Monday, 10 June 2013

Who wears short shorts?

The smell of sun cream has to be one of my favourite smells ever, apparently there's a Yankee candle that smells just like it, that I definitely need. Why am I talking about suncream? Well, we have just had thee most amazing week weather wise and suncream was a frequent whiff around these parts.

I always have a problem with what to wear when it's hot, as I mortually HATE tan lines, although I have to say I do have a bit of a 'farmers' tan that I got during the week at work, but thats unavoidable. I really wanted to wear a lovely stappy top I have, but the strap lines would have been my worst nightmare. So today's outfit was a bit of a compromise, I decided to wear a nice floaty top when out and about, then strip down to a vest with straps tucked when I was in the safety of my friends back yard and throw on the ole comfy Havianas. Although I have to add the Next sandals are very comfy,  but if your thinking of buying them (which I know many people are) go for it as I can see these selling out as fast as so many people have asked me about them. They are also in black/animal print online and I seen a navy pair in store too - at £18 for real leather it'd be rude not to! 

H&M top
Primark vest
Dunnes shorts
Next sandals
The weather is set to take a turn for the worse come Tuesday, but lets hope that's not that the summer over for us! 



  1. Perfect outfit for this weather. I have been flitting between my short shorts and skirts/cropped jeans depending on whether I'm out in public or in the garden! haha! Loving the sandals but I'm on a sandals ban now - have enough pairs for the few weeks we get to wear them here...or at least I'm trying to convince myself of that! x

    1. The weather was amazing wasn't it Avril?! It pissin down now as I type, I can't believe it. I usually end up wearing tan sandals with everything in summer, and I only took one pair of shoes on hols last year actually!

  2. You look amazing in these shorts. I love the floaty top with them - I have similar so I will steal this look for when the weather heats up!

    1. Steal away Fiona, the vest top would have been a bit too much for public consumption so it was a needs must!


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