Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dressing in the dark

A fail safe colour combo of mine is khaki, denim and black, and after the dull and dreary weather we’ve been experiencing here recently I seem to have slipped back into wearing wintry colours. Although I did find a pair of Zara flats I had bought in the January sales and had forgotten about, so that lifted my mood somewhat.  They inspired a couple of my weekend outfits and the gold studs provided a bit of a lift to otherwise dull outfits.

New Look Jacket
New Look necklace
H&M shirt
H&M skirt
Zara flats
On Saturday I got the legs out (albeit covered in tights) and wore a little H&M bodycon skirt. I forgot how comfy these little skirts were and if the is bum sufficiently covered there is no danger of ‘leakage of the cheek-age’ when lifting my wee man as they are nice and tight. It also helps that they are an absolute bargain at £3.99, needless to say I own a few of these.

Mango jacket
Zara top
Zara jeans
Zara flats
Michael Kors watch
On Sunday I literally got dressed in the dark, as the wee man was in the middle of his mammoth three hour naps (black out blinds are a god send btw) and I had about three minutes to get ready for an impromptu visit to see my new little nephew. My newish Zara jeans were closest to hand and the camo flats were lying where I had left them the previous day (at my ass). So without even getting a look in a full length mirror my Mango contrast sleeve jacket was the obvious choice. 

Getting dressed in the dark is another skill I have mastered since becoming a mum and that’s what I love about these Zara jeans, they go with almost everything. If I had to pack a capsule wardrobe these would be an obvious choice as they go with trainers or flats for daytime and also work perfectly with heels for night time.

While I love the khaki/denim combo, it is a bit dull. I need to try and inject a bit more colour, so something a bit brighter is the brief for next weekend.

Anyone else have a fail safe item of clothing or colour combo that they can count on when they’re under pressure?


  1. wow you are so beautiful - seriously gorgeous.
    I love those Zara shoes, they're FAB!

    1. Further proof if it were needed that your a mad woman Fiona!

      Yeah and they were a total bargain too.

  2. love love love khaki, it is a basic that goes with pretty much every colour (although I would never have thought about black and looks great with that too!)

    1. I pair black and khaki a lot but denim is better I think as it lifts it a bit more, khaki can be a bit dull unless you throw in something brighter.

  3. If that's getting dressed in the dark, I'm all for it! And those jeans are fabulous - I am going to have to take a look - I like the cut on them. I had another round of the boyfriend jeans trying on yesterday after deciding that the H&M jeans were not quite right - shame as I love the colour and the softness.

    Under pressure - err - grey! My failsafe colour for the winter months and the grey weather days.

    1. I'm totally with you there on the H&M ones Sue, I think I've only worn mine twice and since I got these ones they haven't been on me at all. I'd far rather have the cut of the Zara ones and the distressing is better too. The best of it is they are listed as skinny jeans on the website!

      Could have guessed at much with the grey, but you do it so well!x

  4. love this outfit, I really like khaki colours, and the military style jackets! new follower, hope by my blog and say hi sometime x

    Kirsty - Rockit Style

  5. Like Sue, my failsafe colour is always grey. Love the shoes and jacket ... but really? No yellow, LOL?!!


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