Friday, 10 May 2013

Dilemmas, dilemmas.....

Keeping up with my current colour obsession I have been eyeing up these Zara sandals over the last few weeks. For me the only thing better than a blue shoe or a yellow shoe is a blue and yellow shoe!! I had been trying to forget these and had said I wasn't going to buy anything in May other than something at Avril's Boden party (more on that below), but both Beth from Style Guile and Helen from The Flaky Fashionista have featured these sandals recently in blog posts and reminded me of their gorgeousness -  thanks a bunch ladies!!

Zara £69.99
I really want to scratch this particular Zara shaped itch, as I was just about to order a pair of tan Zara sandals that I had featured a few weeks back and of course they are now out of stock thanks to the fact that Olivia Palermo has been papped wearing them recently- thanks to you too O.P! 

I tend to mull over online purchases for far too long and only decide I really need them when they have gone out of stock, truth be told I'm bloody raging with myself I waited so long to order the tan sandals as I think they would have got some serious wear from me as tan is my go to colour for shoes.
Next necklace
H&M Blouse
H&M skinny trousers
ASOS shoes
I really don't want to miss the boat with the yellow and blue ones but still want to stick to my guns and only buy what I said I was going to buy this month, but they would have been perfect with this outfit I wore out to dinner on Sunday evening, and probably most other outfits I've been wearing recently as most of them have featured some yellow or blue. I know I don't need them one little bit, I just want!!

Boden £59.00

Boden £25
Anyways one thing I haven't missed the boat on is the Boden leather bag I've been after for a few months now, available in loads of other colours too by the way. While I didn't make actually Avril's Boden party in person due to mummy duties, I was able to order online and received 20% off and Avril will get the commission for her chosen charity - Action Mental Health. I also sneaked a yellow breton top into the basket too, yes I know I promised no more yellow but c'mon its yellow and striped, it practically had my name on it! They are currently winging their way to me so lets hope they are as nice as they appear online and I will feature in my next post.

So whilst I know it's hardly the dilemma of the century your advice would be appreciated on the shoes.

Option 1: do I stick to my guns as I really don't need them, let them sell out and google pictures of people wearing them forever more dreaming of what could have been.

Option 2: just buy the god damn shoes and shut the hell up already?!

Option 3: take a chance and wait until next pay day which is little over two weeks away (thus falling into June's purchases) and if they are still there then buy buy buy as it was obviously meant to be!!


  1. You love that colour, those shoes were pretty much made to order for you, and that really would cost a fortune!!

    1. I sure do!! Yes I'm pretty sure Zara had me in mind when they made these lol!!

  2. Buy them!! You'll regret it forever if you don't!! Random story, when I was a student I saw this amazing leather coat in a second hand shop. I wanted it, but 'sensible' took over and I didn't buy. Of course when I went in the next day it was gone. Will never make that mistake again;) Good enough convincing??!!

    1. It has happened me so many times Rosanna, and the guilt of buying something I don't need is easier than the feeling of missing out on something I loved! I'm clutching at straws here lol!

  3. Firstly, thanks for the mention and for your order! The charity are going to be so pleased...can't wait to hear how much was raised!
    Secondly....going to be controversial here and say that I don't like the shoes! Now of course, as soon as I see another blogger wearing them, I'll be eating my words but for now, I think they are a bit ugly..mind you, I do have a thing about laces on it's probably to do with please feel free to ignore my random ramblings!
    Have a great weekend lovely lady, Axx

    1. No probs Avril, it was win win all round. Can't wait to get my hands on the bag finally!! Interesting you say that about the shoes I've just seen them on another blogger and there's something just not quite right about them, I can't put my finger on it but its like the sole isn't flat for long enough, it's hard to describe but that's why I like to see shoes on actual feet which Zara don't do in their pics. I love shoes with laces at the mo especially dressy ones, but I can see where you are coming from as they are rather in your face. Hopefully I will be photographing them soon for a post and you can truly make up your mind then.
      Have a great weekend too! Xx

  4. Yes, definately get them.....stunning!xx

  5. Hi there and thanks for the mention! I LOVE those shoes - I think they're amazing. However, if you have a budget and need to stick to it, then I would wait til next month. I always work on the premise that 'if they're still there, it was meant to be'! (But you're right ... they would have been gorgeous with your outfit!!)


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