Saturday, 25 May 2013

Air conditioned boots

I've been lusting after these boots after seeing them on a few of the more aspirational blogs I read, and I had just been assuming they were a designer boot at crazy money, but after a little browse online I have discovered that yes they are expensive but not scary expensive. They called 'Everly' and are by Jeffery Campbell. My favourite from above are the perforated ones but I think they could be a little chilly for Irish climes. The black version were available at Office last week, and were actually on sale down from £130 to £60, but they are just too similar to my Jones Bootmaker ones to warrant a purchase. 

Office £60

My Boots

I know it's coming into summer and I should really be dreaming of some lovely blingy flat sandals but these would look great with dresses and shorts (very festival chic!) and I would much rather put money into these than sandals that I wear appromimately three times! Plus I have any amount of summer sandals already, and I usually end up wearing the same tan pair with everything anyway.

As always there are plenty of copies of these available on the high street as the cut out and perforation trend is big this season, so here's some of my favourites.

New Look £27.99

New Look leather £59.99

Dorothy Perkins leather cut out  £65 Tan  Black
Dorothy Perkins leather perforated £60 Grey Tan

River Island Leather cut out boot £55 Black White Tan

I very nearly bought the New Look white ones in the first photo as I didn't want to be putting a lot of money into boots that I might not get too much wear out of, but as luck would have it, between putting this post together and adding the links, the white River Island ones above went from £55 to £25 so I couldn't go past them. I'm combining two trends into one as I had been looking for some white shoes anyway, plus they are leather unlike the New look ones and were actually cheaper so I couldn't resist < yes I know I'm justifying them to myself!

This was pair number one of 6 pairs of shoes I have bought since yesterday, I won't be keeping all of them, so I just hope I don't like them all - watch this space for updates on the rest

Anyways here they are again in all their bright white glory!


 Here's today's outfit, which is actully outfit number two, I had to change as I was too warm- I know can u believe it?! All very casual as I was just messing about with my wee man outside and enjoying the rare glimpse of sun. 

So what do you think of the cut out/ white boot trends, anyone else love them as much as me?
T x


  1. Omg they are amazing!! I need a white pair!!!!

    1. Funnily enough when I was writing this I though they'd be right up your street Joanna! Hopefully when they come ill still love them, I think they will look great with bf jeans too!

  2. Ditto Joanna! Love the creamy ones! X

  3. LOVE the white boots - LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

    1. Hoping they will be as nice when them come Fiona, looking forward to styling them!

  4. Oh I really do like those. V cool (pardon the pun!)

    1. Don't know how much wear ill get in these hardly tropical climes we live in Helen, but I'll sure as hell try!!

  5. I love the Jeffrey Campbell ones - I'd only seen them in the pale grey/cream snake pattern ones but the leather looked a little unforgiving. I like the perforated ones more now that you've shown me them. I'm probably not going to go for any even though I really like them - I can't see me in them.

    I can't believe you bought 6 pairs of shoes. You go girl!

  6. Oh I love all of them! So hard to decide without trying them on - I find the height of a boot can make my legs look either extra long or extra short!! Loving your mint skinnys too:)

  7. Really like the River Island ones and love your blog too! Only just discovered you :-)

    Your outfit looks fab - I have my beady eye on a pair of mint skinny jeans at Wrap online, I want them even more now x


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