Saturday, 30 March 2013

My season staple

Since starting this blog I have realised I tend to get obsessed (I use that term loosely) by a few things at a time and find it very hard to steer myself away from them, I did do this before but it was only really with colours. My friends still laugh about my purple phase a few years back, when all I bought was purple toned clothes shoes and dare I say it boots, for an entire season, the upshot of that is that I now hate purple!!

At the minute my current obsessions are the colour yellow (I’ll probably hate it next year) biker jackets, trainers and printed trousers. Printed trousers are going to be massive this season, and there are so different types available, not only are there all the different prints but there are so many different styles of trousers. With the main ones probably being the hareems, fitted, cigarette, and straight cut. I picked up a Zara pair in the January sales for a tenner, I love the cut of them as they are loose without being baggy and harem style.

Primark shirt
Zara trousers
New look boots
(that's the mirror reflecting on my arm not a half ased tan job lol!)

I’m not a big fan of hareems, I prefer them to be a bit more fitted around the bum and don’t really go in for the whole drop crotch look. I picked up these ones below in Next, they were more fitted when I first put them on by the time evening came I resembled one of MC Hammers backing dancers. I have a few pairs of Next trousers which stretch over the course of the day, they’re great just out of the wash but by night they’re a different story, so I don’t think these will be back on me.

H&M jumper
Primark necklace
Next trousers
Zara boots

But did I lean my lesson? Don’t be silly of course I didn’t,  I bought these in the Next sale for £16 as I totally loved the print. Weirdly they are not in the sale anymore and back up to £35, so I'm very pleased with myself on that bargain. I’m hoping and praying they don’t end up in the stretchy Next trouser pile. They are such a perfect fit and colour and they have pockets - I love clothes with pockets, especially wedding dresses for some bizarre reason! They go great with coral, white dusty pink and of course navy, so there are loads of different options for styling them and they look good with silky vest tops and blouses alike. I’m awaiting a delivery of these brogues and white shirt from H&M at the mo (which are both half price in the flash sale on to Sunday) and I think they will look great with these trousers giving a little nod to the androgyny trend.  

H&M shirt currently £9.99

H&M brogues currently £14.99

Here's my favourite printed trousers from around the High Street. 

ASOS £35                                           H&M £24.99                                                  Oasis £40

Lashes of London £55                            Warehouse £48                                            Whistles £125
Can't wait to the weather brightens up a bit so I can break some of these out!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

BFW S/S 2103 - High Street Show

On Saturday evening I braved the hideous weather (with a little gentle persuasion from the lovely Avril from School Gate Style and her weather updates) and made my way to 'The Big Shmoke' us country bumpkins like to call Belfast. It was the Spring/Summer '13 Belfast Fashion Week's biannual High Street Show.

It was all very glamorous and I was greeted with a glass of West Coast Cooler as soon as I crossed the threshold of the Ulster Museum, which would have been the first of many had I not been driving. We were shown to our front row seats, where a gorgeous goodie bag awaited us, and awaited the show. We got a little intro from the gorgeous Cathy Martin of CMPR and the stunning Katie Larmour on what was in store and the show began.

The catwalk wasn't a traditional catwalk high up it was simply a carpet just in front of the seats so we got great view of the clothes, and at times I fought the urge to have a sneaky feel of the material, because that would just have been weird.

Best collections of the night for me were French Connection and M&S, to which my friend was surprised at, but I know M&S is not just for grannies and delicious desserts. Here's some of my favourite looks.

French Connection: Coral trousers £87, Cream jacket £140, Navy vest £35

M&S: limited striped blouse £29.50, cream skirt £32.50, necklace £25
M&S: Autograph tan leather dress £249
French connection: long sleeved bodycon dress £150, Animal print dress £140

Oasis: pleated maxi dress £68, necklace £18
Laura Ashley stripe dress £80, Warehouse printed maxi dress £80

Oasis: floral print trousers £45, floral print top £16, waterfall jacket £40, necklace £9.25
 Gap: Floral print jeans £45, white shirt £29.95, grey jumper 24.95, orange scarf £14.95, leather bag £44.95

There was also a hair and make-up show after the High St fashion show. Hair was by Andrew Mulvenna and team and Make-up by Paddy McGurgan and team. There were some outrageous but stunning looks, I loved the mohican/Mullet/quiff style in particular.

Here's my outfit for the night featuring my much loved H&M jacket that I'm forever banging on about. The pencil skirt is H&M too from last season, and I still love it. I had intended going bare legged, but mother nature soon put a stop to that, so the ole faithful tights and shoe boots were drafted in at the last minute.

