Monday, 4 February 2013

Lough Eske - again!

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary at the weekend by going to Lough Eske Castle in Donegal. We were there in November for the hub’s birthday and loved it so much we couldn’t wait to get back so this was a good excuse. It’s simply stunning inside and out, but I took very little photos this time as the weather was pretty crap and the wee man was having an awful time cutting three teeth so we spent most of the time just chilling in the room with bob the builder on loop. The food and service were amazing, it’s great to go somewhere and feel like the people genuinely want to help you. The one thing that struck me was the age of the staff, they were all above 30 and some probably well into their 50’s. It makes a refreshing change from spotty hung-over teenagers who are just there to collect beer tokens for the next weekend.

Saturday’s outfit featured the boyfriend jeans again as it was a two hour drive so I wanted to be comfy in the car. For dinner on Saturday evening I wore my new jeans from Zara, which is fast becoming my favourite place for jeans. They are cut quite high so always great for hiding a mummy muffin top and they have great stretch so never feel restrictive. I have to say I’m totally in love with my yellow H&M jacket, it goes with so much and instantly brightens up any outfit. I would wear it every day if I though I could get away with it! Sunday’s outfit was built around my Moda in Pelle boots, as I thought we would be exploring the grounds but as the weather was so dire that was swiftly knocked on the head.

New Look jacket
Next shirt
Mango t-shirt
Criminal jeans
Zara boots
H&M blouse
H&M jacket
Zara Jeans
ASOS shoes

AX Paris dress
Next jacket
Moda in Pelle boots


  1. You look fabulous. I especially love the yellow jacket (muffin top? What muffin top? You look incredibly slim .. she says enviously!) Hope the teeth finally came through and that you are all getting a bit more sleep now.

    1. Oh believe me Helen it's there! Not very much sleep since I'm afraid, but he's very late cutting teeth so I suppose we got of light until now.

  2. I have a bright yellow jacket and you have inspired me to keep it. x

    1. Yes don't dare get rid Sharron, there's very little yellow doesn't go with, it's great with neutrals- black White grey's and I love It with leopard print too.

  3. The yellow jacket looks fabulous on you. And I don't know what it is, despite all your protestations about being average height - you look really tall!

    1. I have this convo all the time with people, even going as far a getting the tape measure out, it's really weird I must be some kind of optical illusion freak!!


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