Saturday, 22 June 2013

One little treasure and a few pleasures

Some little treasures and pleasures that are rocking my world at the present minute:

Quinoa Pizza Bites: Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah btw) is naturally gluten free, which is handy for me as gluten is to me what kryptonite is to Superman. It's been touted as the latest super-food as it's a great source of both types of protein. I found the recipe via Pinterest, which has become my go to spot for recipes, it was so bloody easy my almost 2 year old could have made them. Original recipe here if you are interested.

Our house so far: Just a little Instagram of my view while I'm washing the dishes (dishwasher is number 1 purchase for the new house!!).The window positions look like two faces to me, which always makes me smile. This is the back elevation and has loads of glass as it's south facing, because nothing perks me up like a bit of sun flooding through the windows. I'm majorly obsessed with this house at the minute and spend far too much time day dreaming about it and trawling through Pinterest and Houzz for House-spiration.

Wee C: Our son that I grew in my belly for almost 9 months looks nothing and I mean NOTHING like me, he's a total mini me of my husband. But he has my exact personality, right down to my obsession with shoes- he also loves wearing mine, which of course my husband really enjoys when he's clip-clopping about in my heels!! He's off to Grannies everyday in ' Tomba tankian dippas', which are his current obsession. That's Thomas the Tank Engine slippers for non mums btw.

Storage: Storage makes me happy, simple as. It has been a challenge to say the least, for the three of us to live in what is basically two rooms, a shower-room and my cubby hole which I claimed for myself as my makeshift dressing room. So storage solutions are a must for us, Ikea has been a godsend. I picked up this little mini chest of drawers for £15 (link here). It holds all my make-up and makes it really easy to find stuff as I have foundations in one drawer, eye-shadows in another, lipsticks in another, and well you get the picture. I even have a spare drawer, which won't stay empty for long I'm sure. So big up Ikea!!

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