Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A few of my favourite things

That is....baking and shopping.

Saturday was a long over due day of cleaning and baking,  and while I'm all for equality in a marriage, it was either this or spend the day on the roof, so with my fear of heights it wasn't hard to know which one I choose. On a brighter note it meant I got peace to lick the bowls while the wee man and I were baking - cookie dough is quite simply heaven on earth!!
Next jumper
H&M jeans
Grumpy face - models own

On Sunday I hit Zara, for some sale shopping. Now I know what your thinking, I must have broken my ban, but no, I just exchanged a few things, which always feels like free clothes for some reason. I even ventured into H&M, bypassed the sale and went promptly upstairs to the kids clothes, I was soooo proud of myself!!
Plenty of walking and light showers called for the brogues. I haven't worn these as much as I thought I would but I've plenty of time so sort that out. 

H&M blouse
Next trousers
H&M brogues
So what did I buy, well I only bought two things in Zara. The sale isn't that great, with most things only being reduced by a tenner, and to be honest I'm getting a bit sick of Zara clothes. I know SHOCK HORROR! I follow so many blogs and the vast majority of them are decked out in Zara, and while they all look great, I'm just craving something different at the minute.

Zara £39.99
I got this dress, and I am so chuffed with it. I never noticed it before, or perhaps I just scrolled by it, which can be done very easily on the Zara website, as lets face it, those sullen faced models with their weird rigid poses tend to make a lot of the clothes look awful.

I've been after a long sleeve dress for ages, I wanted one that could be dressed up or down and could be worn at any time of the year, and this one ticks all the boxes. It's the kind of dress that could be worn to a party with heels, to a christening with wedges, and also with tights and biker boots in the winter. I'm trying to be a bit more sensible in my clothing purchases and not get sucked in to 'trends' as much.

I picked up this blouse too, for £22.99 (it seems to be sold out now.) I think it will look great dressed up with classic black trousers or down with jeans, and black and white is great with brights so it could even work for a night out too with a bright skirt.
I'll be spending less and less on clothes as we head towards moving into the house, so everything I buy needs to be more hard working and less 'throw away' fashion from here on in. My husband would be proud!!
T x 


  1. I think everyone's a little jaded by Zara at the moment but wait till July when the new autumn/winter stuff comes in and lets see what happens. I know, because I always go through the same old routine because we have been looking at all the spring/summer stuff for the last 5 months and we're now ready for ta dah .... autumn even though we are still in June. I realised this in January when I thought there was nothing I wanted and thinking how good was I, but then all the new stuff came trickling in and I was just a lost cause.

    And I like people who shop their own wardrobes - it makes financial sense.

    1. Yes, I think ive spent one too many night scrolling like my life depended on it on the Zara website Sue. I have to be sensible now Sue, plus I really love a challenge. It helps that nothing is really grabbing me at the minute though, makes it a bit easier.x

  2. I absolutely LOVE your style - I want to be you!


    1. Ah Fiona u are such a scream!! Love your comments! X

  3. Love what you picked up - great classic pieces. I never really get much in Zara simply because the grumpy models put me off shopping online and the shop in Belfast is (in my head) too far away from Vic Square so I can't be bothered walking over to it. Haha! So dear Mr/Mrs Zara - could you please move your Belfast store to Vic Sq...thank you, from a lazy blogger :) xx

    1. I am so with u there Avril, I hate the walk over there, if it was in Vic Sq, we would never have to leave it! X

  4. Love that dress Trea, didn't see it when I went to store. Agree with the little discounts, although randomly found some shoes half price. You so suit floral trousers, jealous! Living parallel lives - baking and shopping, my favourites also, both so satisfying! x

    1. Yeah the shoes had really good discounts actually Natalie, couldn't find any I liked in my size though! Damn my small feet! Baking's on overdrive this wk, wee mans 2nd birthday on Saturday! X

  5. Awwww, lovely!! I love zara!! You have a lovely blog..

    Please stop by my blog..

    Brittany, xx

    1. Thank u, checked our blog out, looking forward to seeing some more posts! X

  6. You look fab in those floral trews & I love the red stripes on you too! I can't wait to get home & shop but like you they will have to be sensible purchases that I can wear to work or play! Ax

  7. Great buys ... and I've just realised that as I'm reading this on Sat morn - Happy Birthday to Your Wee Man!! Have a great day


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