H&M jacket
River Island silky top
eBay bubble necklace
H&M skirt
New Look boots

H&M bracelets
Michael Kors rose gold watch

See you next season BFW!!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Warning - H&M heavy

So if you hadn't already noticed I'm a massive H&M fan, once you order online they seem to send you little catalogues through the post, and really the last thing I need is more ways to browse the H&M collection but who am I to say no to more ways to look at clothes, although it does feel very old skool.  I wasn't particularly impressed with the S/S 13 offerings its all got a bit samey and I think I have quite enough H&M in my wardrobe already, but there are a few pieces that have caught my eye. I'm big into yellow this season and it was all sparked off by this little jacket that I bought a good few months back.

So this shirt has caught my eye, I think it would do great with denim and the monochrome trend alike. There are very few sizes left online, but I have seen this in store recently so may have to go pick it up, as it's a hell of a lot cheaper than the Equipment one I've been lusting after in this post.  
H&M shirt £19.99
H&M are featuring a lot of prints at the minute and this tropical print caught my eye. It's nice but they do tend to jump on a print and flog it do death on shirts, dress and trousers all at the same time, so I'm already a wee bit sick looking at it, but I suppose I do be on the website and in store quite often so that's probably par for the course! But it is a nice print, so I may pick up one of these pieces the next time I'm in H&M as there are very few sizes left online.

Dress £19.99
Blouse £9.99
Frill blouse £9.99
Trousers £24.99

H&M do great little offers every so often where they discount an item of clothing and you can buy it at a special offer price which is usually £3.99. Only one is allowed per customer though. These blouses retail at £7.99 normally, and would be a great little summer top. I have previously ordered a sweatshirt with this offer which to be honest wasn't great quality but for the price of a magazine or a sandwich I can't really complain.
Sleeveless blouse £3.99

Oh and I almost forgot, H&M are now doing leather bags!! Crazy, I know, as it's usually all 'imitation' this and 'polywhatever' that when it comes to H&M and bags. I like all three of these, but I could imagine how long the beige suede would stay looking so pretty with me, I would like to get a look at them in store before I would buy though. There's free shipping at H&M at the mo with code 0439 until 27th March.
So if your not totally H&M-ed out at this stage, here's last Saturdays look for me which is a bit H&M heavy (what's new I hear you cry!). Comfy and easy as the only place I headed was Lidl (I know, the glamour of my life is just too much for me sometimes too).
 H&M denim shirt
H&M tube skirt
Oasis Navy jacket
H&M navy snood
Boohoo boots


Monday, 18 March 2013

Dreaming of Christian

No not Mr Grey but another Christian. Recently I've been dreaming of shoes -A LOT!! But there's one pair in particular that I keep coming back to - the Louboutins of course!! It has dawned on me recently that I have worn my ASOS Scala courts on every night out since I bought them, as well as to work and a few Sundays too. They seem to work with most outfits and for someone who was never a big fan of black I've given these a good run out.
Image 1 of ASOS SCALA High Heels
ASOS Scala courts £22

When I bought these it was actually the Ron Ron suede 100mm Louboutins that I had in mind, but I wasn't sure I'd get the wear out of them so I opted for a considerably cheaper version. But now I know I could give a pair of these a good home, I have allowed myself to start looking at them again.

Ron Ron Louboutins £375
I've changed my mind on which ones I want, I would like a pair of Pigalle Louboutins now, they've got a pointed toe and would work in all the same outfits as the Ron Ron but they are just a little bit edgier, and they would look great with boyfriend jeans. The black velvet ones are the ones I want but I cant find them online anywhere. There is a patent and a leather pair in black but they just don't do it for me, at least online they don't anyway, and at that price I need to be totally in love with them!!

Pigalle velvet 100mm

Pigalle patent 100mm

Pigalle kid 100mm

Here's my outfit for a Mothers Day dinner featuring the Scala courts once again, and yet another H&M faux silk shirt. For £14.99 these are a great buy, they have a lovely weight to them and feel a lot more expensive than they are. I have this in white too and get so much wear out of them both.

