Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Making a statement

Statement necklaces have been big the last few seasons and looks like they are set to stay with the great choice available on the high street at the minute. They are an easy (and usually cheap) way to lift and outfit and I love the way one accessory can just pull the whole look together.

I got this yellow necklace last week from Sheinside for £6.34 (random pricing on that site btw) and I've definitely got my money's worth already with cost per wear down to about £2. Yellow is a great colour as it goes with nearly every other colour so this necklace could be easily thrown on with an outfit with no yellow in it and it would work.

Sheinside Necklace
H&M jacket
Primark Striped top
Topshop grey baxter jeans
Asos shoes

Sheinside necklace
H&M yellow top
Zara jacket
H&M jeans
Zara shoes
Here's two of my recent looks where I wore the necklace. Jeans and a jacket is my go to look at the minute. The yellow jacket is from H&M last year but it's still available in some stores, the white jacket is a very recent purchase from Zara but seems to be sold out already. I will get loads of wear out of it I'm sure, and white is a big colour (or lack of) for spring summer and I may even embrace the white on white trend.

A few of my statement necklaces

So are you digging statement necklaces as much as me this season??

Friday, 26 April 2013

Some blue in action

I had to have this dress from Sheinside (now sold out btw) after seeing it on Lovely Pepa, and of course it fits in well with my blue obsession of the moment.  I suspected it might have been a bit short on me, but thought what the hell I'll order it anyway as I'll be wearing it with tights (saying as spring is nowhere to be seen at the minute) it can't be that bad.
  Indecent                                                                                  A bit more respectable
Well I was wrong, as you can see it's bloody indecent! But I loved the print and really couldn't bare to send it back, so I've come up with another way of wearing it - I'm going to make it into a top (or rather my mum is) it's currently just tucked into the skirt and needs shortened and  hemmed. And of course it matches my new blue Zara shoes which I'm obsessed with at the minute so its definitely a keeper. I got the skirt from ASOS before Christmas thinking I would get loads of wear out of  a black pencil peplum skirt but I've yet to have it on.
Zara top
Matalan tousers
Dunnes pumps
Michael Kors rose gold watch
Another of my blue items I've been sporting lately  are these patterned trousers from Matalan, they were a bargain at £14 and are perfect for dressing up with heels or wearing with pumps like I did last Sunday to my nieces birthday party - perfect for a bit of bouncy castle action! I love clothes that can be dressed up or down therefore getting double the wears, which makes them half price in my head - well I know that's not strictly true, but hey I'll go with any justification that allows me to buy more clothes. Does anyone else do this??

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Eat, drink and buy clothes

On Friday night I had a black tie dinner to attend. I love an excuse to get dressed up and get my hair did, and of course who’s going to say no to free hotel, alcohol and best of all - free food! I didn’t go for a traditional floor length dress as I’m not really sure I suit them, I just feel a bit awkward in them for some reason, I think they must just be a bit too girly for me. I had to pull out all the stops so I didn’t look under dressed while still staying classy. I work in very male dominated industry and it can hard to get the right balance, I didn’t want to look to ‘omgfashun’ but I sure as hell didn’t want to be a plain Jane either! I think this dress ticked all the boxes, it’s a classic colour and covers everything without looking frumpy. It’s from ASOS but it definitely has more of a high end High Street feel to it, think Karen Millen or Reiss. The blue Zara shoes got their first run out too and they didn't hurt one bit- result!! 

ASOS dress
Zara shoes
TK maxx clutch
It was a great night all round, and was topped off with the fact that I didn’t even have a hangover the next day, I put that down to the two plates of room service sandwiches I devoured at 4:30am, after my room mate fell asleep and left me to eat her share!!

So while I was in the city and hangover free it would have been silly not to go and have a mooch around the shops as I don’t often get a child free day to shop - hence my online shopping addiction!!

Matalan skirt £14
H&M biker jacket
Tom Tailor T-shirt
ASOS wedge trainers

I got this skirt in matalan, it's hard see but it's made of thick jersey type material (think trackie bottom stuff) with littel flecks of colour, so I embraced the sports luxe trend and teamed it with my wedge trainers.

