Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This weekend I have mostly been wearing..........

Neon of course!
Neon is everywhere at the minute and you'd have to be living under a rock not to have noticed. Now I have to say I've been more drawn to yellow and green neon tones as opposed to pink or orange neon, I'm just not a pink person really.
So as usual when I like something it becomes a bit of a full on obsession for me, so Saturday and Sunday both featured neon tops for me.
New Look jacket
River Island shirt
Zara Jeans
Zara boots

This was Saturdays outfit for the cinema. I get a lot of questions on these jeans every time I wear them. They are Zara 'Baggy' jeans which are now sold out on the website, but I actually got these brand new on eBay for half price at £15. So its worth taking a look there if your interested. Oh and by the way the sizing is really big, mine are and 8 and I could probably go down to a 6.

The blouse is from River Island recently, and seems to now be sold out too, it's a poor mans copy of an Equipment one that I'm mad about, but at the minute I can think of a thousand things I'd rather spend almost £300 on!
Boden top
F&F biker
H&M skirt
Zara shoes
Sundays outfit featured a bit of pattern clashing, I love a striped/floral mix, but then I'd wear stripes with almost anything! It's great being able to throw on a skirt now I have a bit of colour on my legs, thanks to our mini heat wave last week, although I still look white in the photos. I cannot be arsed putting fake tan on my legs unless it's a necessity. I'm lazy like that!

The citrus in this Boden top is now sold out, but I bought it in navy too as the quality is great, and my old navy Breton has just about kicked the bucket after two years. Other colours are still available here, and they are currently on sale at £17.50.

The denim biker jacket was a total bargain as I exchanged my Tesco Clubcard vouchers for it, so got it for a fiver, annoyingly seems to be sold out now too.

This is my favourite skirt, it's about a year old from H&M, it matches so many colours, so you can fire on almost anything with it. The shoes were a Zara bargain in the January sales, they're great as they're a little different than a basic pump and are a little bit dressier too.

If neon clothes are a bit too much, neon jewellery is a great way of doing the trend in a more subtle way, there are loads of neon necklaces and bracelets about at the minute. I have had to stop myself from searching for some so no pics of any, as I've imposed a shopping ban on myself for a while. We have a lot of things coming up in the near future, and I still have unworn clothes in my wardrobe that I need to get through. So I'm giving it a go, can't see it lasting too long but as they saying goes 'God loves a trier' !



  1. The stripes and flowers is just stunning, genius and amazing - I wish I could be you in this, I love it so much

    I love your obsession for yellow - all the rest of us are in grey/dull/navy/boring and then you come along like a ray of sunshine - keep it up!


    1. You'll not have to tell me that Fona, it's the colour I head straight for every time! Going to do that outfit again but with my blue Zara heels, for a night out, can't wait to pull it out again!!

  2. I agree with Fiona - great print mixing! I love neon on you. Need to try it.

    1. It was a no brainer with the citrus colour in the skirt Iva. Definitely try it I reckon you'd look amazing! (As always) x

  3. Yay you got the jacket!

    Love the brighter colours going on. X

  4. Love the yellow ... it's just so bright and cheerful and perfect for this time of year. The jeans were a fab bargain .. I think it's time I paid more attention to eBay!


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