H&M shirt
Next skirt
ASOS shoes

So my next mission is to see a pair of Louboutins in the flesh.I have one foot about half a size bigger than the other and Louboutins come in half sizes which is rare these days, so I'm hoping I will find the perfect fit.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Glossy box and gingham

I mentioned on my last post that I was trying to take a bit more interest in beauty and make-up by signing up to Glossy Box. I'm not a massive Beauty fan and tend to stick to a few cult items and when something works for me I usually stick with it for years. I'm forever following beauty blogs on Bloglovin for a bit of inspiration, then the posts just end up clogging up my unread page and I just end up unfollowing and get straight back to the fashion blogs. The February box I received was rather crap to be honest, it had weird warming body oil in mojito flavour which reminded me of a freebie that you get in some dark dingy niteclub among other generally crap stuff. But I just love receiving surprise parcels in the post so I decided to give it another month, I received March's box on Saturday and its a hell of a lot better. Here's the goodies I got;

100ml TRESemmé Salon finish extra hold hairspray
Full size Jelly Pong Pong lip blush
7ml Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream skin protectant
4ml 'Bruton St' Nails Inc nail polish 
15ml L'Occitane Immortelle precious cream

I'm a massive fan of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and use it for so many purposes- its been on lips, burns, cuts, eyebrow, nails and baby bums, it really is a wonder cream, and it's been on every member of our house including the hubs (don't tell him I said that!) so I was glad to see my ole friend Lizzy in this box. It's now fragrance free which is great because the smell of it before was really strong and I'm sure it put a few people of it. This handy little tube will now go in my handbag so I can leave the big one at home.

This L'Occitane cream promises amazing results on the wrinkle front, I'm starting to see the odd one forming which has obviously sent me into a wrinkle cream buying frenzy. I have a mother and baby set from L'Occitane and the smell of it evokes precious memories of the first few weeks with my wee man all pink and wrinkly, so I have a bit of a soft spot for this brand.

The rest are pretty self explanatory, I'm hoping the lip blush is nice and moisturising as most lipsticks I have are very drying especially the red ones. This is how the box comes and there's a little leaflet telling you about the products you've received with prices and so on. The box is £10 a month plus £2.95 for P&P and you can sign up here if your interested.

Here's Saturdays outfit, these are the Boyfriend jeans I tried on a few weeks back in H&M but I didn't purchase, but when I saw there was a tenner of them online making them only £20 they quickly hit the bottom of my virtual basket, they're back up to £29.99 now though. They're quite a slim fit, although I did go down two sizes so this probably ensures that they fit a bit closer on the legs. I pulled this shirt from the depths of my wardrobe, after ordering a similar one from Mango a few months it just hit me I already had one nearly the same - result! It's one of two red items in my wardrobe, I keep meaning to get a bit more red in there but now I've started looking for red items I can find nothing. A red blazer has been on my to buy list for months now.

New Look jacket
Topshop shirt
H&M jeans
ASOS wedge trainers

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Currently lusting after..........

I never used to have lust lists, just carefully selected items that I needed (yes needed) to fill a gap in my wardrobe.  When I'm putting outfits together and I think about a certain item that would go great I make a note of it on my phone then check the list when I go shopping, which ensures I buy things that I need rather than just things that catch my eye. But lately my phone list has been taken over by more lustful items that I can't say I need as such, but just want.

So here's some of the items I'm eyeing up at the mo, to me these are all wardrobe staples and each item could be worn a hell of a lot (see this is me justifying it) with the exception of the pink shoes all the rest are pretty neutral colours. Tan and black will go with everything and yellow is not far behind, it looks equally as good with monochrome as it does with denim or brights.

Zara shoes £60 |  Equipment silk shirt £230 | French Connection dress £120 | Alexander Mc Queen silk scarf £165 | J Brand black jeans £110 | Boden clutch  £47 | Clarks Henderson brogues £50 | Zatchels leather bag £79 |

Probably the only item I could say I really need here is black jeans, I had a pair from Next but they are an awful fit and I only wore them when I was pregnant, so it's about time I got a new pair. I've always fancied a pair of J Brand jeans so I definitely want to give these a go as the fit is supposed to be amazing. 

I've been eyeing up satchels for a while and really want to invest in a good one that will get better with age. I seem to gravitate towards tan bags as they go with most colours, which good as I don't switch up my bags an awful lot, plus at the minute I'm still at the baby bag stage, but in a few months hopefully the nappy phase will be over. 

I just love these Clarks brogues, the come in a bone colour and I'm kind of undecided as to which colour would be better, the bone would probably go with more but I can't help imagining these pink ones with boyfriend jeans and pastel slouchy tops or pretty floral dresses, so I'm leaning towards the pink, but who knows I may put my sensible hat on and go for the bone ones. 

I've always wanted an Equipment shirt, I'm a big fan of silk shirts, although most of mine are 100% polyester from H&M or Zara. I think a silk shirt is a grey investment piece as they never go out of fashion. I know bright yellow isn't the best colour for an investment piece but damn I just love that colour at the minute. It's available in loads of colours other colours too though. The yellow McQueen scarf, needs no explanation really it's just gorgeous and I've always wanted one. 

