Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mumford and Sun!

Last weekend the OH and I headed to Dublin for our first child free weekend, for a bit of quality time and to go to a mini festival. After falling in with friends Temple Bar, and the afternoon cider consumed in the sun, lets just say the QT didn't exactly work out as planned!
Primark top
eBay necklace
Zara skirt
Next sandals
 On Saturday I finally got to wear the Zara skirt I bought in April, my greeny tinged toilet photo doesn't do it much justice, but it's so bright and vibrant, and almost any top goes with it.
I also caved and bought another pair (or two) of my much loved Next sandals in navy. I knew I'd totally regret it if I didn't as we all know how hard navy shoes are to find. These are now in the sale for only £9 (I may have also snapped them up in white, but we'll just gloss over that part).

New Look top
Zara skort
Zara bag
Dunnes sandals 
On the day of the concert I broke out the much lusted after Zara skort (love that word), and added some neon for a bit of colour. It was great not having to worry about waterproof gear and to just wear what you want.
The concert was amazing, not only did we see Mumford and Sons, but as a bonus Ben Howard, The Vaccines and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, were also playing. If you like Mumford even the tiniest wee bit you need to get yourself to one of their concerts, the atmosphere is electric and the funniest sight of the night was a 60ish year old man dancing with a scantily clad slightly worse for wear teenager! Music that transcends generations.

Zara top
Primark belt
Matalan denim shorts
Next sandals
My going home outfit had to be a bit warmer as it was cloudier on Monday, I made a bit of a packing boob and brought no trousers, so I was glad I threw in a long sleeve top the last minute. Bed head hair also featured thanks to sleeping in for the train - that's what happens when the 2 year old alarm clock isn't about!!


  1. Hey Trea :)
    I've just came around your blog and I wanted to let you know I really like your looks. They are so modern and stylish but classic and "real" at the same time. I love you put up real outfits and don't shoot just for the blog, that's so rare now days.
    Can't wait to see more.
    Love, Nina

    1. What a lovely comment Nina, thanks for stopping by. I wouldn't have time to shoot fancy outfits just for the blog, sometimes getting a few snaps of what I'm actually wearing is hard! Off to check out your blog! X

  2. I second Nina above. Lovely looks - all different but all with one common factor - a great pair of legs. You sound like you had a great time at the concert and I bet it was fab having your first night off from the kids. You need to set a reminder to do more of them.

    1. Thanks Sue, lovely as always! Yes, fab time was had it rarely happens so we have to make the most of it! X

  3. Don't you look fabulous? Love the Zara skirt ... love the long necklace .. love the pop of neon ... love the long sleeves with the shorts - loved it all! But as my mother used to say, 'it's not the clothes, it's the hanger they're on' ... so Sue is right! Great pair of legs :)

    1. Aw thanks Helen, your too kind! I find getting dressed in this weather so easy as you can just throw on anything and not have to worry about layers to keep warm. Hope it's doing wonders for your psoriasis! Xx

  4. You rock that skort!! I'm also loving the Zara skirt, I never bought this, gutted now!!x

  5. Thanks!! Still would love the red or White on too though, but had my sensible hat on! I almost returned the Zara skirt, so glad I didn't now as I'm sure I'll get a bit of wear out of it in this amazing weather! X

  6. I feel like a need a list here - love the Zara skirt, beautiful eBay find, and love the jumper and shorts combo:) But most of all, love to see your face in your pics!


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