Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Heels, heels and more heels

This month I was going to buy the Zara heels I had been lusting after as seen in this post, but I've seen them on actual feet since, and I've changed my mind on them. I just can't put my finger on what it is but there's something I don't like about the sole. I'm sooooo fussy about the shape of shoes and have a bit of a thing about the shape of the sole and how it rises up to the heel, I can't really explain it but when I seen an offending shoe it's really obvious.

Nearly exactly a year ago- check out how far my hair has come!

But the good news is I did purchase a few other shoes instead! I bought these Zara beauties last summer, but haven't worn them much as they are quite restrictive colour wise, so I was kicking myself when I missed the boat on the black ones (yes I did it again!). They are on eBay but I'll be dammed if I'm going to pay over £100 for this type of shoe, especially when they were only £30 originally. So I couldn't believe my luck when I came across Linzi shoes. They do cheap copies of the most popular shoe styles. So what did I buy.......well I got four pairs actually -  I couldn't resist.



This shape of shoe has always been a favourite of mine and I think they look equally great with a dress or with a pair of battered jeans. I couldn't pick between the black and the nude so got both, but if I keep both I can guarantee they will both get plenty of wear.

I have a few black courts but really want a more pointed shape, and these ticked all the boxes, they look very like the Pigalle Louboutin's I think. The Louboutin search I talked about here is on hold BTW- heard too many bad reports so the jury's out on them at the min, so hopefully these will fill the Louboutin shaped gap until I make up my mind.

I also ordered these, I love this style of shoe (very Olivia P) and they will look amazing with a LBD plus I'm hoping they will do for the summer weddings I have coming up, they also come in red and nude, I really love the red pair, but I don't have enough to go with them to justify buying them, and a black shoe is a real staple for me anyway so the black it was.

£29.99 (only size 5 & 8's left)
I topped off the online shopping frenzy with these Zara beauties. I have been constantly looking at them for weeks and the chunky mid heel is a real box ticker for me. I have seen them on a lot of bloggers that I follow, and just know I would be so disappointed if they sold out - which they invariably will! So I procrastinated no more and they're currently winging their way to me! Now I realise they are quite similar to the nude ones above, so I'm going to have to make a decision between the two, but they lower heel may just swing it for me.

I'm not going to keep all of these, but at the minute I really do want them all so I'm just going to have to be ruthless, or failing that just hope some of them don't fit me!!!

T x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Air conditioned boots

I've been lusting after these boots after seeing them on a few of the more aspirational blogs I read, and I had just been assuming they were a designer boot at crazy money, but after a little browse online I have discovered that yes they are expensive but not scary expensive. They called 'Everly' and are by Jeffery Campbell. My favourite from above are the perforated ones but I think they could be a little chilly for Irish climes. The black version were available at Office last week, and were actually on sale down from £130 to £60, but they are just too similar to my Jones Bootmaker ones to warrant a purchase. 

Office £60

My Boots

I know it's coming into summer and I should really be dreaming of some lovely blingy flat sandals but these would look great with dresses and shorts (very festival chic!) and I would much rather put money into these than sandals that I wear appromimately three times! Plus I have any amount of summer sandals already, and I usually end up wearing the same tan pair with everything anyway.

As always there are plenty of copies of these available on the high street as the cut out and perforation trend is big this season, so here's some of my favourites.

New Look £27.99

New Look leather £59.99

Dorothy Perkins leather cut out  £65 Tan  Black
Dorothy Perkins leather perforated £60 Grey Tan

River Island Leather cut out boot £55 Black White Tan

I very nearly bought the New Look white ones in the first photo as I didn't want to be putting a lot of money into boots that I might not get too much wear out of, but as luck would have it, between putting this post together and adding the links, the white River Island ones above went from £55 to £25 so I couldn't go past them. I'm combining two trends into one as I had been looking for some white shoes anyway, plus they are leather unlike the New look ones and were actually cheaper so I couldn't resist < yes I know I'm justifying them to myself!

