and praying that at least some of these hit the NI primark shelves, as we never same to get the same choice as they do elsewhere. 

How gorgeous are these?! Perfect with a LBD or would look so cool with distressed boyfriends and a slouchy sweater. It's taken me a while to jump on the animal print band wagon, but now that I have, it's the first thing that catches my eye. 


 This sweatshirt would look amazing with my zara boyfriends, and hi- tops, for a relaxed but cool look.
 Sweatshirts are going to be one of my obsession items of A/W I think, love them cos they're cosy, comfy but mega cool at the same time.

I'm looking forward to some new trends, it feels like forever since we seen something new, but that's what happens when we start looking at the next season trends when the current one has only begun. I've sort of held of looking at A/W stuff, but now the temperature has well and truly dropped I can put it off no more- so bring on A/W I say!! 

                                                                              T x 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Three Floor dresses

I know I say I love things a lot, but I'm seriously smitten with Three Floor dresses. I discovered them over a year ago with the help of ASOS, and had to have my hands on one right away. They have been seen on quite a few celebs, from The Saturdays, to Nicole Scherz-a-ma-thingy, to Amanda Seyfried.

I have quite a few favourites, but my all time favourite (so far) is the electro pop dress. Of course true to form it was sold out by the time I decided I needed it. So I kept religiously checking the website in the hope that it would come back in stock, in time for Saturdays wedding and as luck would have it, it came back in only one size which happened to be mine- result!!  And thanks to last years dress, I knew the size would be perfect. They are quite small fitting, so size up, or go for the bigger of your two sizes if you are between two.

Excuse the badly lit 3am hotel room shot!

Now I know it's not everyone's cup of tea - I'm sure I caught a few people giving me funny looks, but I loved it!  My very talented friend done my hair, and as a massive quiff fan I was so pleased with it. 

I love quirky dresses, with different little details like a unique back or clashing colours, a lot of Three Floor dresses also have cut outs too, and some definitely aren't for the fainthearted. 

Last years dress.

   These are some of my other favourites from Three Floor -limited sizes left in most of these though. 

I'm off to prepare for another wedding tomorrow, no new dress this time though, my old faithful is making yet another appearance, nearly 4 years old and still going strong!

Edited: I've just had an email through to say that Three Floor are offering 20% off all dresses today (21/08/13) until midnight with the code 'SALE24', so if you have your eye on one now is the time to buy, as they are rarely discounted!


Sunday, 11 August 2013

The topshop cami

My new favourite thing is cami tops. They're in all the major high street stores at the minute, but the ones I keep hearing everyone raving about are the Topshop ones. So when I found myself with a rare (very rare!) child free few hours recently, Topshop was the first port of call.

I haven't been in actual shops much recently, favouring Internet shopping for it's handiness - cup of tea in one hand gluten free biccie in the other of course! But I really enjoyed getting into a shop and having a good nosey about and a feel of things.

I bought a cream one, but also want a black one and a printed one. When I love something I really go to town (next sandals anyone?), but I just love the fit of these camis, as some can be quite low. They are a perfect wardrobe staple as they look as good with boyfriends or skinnies as they do with a fancy skirt.

Topshop Cami
Topshop skirt
Next shoes
I grabbed this skirt to try on too, but decided against it for some reason, but looking back at the photo I really like it, especially with the cami, so I think I may go back for it. Annoyingly it's not showing online anymore, so I'm hoping my local store still has it. Also loving the forest print one below too.
My top tip for the day is go for printed skirts/trousers, as I think it gives you plenty of options for wearing different tops, and most of us have more tops than bottoms. Then the skirt or trousers can be dressed up or down depending on the top chosen. It means you can get more wear from things, as a pencil skirt looks equally great with a slouchy top or with a dressy top.
        Forest print skirt £28                         Fairground print skirt £28
So back to the camis, here are my other favs from topshop.
Digital print cami £20                                    Fish tail cami £26

Fluro print cami £26       Chartreuse cami £18

Not forgetting the shopping OOTD of course:
Zara top
Matalan trousers
Next shoes
Topshop necklace


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Next please!

I've always been a fan of Next. The vast majority of my work wardrobe comes from Next, they do some great trousers, plus they do a long leg option, which is a must when I wear heels. But it's not just my work wardrobe that it filled with Next buys - nope they also do great shoes too! 

I popped into Next recently to buy a baby present, I was totally adamant I was going to head straight to the kids department at the back, bypassing the sale that had just started. I think you know where this one is going.........of course I couldn't stop myself from taking a sneaky peak at the sale items, The first place I head for at sale time in any store is the shoe area, and Next is no different. 

I managed to walk away with not one, not two, not three, but four pairs of sale bargain shoes! 
Zara top
Topshop skirt
Next shoes
First up these pointed toe buckle pumps I got for £12. I fell in love with this style after snapping up a similar style in the Zara sale, and couldn't resist this black and white pair, with a bit of my beloved yellow thrown in too.
There are some lovely open toes jewelled versions of these all over the high street at the minute, I really regret returning a jewelled Zara pair I bough back in the January sales now.
H&M t-shirt
H&M skirt
Next Hi-tops
The next pair are these black hi-tops. I have a black Nike pair so not really sure why I needed these too, but I just loved the perforations on them. There was a similar white pair which I probably would have got instead if they were in my size though. These were £12. I wore them with a H&M tube skirt on Saturday and loved the sports luxe vibe of this outfit. 

ASOS top
H&M skirt
Next heels
When Sunday came I knew I would be wearing the red/coral heels I picked up for a tenner. My favourite H&M skirt was the obvious choice for this and I went for a simple black top so the heels and skirt could do the talking. These are such a perfect heel height -  low enough to be comfy, but high enough not to be frumpy. 

Topshop top
H&M skirt
Next sandals
Another pair I picked up in the online sale a few weeks back, were the white version of the tan and navy leather sandals I have, at £9 it would have been silly not to.

I wore this to a little meet up with the lovely Rosanna from Silverbrogues, she's another Northern Ireland blogger and definitely worth checking out.

It looks like our summer may be over, it's currently pelting it down here bigtime, but these will be pulled out year after year - in that I have no doubt.

Anyone else get some great bargains in the Next sale?
T x