I promised myself last week that I wouldn’t go near H&M and Zara for at least a month, but I had to leave some online stuff back and I’m not that strong willed when it come to these shops as you may have noticed. But I will say nothing was really jumping out to me in H&M which is a first, and I struggled to spend the £40 credit I had there. I’ve since come to the realisation that I have enough in my wardrobe, when I went to get dressed yesterday I honestly felt overwhelmed as I have a lot of stuff that has been sitting unworn for months.

I just bought a basic navy silky vest top as this type of top is a real staple for me, and I spent the rest on my wee man – my mother of the year award is in the post I’m assured!!

Zara was a different kettle of fish, I could have bought plenty but restricted myself to three items.

Zara blouse £29.99 Zara skirt £25.99
I couldn’t go past this little TRF tapestry skirt, as it looked so summery and will go with almost any colour top. I also bought this yellow blouse, I’ve been seeing the sleeveless version on a lot of my favourite blogs and on Avenue 57 recently, but though I would get more wear out of this one. I’m sort of undecided on it though as it has a little stitch in the drape to protect your modesty but it sits far too low on me, as I have a short torso, so unless I can put another strategically placed stitch in myself it will be going back.

Zara skirt £29.99
I tried on this skirt but the zip was looking rather dodgy so decided against it, but I have thought about it since and think I would get great wear out of it - it's short enough for a night out but also long enough to wear with blouse and jacket for a more formal occasion so I think I will go back for it.

Zara skort £25.99
I did try on the black Skorts that I previously blogged about here, but the only pair they had in my size had another wonky zip – typical!! I’m not totally sold on them as I think they may be more of a holiday item and due to building our house at the minute a foreign holiday is well and truly on the back burner this year.

Zara £17.99
I also got this scarf, which is sure to brighten up any plain outfit, for days I’m feeling particularly uncreative. So overall not a bad wee haul, but I’ve decided I’m buying nothing until June unless I see something at Avril from School Gate Style’s Boden party – well it would be rude not to support my blogger friend!!  

Friday, 19 April 2013

Feeling a little blue

I've talked before about how I tend to get slightly obsessed with a colour or colours every so often. This season has been no exception,  it's yellow and blue that I've been drawn to this time. I realised there was very little blue in my wardrobe at the end of last year and sort of made a mental note to get a few blue pieces for Spring/Summer. I have what you would probably call an obsessive personality and do this not only with colours, but also types of clothes and shops (H&M and Zara anyone?!) and every time I do this I tend to go a little over board, and this time has been no exception - I've done it again!!

These are my recent purchases - and I didn't realise how much new blue bits and pieces I had recently bought. So I think it's high time I stopped buying and actually start wearing some of this stuff and quit with the stockpiling of blue like nothings ever going to be made that colour again!! So prepare to be sick looking at my blue based outfits for the next wee while!!

I don't have links for the rest of the stuff, but patterned trousers are from Matalan, they are a great fit and for £12 you can't go wrong. The plain blue silky T-shirt is from the Savida range in Dunnes or 'Dun nés Boutique' as my friend calls it. The striped jumper is Gap and the blue clutch is a great little find from TK Maxx.

This a short and sweet post as I've a black tie dinner to get organised for tonight, and what am I wearing................? You guessed it - BLUE!!! Well blue shoes and bag, and a navy dress which is just another shade of blue I suppose!

So see ya the other side of the dinner, probably a little worse for wear and lighter of  purse!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Ooooo new shoes!!

I have a serious thing for shoes and I'm sure I've bought about twenty pairs since the start of the year. Most women who are mad about shoes seem to steer towards heels but I gravitate more towards flat shoes or trainers. I'm always on the hunt for my holy grail shoe, which for me is comfortable but fashionable. I have really narrow boney feet, I wear orthopaedic insoles and I have arthritis in my knees (I'm aware I sound like I'm an 80 year old woman!), all of which you can imagine makes shoe shopping a lot of fun! So although I have plenty of shoes I never stop looking for the perfect comfortable pair.
This week I've added three new pairs to my collection, two H&M and one from Zara - where else I hear u ask!! I've added the website pic and a few pics of me wearing them, as I really think you need to see shoes on actual feet to really see what they're like, and I hate when websites don't have photos like that (Zara I'm looking at you!!).