This was pair number one of 6 pairs of shoes I have bought since yesterday, I won't be keeping all of them, so I just hope I don't like them all - watch this space for updates on the rest

Anyways here they are again in all their bright white glory!


 Here's today's outfit, which is actully outfit number two, I had to change as I was too warm- I know can u believe it?! All very casual as I was just messing about with my wee man outside and enjoying the rare glimpse of sun. 

So what do you think of the cut out/ white boot trends, anyone else love them as much as me?
T x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Printed trews and white jacket love

I featured a couple of outfits from my busy weekend in my last post here, so as promised here are the other couple. Printed trews featured heavily. I can't get enough of them, they're great as they are just as smart as a skirt or a dress but you don't have to faff about putting on tan so they are an easy (lazy!) option.

Savida navy top
Zara trousers
Barratts navy wedges
 These are the Zara trousers I picked up in the January sales for a tenner, they look and feel like pyjamas but I love them. Sorry for the rather cap iPad photo, hubs locked the camera in the room safe, then forgot the code (not his finest moment!) but the close up shows the pattern a bit better.

Zara jacket
Savida navy top
Next trousers
Barratts navy wedges
Michael Kors rose gold watch
Sundays outfit for our nephew's christening was based around another pair of sale trousers, £16 in the next sale if I remember correctly, although they do seem to be back up to £35 now. There's a jacket and dress in this print also, I would love them too but that would probably be slight overkill.

I had a dusty pink blouse and nude shoes on with this then five minutes before I left the house I decided I didn't like it, so I have on the same top (thank god I had done my washing as soon as I got home for once) and the same shoes as Friday nights outfit. The trousers are quite in your face so the navy was far better and just toned everything down a bit. This is what happens when you plan outfits in your head instead of actually trying things on, but it worked out ok in the end.

I threw on my new Zara jacket too, as you never know what the weather will do here. It's now sold out but there is another one very similar on the website at the minute, it also comes in yellow, which I've had to stop myself from buying (hate being sensible!).I also really like the white biker one below too.  A white jacket is a great wardrobe staple I think, as it goes with everything and is a better option for the summer as black can be a bit dull. This jacket is amazing quality, as are most Zara jackets, but I do hear a lot of complaints regarding their sizing, a lot of women think the arms are very tight so probably better to size up on them.

Zara £49.99

Zara £59.99
Does anyone else plan outfits in their head like me when they are pushed for time? And if so do they always work out?

T x

Monday, 20 May 2013

What a weekend, and an ebay bargain

Where do I start, this weekend was hectic, it featured a family day out, a spa break, a birthday party and a christening - safe to say I'm shattered! We headed to the Balmoral show on Friday, which was heaven on earth for my tractor/animal obsessed little boy. Then it was off for a little pamper session for mummy and daddy. We went to our favourite spot in the North of Ireland,  Galgorm Resort and Spa just outside Ballymena. Galgorm holds special memories for us as we had our wedding reception there but aside from that it has a bloody amazing spa. It also helped that Friday was a great day weather wise so it was almost like being on holidays- lying by the outdoor pool (albeit wrapped up in a dressing gown) chilling with a magazine and listening to the river gush past, it was bliss. If you are anywhere near it or even in the south of Ireland it's definitely worth a visit.

View from our room
Onto outfits, I had been eyeing up these Zara jeans for a while and true to form once I decided I definitely wanted them they were sold out in my size ( I have to stop doing that!). So the only other option was eBay, and I couldn't believe my luck when I got the exact jeans in my size, tags still intact at half the price they were in store. Now that's what I call a bargain!  They featured twice over the weekend, while I attempted a bit of smart packing for once. 

H&M jacket
Zara scarf
Zara jeans
Dunnes pumps

H&M jumper
Zara jeans
Zara boots
They are quite a strange fit though, with a really long crotch so I have them pulled up quite high but they are really comfy as they are so slouchy and I really love the colour and distressing. Really pleased with my ebay bargain.

