Saturday, 1 June 2013

Something a little different

You may have heard me mention before that we are currently building a house, the roof is going on soon, so it may look more like a proper house in a few weeks and not just a grey box. Now that it's starting to take shape my attention has been turned to the interior. Fashion isn't my only passion, no no no that would be too simple, I'm also have major love for Architecture and Interior Design too. Having started my studies going down the Architecture route, I veered off and somehow ended up as an Engineer. Now that I'm older and wiser I realise, I do love my job but there is a gaping hole where the Architect in me should have been. Luckily I get to sort of fill that whole by designing, building and decorating our house.

So how is this post related to fashion I hear you ask, well to me the two seem to go hand in hand. I find it really odd when someone who is very stylish on the fashion front tells me they are hopeless in styling their home. The two are intrinsically linked, fashion is all about colour palettes, textures, form and enhancing features, and I could describe Interior design in exactly the same way. 

A lot of my inspiration for a room comes from fashion, so you'll not be surprised to hear my current yellow obsession has heavily influenced my plans for our open plan space. 


Grey is the base colour for the room, which I am going to use as the neutral, which obviously is also a great neutral in clothes too. The yellow and teal accents will provide a bit of a 'colour pop' as they say in fashion circles. 

Fashion has taken a back recently and my ipad is now not only full of fashion inspiration photos but interior ones, and wee room collages like the one above. Hours have been spent pouring over Pinterest and Houzz, which are unbelievable resources for a bit of inspo. 

So once I have the major rooms sorted out I'm sure I'll be back to obsessing about fashion, but for now it's all about interiors in my world!  Anyone else share my love for Architecture/Interior design?!

                                                                                T x 


  1. Love, Love , Love interior design. I am always making and changing things around our house! We have a major building project going on at the mo so I'm already doing my mood boards and planning it all and the walls aren't even up - there is no hope !

  2. I would love to read more posts about the house and how it is getting on! All the clothes uff gets a bit same-y after a while, but a house project is so interesting. And interiors are more of a statement than any outfit as they last longer!


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