H&M £20
 These brogues are so comfy, they're not real leather but really feel like they are, I got them in the recent flash sale half price for £14.99, they're now back on sale at £20 and I'm considering ordering the black now too. I like a more masculine style of brogue as I'm not a real girly girl, and I think these are perfect without being too heavy looking.

H&M £34.99
A leather shoe is rare in H&M so I had to snap these up straight away. They are a gorgeous nude shade and the little details make them look like a far more expensive shoe I think. I think they make me look as if I've really big feet though, but I've convinced myself it's all in my head as I have quite small feet for my height.
Zara £22.99
I spoke about these before on the recent Fashion full circle post, I wasn't holding out much hope for them at this price, but they're great and surprisingly comfortable. I've already came up with so many outfits in my head, despite the fact I have only a little cobalt blue in my wardrobe.

H&M Shirt H&M Jeans H&M Shoes

Here's Saturdays outfit featuring the brogues and my new H&M jeans and shirt. I got everything here in half price in the H&M flash sale. They have these every so often so if you like H&M it's worth singing up for emails as you get some great offers every few weeks or so. I rarely buy anything in H&M at full price these days and who doesn't love a cheeky 20% off ?!!

Edited to add: Just got an email about a 25% of one item with code 0483 valid until 21.04.13.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Avenue 57

I've been meaning to write about Avenue 57 for a while now, it's a great site where you can upload photos of what you're wearing and have a good little nosey at what everyone else is wearing too (one of my favourite past times!) and get some inspiration. There are some lovely ladies on there, especially Fiona, the websites creater, who posts photos daily and also writes a personal blog  Avenue 57 blog where she fills us in on her wants, needs, trends and the odd wardrobe malfunction, she's always up for a laugh!!

It's really easy to use you just need an email address and password to sign up.It's so easy to upload and you can write a little blurb about your outfit and tag where you bought each item. Although I will warn you it's not good if your trying not to spend money as I'm forever seeing nice things on other people then wanting them. You can comment on users photos too, which is great as I love discussing fashion.

Here's a few of my recent everyday looks which haven't made it onto this blog but I've posted on Avenue 57. Please excuse the crappy quality of my iPhone photos, I'm not too long away from an upgrade so you'll have to put up with these until then, and you may not believe this but I don't own a full length mirror - yes really! We're currently building a new house and are in temporary living quarters, where space is at a premium but I'll make up for it in the new house I can assure you of that!!

So if your feeling brave why not give it a go, and if your feeling not so brave you can always stay anonymous and be a headless uploader!! 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Full circle fashion

If your like me and love all things fashion you may have noticed the plain pointed stiletto is back with a bang! This type of shoe was probably my first foray into high heels as a teenager, I did go off  them for a few years as did most people, and dabbled with round and almond shaped toe shoes but they seem to be making a come back at the mo. This is the exact reason I hate throwing anything out, Fashion trends tend to come full circle every few years and I have on few occasions eBayed or sent something to the charity shop only for it to be on trend the following season! Off the top of my head I think I had at least three pairs of shoes in this style, that I have got rid off as I hadn't worn them for years.

Fashion is a bit fickle like that, you could be wearing something one season and it may look bloody awful and outdated only for it to be a massive trend the following season and you may look like a major fashionista!! That's the precise reason I don't take trends too serious.

So back to the item in question the pointed court/pump/stiletto/whatever you want to call them, here's my favourites from around the high street in a range of different colours. White is the main 'on trend' colour at the minute, which I have to admit when I first started seeing them I could only think 80's Essex style get-ups along with them but they definitely have grown on me, and styled right they look amazing.

Zara basic courts £22.99
Zara chain courts £29.99

Topshop Gwenda 100% suede £58.00

River Island 100% leather £50.00

New Look Red £17.99

I'm currently awaiting delivery of the blue Zara ones, but would like a white pair too. My favourites are the white River Island pair but I'm not sure how much wear I would actually get out of them so I'll mull it over for a while first I think.

