Friday, 1 March 2013

Sunny sunday.

Sunday was a glorious day - well if you kept out of the shade it was, otherwise it was bloody freezing. We went to a local forest with the wee man. I have a real thing for forests, I just love being surrounded by trees and of course the photos are always great. My footwear wasn't very practical for tramping around in muck, so off came my new shoe boots and on went the Hunters. I didn't get a photo of my outfit pre-wellies but I will definitely pull it out again as it has most of my favourite colours, tan, navy and denim. I am longing for Spring at this stage and these odd sunny days we have been getting are such a tease, I'm so over winter and I'm sick to the teeth of wrapping up and doing a checklist of items every time I leave the house such as hat, coat, scarf,  gloves, balaclava - ok maybe not the last one I could have been doing with it a few times. Hopefully spring will arrive in the not too distant future, until then we just got to make the most of any little bit of sunshine there is.

Next Blazer
H&M denim shirt
H&M scarf
Next skirt
Hunter wellies


  1. Awwww! Such gorgeous photos. Some real Hallmark moments there! Have a lovely weekend

  2. Love the photos! That's a great skirt and it looks great with the denim and tan. Perfect combination. Looks like a great day out and I'm with you...bring on the spring! Avril x

  3. Fab look - I think the skirt goes great with the different textured top/scarf and boots - brilliant



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