Got a couple more outfits to show but crazy busy at the mo' so will be show them in my next post!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dressing in the dark

A fail safe colour combo of mine is khaki, denim and black, and after the dull and dreary weather we’ve been experiencing here recently I seem to have slipped back into wearing wintry colours. Although I did find a pair of Zara flats I had bought in the January sales and had forgotten about, so that lifted my mood somewhat.  They inspired a couple of my weekend outfits and the gold studs provided a bit of a lift to otherwise dull outfits.

New Look Jacket
New Look necklace
H&M shirt
H&M skirt
Zara flats
On Saturday I got the legs out (albeit covered in tights) and wore a little H&M bodycon skirt. I forgot how comfy these little skirts were and if the is bum sufficiently covered there is no danger of ‘leakage of the cheek-age’ when lifting my wee man as they are nice and tight. It also helps that they are an absolute bargain at £3.99, needless to say I own a few of these.

Mango jacket
Zara top
Zara jeans
Zara flats
Michael Kors watch
On Sunday I literally got dressed in the dark, as the wee man was in the middle of his mammoth three hour naps (black out blinds are a god send btw) and I had about three minutes to get ready for an impromptu visit to see my new little nephew. My newish Zara jeans were closest to hand and the camo flats were lying where I had left them the previous day (at my ass). So without even getting a look in a full length mirror my Mango contrast sleeve jacket was the obvious choice. 

Getting dressed in the dark is another skill I have mastered since becoming a mum and that’s what I love about these Zara jeans, they go with almost everything. If I had to pack a capsule wardrobe these would be an obvious choice as they go with trainers or flats for daytime and also work perfectly with heels for night time.

While I love the khaki/denim combo, it is a bit dull. I need to try and inject a bit more colour, so something a bit brighter is the brief for next weekend.

Anyone else have a fail safe item of clothing or colour combo that they can count on when they’re under pressure?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Dilemmas, dilemmas.....

Keeping up with my current colour obsession I have been eyeing up these Zara sandals over the last few weeks. For me the only thing better than a blue shoe or a yellow shoe is a blue and yellow shoe!! I had been trying to forget these and had said I wasn't going to buy anything in May other than something at Avril's Boden party (more on that below), but both Beth from Style Guile and Helen from The Flaky Fashionista have featured these sandals recently in blog posts and reminded me of their gorgeousness -  thanks a bunch ladies!!

Zara £69.99
I really want to scratch this particular Zara shaped itch, as I was just about to order a pair of tan Zara sandals that I had featured a few weeks back and of course they are now out of stock thanks to the fact that Olivia Palermo has been papped wearing them recently- thanks to you too O.P! 

I tend to mull over online purchases for far too long and only decide I really need them when they have gone out of stock, truth be told I'm bloody raging with myself I waited so long to order the tan sandals as I think they would have got some serious wear from me as tan is my go to colour for shoes.
Next necklace
H&M Blouse
H&M skinny trousers
ASOS shoes
I really don't want to miss the boat with the yellow and blue ones but still want to stick to my guns and only buy what I said I was going to buy this month, but they would have been perfect with this outfit I wore out to dinner on Sunday evening, and probably most other outfits I've been wearing recently as most of them have featured some yellow or blue. I know I don't need them one little bit, I just want!!

Boden £59.00

Boden £25
Anyways one thing I haven't missed the boat on is the Boden leather bag I've been after for a few months now, available in loads of other colours too by the way. While I didn't make actually Avril's Boden party in person due to mummy duties, I was able to order online and received 20% off and Avril will get the commission for her chosen charity - Action Mental Health. I also sneaked a yellow breton top into the basket too, yes I know I promised no more yellow but c'mon its yellow and striped, it practically had my name on it! They are currently winging their way to me so lets hope they are as nice as they appear online and I will feature in my next post.

