Sunday, 17 February 2013

The obsession continues............

Yesterday I got the rare opportunity to have a few hours shopping alone in Belfast, so where did I head to? Yes you guessed it Zara and H&M (other High Street stores are available!!).

There are still a few bargains to be had in the Zara sale, I picked up these printed trousers for £9.99, I think they'll look great dressed up with heels and a jacket as well as with flats and a vest in the summer (and by summer I mean that one week we may get in May) or failing that I'll just use them as my 'good' pyjamas for special occasions!! (anyone else do that.........? nope just me then!)

I got this biker style jacket in H&M after missing the boat on the similar Zara one last year so I'm rather pleased with myself.

I nearly went for the one below, it was a tense few minutes trying to decide which one to go for. The one above is more rigid and made of heavier material while the below one is more of a boucle jacket, and has a dressier feel, especially with the fact that it has no collar. I decided on the above jacket as it's a bit more substantial and it looks like the awful weather is going no where fast, so I'll probably get more wear out of it. The jacket below is down to £15 from £24.99 on a mid term offer so it's a great wee jacket for the price.

I also spied this little clutch which is very similar to the leather Boden clutch I've had my eye on after seeing it on this post on Poppy's Style blog. The H&M one is £12.99 while the Boden one is £59.99 now I appreciate there's a hell of a difference but I don't buy a lot of bags, so when I do I want a leather one as I keep them for years so I passed on the H&M bag this time and I'm going to hold out for the Boden one (hoping the hubs is reading). The H&M one comes in these three colour ways while the boden one comes in six different colours, including navy which is so bloody hard to find in a leather bag.

I also tried on a pair of  H&M boyfriend jeans and was pleasantly surprised, they weren't as bad as I thought they would be. They do give me a bit of a pancake arse, and do have a bit of a MC Hammer crotch thing but I'm slowly warming to that fit of boyfriend jean. I think I may go back and get them, although definitely size down, I tried on one size smaller than my usual and could easily go down another.


I broke in the bargain 7 quid Zara trainers yesterday, for maximum comfort while shopping of course. I just cannot go shopping in heels and I envy anyone who can.

Primark stripy top
Oasis leather jacket
Zara khaki linen waistcoat
Zara skinnies
Zara trainers


  1. Really like the way you wore your waistcoat over your leather jacket. Very clever Also like the jacket you bought .. looking forward to seeing how you style the Zara trousers:)

    1. I can't wait to get styling it myself Helen, I like a bit of a challenge!

  2. Loving this look. I am a big fan of Zara!

    Decisions Decisions


  3. Looking good girl! Great purchases too...and next time you're in Belfast, you have GOT to message me! Would be great to meet, Ax

    1. Yes deffo Avril, I'm not there very often without at least one of my men but we will def have to get something sorted!!x


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