I've featured the French Connection dress and the Boden clutch before,  I just need somewhere to wear them so I can justify buying them. The Boden clutch is now down to £47 from £59 so it will be mine! The tan Zara sandals are my perfect sandal, if you hadn't already noticed I'm a big fan of tan and the style of these is just stunning I think. I'm sure  these would get loads of wear this spring/ summer and well into autumn. 

So this month I'm not going to buy the usual handful of thing from the likes of H&M, Zara or Topshop and get one (or possibly two) of these pieces. Which do you think I should go for? I would love to hear your opinion. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tomboy tendencies

I got my hair re coloured on Saturday, it was well overdue as it hadn’t been done since before Christmas. I went a bit lighter this time (I’m getting braver!) inspired with the slightly brighter weather we’re having. I was a bit unsure at first as I thought it was far too light but either its toned down a bit or I’ve just got used to it now, but it doesn’t seem as blonde somehow. The ombre colour is perfect for me as my hair grows crazy fast, so I would have to get it re- done every 4 weeks or so with a traditional colour and that’s just a bit too high maintenance for me. I’m very lazy when it comes to hair and beauty I spend the least amount of time possible on it (my 14 year old tomboy self would be so proud). I rarely go near a beautician, for anything other than a facial.I do read the odd beauty blog but find it a bit of a chore compared to reading a fashion blog. I wish I had more of an interest in make up to be honest but if it hasn’t happened by now it isn’t going to. I signed up for a Glossy Box last month in the hope it would kick start something but the box was very disappointing, not even blog worthy. I’ve given it another month and if March’s box is no better I’ll be cancelling my subscription.
Anyways enough of the rambling here's Saturdays outfits. My tomboy self would once again be proud as I was back in the Nike hi-tops. I couldn’t wait to wear them again so I built the outfit around them. I’m not really a pink person but I really like these jeans for some reason, and for a tenner in the New Look sale they were a great buy.

H&M denim shirt
New Look T-shirt
New Look jeans
Nike Hi-tops

I was out on Saturday night with all my lovely best friends, I wore the Topshop skirt I talked about last week, I did have a white silky top in mind to wear with it but as the skirt was so clingy anything I tried to tuck into it was bunching up and showing through the skirt, so this peplum top came to the rescue. This is actually a midi skirt, but I had it pulled up quite high so it would probably have hit my calf otherwise. I love it but it is going to be hard to get things to go with it because you can't really tuck anything into it, and its too long to wear a long top over like you could do with a short bodycon skirt.

New Look Peplum top
New Look necklace
Topshop Skirt
ASOS shoes

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Not so mellow yellow

I ended up in one of the massive Tesco stores the other night and decided to have a little nosey at their clothes, my local Tesco’s clothing range is dire. I’m glad I did as there are a few little gems to be had. After falling in love with my yellow H&M jacket and the fact that it goes with everything I have decided I will be injecting more yellow into my wardrobe this spring. I plan to wear brights with the monochrome trend this Spring, as all black and white feels a bit too dreary for me and yellow is perfect for that job.  So I was happy to come across this yellow knitted jumper for just £7 in the sale, it has a lovely weight to it and feels far more expensive than it was. I’m planning on wearing it with monochrome skirts & patterned skirts. 

They also had some great little bags too. I've been maning to get a satchel or a saddle bag and was going to get a real leather Zatchel one, but I think I will just get couple of these instead as I don't really carry a bag a lot at the minute.I tend to just bung my stuff into my baby bag which is getting a bit battered in the bottom of the buggy and had the odd sweet stuck to the inside, so I think I'll wait to the wee man is potty trained and maybe get a proper Zatchel one then. But for now a couple of these will do., I think i'll go for the yellow saddle bag and the mint satchel which will both work well for Spring/Summer. The mint one seems to be sold out online so I'll have to head back to the shop and hope there ae some left.







Friday, 1 March 2013

Sunny sunday.

Sunday was a glorious day - well if you kept out of the shade it was, otherwise it was bloody freezing. We went to a local forest with the wee man. I have a real thing for forests, I just love being surrounded by trees and of course the photos are always great. My footwear wasn't very practical for tramping around in muck, so off came my new shoe boots and on went the Hunters. I didn't get a photo of my outfit pre-wellies but I will definitely pull it out again as it has most of my favourite colours, tan, navy and denim. I am longing for Spring at this stage and these odd sunny days we have been getting are such a tease, I'm so over winter and I'm sick to the teeth of wrapping up and doing a checklist of items every time I leave the house such as hat, coat, scarf,  gloves, balaclava - ok maybe not the last one I could have been doing with it a few times. Hopefully spring will arrive in the not too distant future, until then we just got to make the most of any little bit of sunshine there is.

Next Blazer
H&M denim shirt
H&M scarf
Next skirt
Hunter wellies