Nothing exciting to report on the outfit side of things at the min, it's all work and very little play to be honest, and I don't think anyone needs to see me in jeans, wellies, no make up and birds nest hair!!

So what do you think of the pointy toed trend will you be embracing it??

Friday, 5 April 2013

Dare I?

The lovely Joanna from Poppy's Style introduced me (not physically obvs) to Christana Centenera recently -big mistake!! I now have another style crush to stalk. She's the senior fashion editor at Vogue Australia and I love love love her style. She's up there with Olivia Palermo and Emmanualle Alt in that she always looks incredibly stylish but not in a try too hard way. Mismatched colours, shapes and styles are a feature of her look, which would probably look completely pants on me but she pulls it off. Although being absolutely stunning always helps! She's a perfect cross between Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes I think. Here's a few of my favourite looks.

But there's one look of hers that I'm particularly in love with and that's the wrap skirt. She totally rocks this and suits her style to a T, as it's an edgy take on a classic item of clothing. The Proenza Schouler and the Dion Lee ones are my favourites (centre and right in the first collage).

So of course I set about finding a High Street copy, as much as I love the two above they probably cost the price of the sofa I've my eye on for our new house. And as lovely as they are I don't think my husband would appreciate sitting on them watching the footy!!

As luck would have it I didn't have to search far, as I had the Zara website open in another tab and found these lovelies in mere seconds.




Zara also has these weird hybrid thingys which are probably most similar to the two skirts I like the best above, these are a combination of a skirt and shorts or 'skort' if you will. Which isn't too bad written down just but try saying it out loud without feeling silly!!



These are definitely my favourites of the Zara ones, and I think I would get good wear out of the black ones as they could be worn bare legged in the summer (wishful thinking!) or with a shirt, tights and shoe boots (more likely). I received this River Island neon shirt in the post today today and think it would look great with the black ones along with this Zara blazer currently winging its way to me.

River Island £25
Zara £49.99

So what do you think, do you love the wrap skirt/skort as much as me or have I gone completely off my rocker on this one?!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring stripes

I've always been a big lover of stripes, and a Breton stripe top is my go to top when I'm not really feeling particularly enamoured with my wardrobe. I've only just realised that my striped tops are the first thing hanging in my wardrobe, which was done without any great thought but perhaps was a sub conscious thing as it's what I grab first usually.

My striped tops and skirts

Stripes are a great wardrobe staple, and I think everyone should have at least one striped top, they're so easy to throw on and go with nearly everything. They look as good with casual jeans as they do with a fancy skirts á la Blair from Atlantic Pacific. Olivia Palermo frequently rocks striped tops, both dressed down with denim and on nights out.

The weather at the minute is so depressing, for some random reason I can remember Good Friday last year and I was wearing a sleeveless top, chinos and wedge sandals - the very thought of it at the minute is giving me shivers!! My wardrobe is patiently waiting for spring having started stocking up shortly after Christmas, but it looks like it will be a while yet before most of it will see the light of day. So being totally pissed off with dark winter stuff and piling on the layers I've reverted back to my old faithful stripes recently.

Not patriotic in the least but this was what I wore on St Patrick's Day. I love mixing up colours that you usually wouldn't put together, I love cobalt blue and leopard print so decided to try it with plain tan and stripes, and while I'm sure not everyone will like this colour combo, I think it's a nice change.

Next Blazer
Gap jumper
Topshop baxter white skinnies
Moda in Pelle boots
I got this shirt a few weeks back from Sheinside, and I've just realised its nearly an exact copy of a Zara one which I never noticed on the website, it's a bit short on the arms on me though so I may replace it with the Zara one as I've got loads of wear out of it already but it just never feels quite right on my arms.

Sheinside blouse
H&M skinny trousers
ASOS wedge boots

Zara shirt £22.99

This is one of my favourite looks at the minute, boyfriend jeans and a slouchy jumper, although I have to admit I was totally frozen in the heels, (been reading to many American blogs recently) but sometime we have to suffer for fashion don't we?!

Next jumper
H&M boyfriend jeans
ASOS scala shoes
What's your thoughts on striped top, are you a lover like me??