Friday, 8 February 2013

25 things...................

I love reading these random facts on other peoples blogs so I thought I would do one too as my blog is pretty new so you could find out a little more about me. That and the fact that I’ve got that horrible cold/bug thing that’s going about so have nothing exciting to report on the fashion side of things.

  1. I’m a tomboy and far enjoy men’s company and sense of humour to women and despite the fact that I now love fashion I wouldn’t wear a skirt or dress until I was about 15 (apart from school uniform obvs)
  2. I wanted to be an Architect since I was 8 and studied it for a year before changing to Construction Engineering. While I love my job this is a big regret for me as I still want to be an Architect now.
  3. I have really long arms, and have problems getting clothes that are long enough.
  4. I had a really slow labour with my son - 44 hours with my son to be precise, but I forgot about it all the second I saw his face.
  5. I love cars and used to buy a new one every year (that was before I got married!)
  6. The most beautiful place I have ever visited was the Maldives on Honeymoon, we’re planning on going back for our 10 year anniversary (only 6 more years to go!)
  7. I am obsessed with food, I think about it constantly.
  8. I have both a gluten and dairy intolerance which is always fun (see above)
  9. I extremely accident prone and have broken my foot twice, my ankle twice, various toes, my knee cap dislocates every so often and I have to pop it back in, I have a piece missing of my right index finger, and I’ve fractured my skull to name but a few.
  10. I believe in love at first sight, because I experienced it.
  11. I'm scared of heights, I just woke up one day about ten years ago and had a fear all of a sudden.
  12. I love America, and always wish I was born there.
  13. I designed and am currently building my own house and hope to be in it before the end of the year.
  14. I never really like chocolate until I got pregnant now I can’t get enough of it especially Galaxy.
  15. My pet peeve is people eating loudly, it makes my skin crawl.
  16. I have really good balance and am very flexible.
  17. I have really bad patience, a trait that I can now see in my son.
  18. I could not live without the Internet, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use it.
  19. I am very shy and quiet which people sometimes mistake for snobishness or arrogance.
  20. I love to read, and still have all my childhood books that are very precious to me.
  21. I have over 200 pairs of shoes but always seem to wear the same 5 pairs.
  22. I am very competitive from years of playing sport, its dying down as the years go on thankfully.
  23. I can jump really far, and represented Ulster in The Long Jump.
  24. I am really indecisive, and find it hard to make decisions especially important ones.
  25. I am always late for everything and it bugs the hell out of me.

Meeru Island, Maldives

The honeymooners!


  1. #9 is hysterical though I'm sure it wasn't at the time of each accident! Thanks for sharing - really nice idea:)

  2. No definately not Joanna, but I can laugh about it now. I'm due another one some of these days!

  3. Brilliant - I don't think I could come up with such a brilliant 25 things! Especially loving the 200 pairs of shoes...hope the new house has a build in shoe closet :) Get well soon Trea and hopefully see you at Fashion Week! Avril x

    1. I thought that too but once you get started thinking they soon build up. Oh yes Avril I've got a massive walk in wardrobe designed it's the best part of the house!! Yes hopefully c u there!

  4. I also love these random facts posts! Might do one myself one day xx

    1. Yes please do Sharron, it's great to find out random little facts about people that would never come up otherwise!

  5. Really enjoyed reading this. So nice to learn more things about the bloggers we read. And awwwwww .. love at first sight? That's so lovely :)


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