So whilst I know it's hardly the dilemma of the century your advice would be appreciated on the shoes.

Option 1: do I stick to my guns as I really don't need them, let them sell out and google pictures of people wearing them forever more dreaming of what could have been.

Option 2: just buy the god damn shoes and shut the hell up already?!

Option 3: take a chance and wait until next pay day which is little over two weeks away (thus falling into June's purchases) and if they are still there then buy buy buy as it was obviously meant to be!!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The best laid plans

We had a busy bank holiday weekend planned but the wee man took sick on Saturday afternoon so most of our weekend plans were put on the back burner. So mostly casual looks for me this weekend, which consisted mostly of cuddles on the sofa and never being more than about 2m away from the little man in question.
H&M cardi (years old)
Topshop T-shirt
Zara jeans
I have been living in these Zara jeans since I've got them, they are so comfy and seem to go with everything. Eagle-eyed Fiona spotted the yellow belt when I posted this look on Avenue 57 , I couldn't go cold turkey on yellow, so I had to have a little hint of it thrown in to liven things up. I don't usually wear belts with jeans but this was function over fashion as these jeans have become a little big on me the past few weeks.

I have been trying to 'eat clean' recently although I use that term loosely. It's where you avoid processed and refined foods and concentrate on whole foods and fruit and vegetables, and eliminate refined sugar and it seems to be doing me good. I have a gluten intolerance/allergy (currently in the process of coealic disease diagnosis) and am also sensitive to dairy products so I have to watch what I eat anyway, so this isn't really that different to my normal diet, I'm just eating a lot more fruit and vegetables than I usually would. There are so many websites dedicated to this if anyone is interested in looking into it more.

Primark hoody
Exhibit Tshirt
Matalan skirt
Another very casual outfit for shopping yesterday and the nice weather meant I could get the legs out (well a quarter of them anyway) and I didn't actually wear the hoody much, so long may that continue! I love outfits like this one as they are super comfy but something a little different than the standard top and skinny jeans uniform that so many of us sport. If you've been reading any length of time you many have worked out I'm all about the comfort - I hate wearing things I feel restricted in and comfort usually wins over fashion for me. I could easily dress in heels and skirts everyday but I know I would end up feeling miserable as I'd feel uncomfy and awkward. I'd rather wear the clothes rather than them wearing me, if you know what I mean. That's really where the challenge lies for a lot of us mums who don't want to dress frumpy, we need to strike a balance between fashion and functionality.

Are you like me, is it function over fashion for you or do you wear what you want and just suffer the consequences?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bargain boots and an apology

Ok, so I have to start by apologising, this is my third yellow based outfit in a row. I'm slightly obsessed with yellow at the minute but I promise this is the last yellow outfit for a while! ( I think!)

I bought the scarf in TK Maxx a few weeks back, they have some amazing scarves in there by the way, and it became the basis of the whole outfit. I often do this- I pick something I really want to wear and build the whole outfit around it. I had a H&M blouse the same taupe colour so it was a no brainer, I love the little studded detail on the shoulders and the fact that the sleeves and back are actually jersey so its a little bit different.

Topshop blazer
H&M blouse
TK Maxx scarf
Zara jeans
F&F wedge boots
The taupe wedge boots are from F&F at Tesco, I have them in black too and they are probably the best two pairs of shoes I've ever bought for the price. The black ones get worn at least three times a week to work and are still going strong after over three years, for £15 that's what I call getting your moneys worth. Yet another yellow jacket featured, this time a more traditional blazer style. I'm also wearing my new Zara jeans, these are described as skinny jeans on the Zara website, but the actual label on them said slim. I would call them a slim boyfriend style. They are nice and fitted on the crotch and bum area, they're a great colour and seem to go with everything, so my kind of jean all round.

So no more yellow from me for a while, I've already hid my yellow stuff at the back of the wardrobe to stop it tempting me!!