Friday, 14 June 2013

Let me dress your bump

A lovely friend of mine recently asked me did I know of any maternity dresses that her friend could wear to a summer wedding. I never attended any weddings in my nine months but had plenty before and in the (close) weeks after, so I never got to do the whole dressed up while pregnant thing (apart from the odd night out), and if I'm honest I would have loved it. I love a wee fashion challenge, and picking out a fancy dress while pregnant would have been exciting to me - I realise I'm a bit sad, but hey that's how I roll!!

I was pleasantly surprised at the choice of dresses available, ASOS have an amazing selection of day dresses and occasion dresses at really reasonable prices.- because no one wants to spend a fortune on something that is highly likely to be worn just once. While having a wee nosey online I quickly realised that maternity dresses tend to fall into four main categories.

Lace - the lace dresses are a lovely dressy option which would be great for a more formal wedding or a wedding of a family member or friend. I love all the jewel colours here, but my favourite is actually the black one.
        John Zack £39.99       Tiffany Rose £169        ASOS £28       New Look £24.99    Tiffany Rose £125

Maxi - these are a great option if you are heavily pregnant as they tend to be more stretchy and comfortable, and of course if you have be blessed with swollen ankles a maxi is a great option to hide them, or even to wear flat sandals with, if heels are a bit too much.

Print/Bodycon: I love a print and one of these would probably be my pick, I'm particularly loving the first dress. These will all have a bit of stretch so could be worn at various stages. They could also be dressed down for a party or BBQ with wedges or flip-flops for maximum wearability.
 £30                           £28                                £30                                £21                            £30

Rouched/wrap dresses: These dresses are on the pricier side, but they will also fit various stages due to the rouching and the fact that a lot of them can be tied to suit your bump. I love the first cobalt one which can be worn after pregnancy and is also great for breast feeding, so your getting a lot for your money. More muted colours are usually available towards the winter,such as black and burgundy which could be worn to work too - so it would be an extremely hardworking option.
 £119                       £129                         £115                                   £105                            £105
All Isabella Oliver

If your currently bumpalicious I hope there's something here for you, as I know some people can find it really hard to dress their bump, so I hope I've helped you cross one thing of your list anyway - yes I know you have a list!

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  1. Wow - great selection! Loving the Tiffany Rose one, it's stunning. Weecycle in Finaghy also stock a lovely range of gently used maternity wear. They always have occasion dresses that have been worn once or twice and are well reduced in price. Worth a visit if you're in the area x

    1. Yeah the Tiffany Rose ones are all gorgeous, real special occasion dresses. A lot of celebs wear them. Great to know about Weecycle Avril, at least you know they probably won't have had a lot of wear. X

  2. Oh, I LOVED getting dressed up when I was pregnant! My skin was clear, my cleavage very impressive and with a very neat bump I didn't have to worry about holding in my stomach!! Twas just the lack of wine that really put a dent in my joy! Fab selections by the way

    1. Yeah I really enjoyed it too Helen, but most people hate it. It sounded like you got one of the good pregnancies anyway, know a lot of things change but didn't realise it would have affected your psoriasis, bet that was great!! X

  3. I had to attend an awards ceremony when I was 5 months pregnant and I got THE MOST AMAZING top and trouser suit from Isabella Oliver.
    I would love to be pregnant again because the choice of clothes (as you have shown here) for pregnant ladies is amazing

    1. Their stuff really does look amazing Fiona. There really is no excuse not to dress well (at least for special occasions) as there is so much choice available nowadays!


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