Saturday, 30 March 2013

My season staple

Since starting this blog I have realised I tend to get obsessed (I use that term loosely) by a few things at a time and find it very hard to steer myself away from them, I did do this before but it was only really with colours. My friends still laugh about my purple phase a few years back, when all I bought was purple toned clothes shoes and dare I say it boots, for an entire season, the upshot of that is that I now hate purple!!

At the minute my current obsessions are the colour yellow (I’ll probably hate it next year) biker jackets, trainers and printed trousers. Printed trousers are going to be massive this season, and there are so different types available, not only are there all the different prints but there are so many different styles of trousers. With the main ones probably being the hareems, fitted, cigarette, and straight cut. I picked up a Zara pair in the January sales for a tenner, I love the cut of them as they are loose without being baggy and harem style.

Primark shirt
Zara trousers
New look boots
(that's the mirror reflecting on my arm not a half ased tan job lol!)

I’m not a big fan of hareems, I prefer them to be a bit more fitted around the bum and don’t really go in for the whole drop crotch look. I picked up these ones below in Next, they were more fitted when I first put them on by the time evening came I resembled one of MC Hammers backing dancers. I have a few pairs of Next trousers which stretch over the course of the day, they’re great just out of the wash but by night they’re a different story, so I don’t think these will be back on me.

H&M jumper
Primark necklace
Next trousers
Zara boots

But did I lean my lesson? Don’t be silly of course I didn’t,  I bought these in the Next sale for £16 as I totally loved the print. Weirdly they are not in the sale anymore and back up to £35, so I'm very pleased with myself on that bargain. I’m hoping and praying they don’t end up in the stretchy Next trouser pile. They are such a perfect fit and colour and they have pockets - I love clothes with pockets, especially wedding dresses for some bizarre reason! They go great with coral, white dusty pink and of course navy, so there are loads of different options for styling them and they look good with silky vest tops and blouses alike. I’m awaiting a delivery of these brogues and white shirt from H&M at the mo (which are both half price in the flash sale on to Sunday) and I think they will look great with these trousers giving a little nod to the androgyny trend.  

H&M shirt currently £9.99

H&M brogues currently £14.99

Here's my favourite printed trousers from around the High Street. 

ASOS £35                                           H&M £24.99                                                  Oasis £40

Lashes of London £55                            Warehouse £48                                            Whistles £125
Can't wait to the weather brightens up a bit so I can break some of these out!


  1. Lovely looks. The Zara pants look rad. Hope for better weather too :)



  2. Love a printed trouser myself and this 7/8 shape is so flattering for this time of year. I actually love the second picture a tiny bit more than the first. Maybe it's the lighter boots? Great necklace too!
    Have a Happy Easter Trea - hope there's lots of chocolate for Mum! Ax

  3. Hi Trea - yup - you like a printed trouser! I managed to get a pair during the sales from Zara as well. I'm hoping to wear them in the summer - far too thin for this time of year - and if all else fails - I'll end up sleeping in them.

    I like the Next pants in the second photo - I think they're my favourite print - probably a bit more subdued than some of the florals and the pair I am most likely to wear. I can't do harems very well either - I need that extra couple of inches height to carry those off.

    And these little flash sales are brilliant aren't they?

  4. I LOVE printed trousers:) Not sure I have any other kind!? I think you look fabulous in them! I just bought the H&M Conscious trousers - they're gorgeous - can't wait to wear them with my white heels:)

  5. Great post - I did one similar myself here:

    I'm the same with printed trousers - LOVE them but am not too keen to the harem or drop crotch styles as I find them to be not overly flattering on me!

    So many gorgeous prints out there at the moment though it's hard not to be lured into the trend!

    Great looks :)



  6. I also think the second pair look better, black boots look slightly heavy for the lightweight fabric in the first pic, love the way you have styled them in the second picture, very sliming too.

  7. You look fab, I do like your Next ones and the Warehouse one's in the pic's!! xx

  8. I think both pics look great! I've noticed that the shops are full of prints right now. I'll definitely be looking at them come summer time(yeah right!) as I can only wear trousers due to my skin, so a very light pair of silky prints would fit the bill nicely. Hx

  9. I've got two pants like these ones :) I love them 'cause they look really elegant, plus so comfy!!
    You look gorgeous in both looks.


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