Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A new style icon?

I think every woman should have a style icon, someone to admire and aspire to. Like most people I swoon over photos of Olivia Palermo looking effortless strolling through the streets of New York or Miranda Kerr exiting an airport with her little man in tow but lately I have noticed Mollie King a lot. All these women have one thing in common - they’re all pretty and skinny, so would look good wrapped up in a spud sack but I like the fact that they dress more like the every day woman. Their style is pretty simple and chic a lot of the time, wearing a lot of Reiss, Whistles and Isabel Marant pieces which are achievable for some of us. I’m not going to bombard you with photos of Miranda and Olivia (you would think I knew them) as we all know how stylish they are, so instead I’m going to look at Mollie, as she’s probably under a lot of people's radar - girl band members aren’t usually known for their style.

Here's some of her looks from London Fashion Week this week, photos 1, 2 and 5 are all French Connection and are all currently sold out which I think probably has a lot to do with Mollie wearing them this week. I think she looks very chic, and dresses a bit classier than your average 25 year old - although sometimes she dresses a bit too old.

Here's some of her more casual looks. She wears a lovely pallet of muted colours a lot of the time as wearing a lot of my favourite colours, such as mustard and navy, taupe's and mink.
If nothing else she makes nice change from the usual leggy models and shows that you don't have to have legs up to your armpits or boobs up to your chin to look good. She's about 5ft 3in I think.

Now I have to show you the skirt I ordered from Topshop, I think it will be really easy to style with a black or white silky camisole for going out or with a silk shirt for day time occasions. It's sold out so no link, I think I just got it in the nick of time.

If it fits me here's how I hope to wear it. I have all these items apart from the Boden clutch *sad face* but it will definitely be a pretty versatile skirt so it will slot into my wardrobe no probs!


  1. Mollie is adored by my daughters and I know she does wear a lot of French Connection as she had a dress last year that I had the top in the same fabric. Although she is young a lot of what she wears could easily be worn by somebody older which is good x

  2. Yes I like the fact that she dresses a bit older than her years so it's totally appropriate for the likes of me, which you rarely get with a girl band member. Your daughters have good taste!

  3. I love her style, she's come a long way x


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