Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Trainer love.

I have to admit to having a bit of a thing for trainers (well shoes in general, but that's a whole other post). They're an essential for running after my wee man plus I struggle in heels as I wear orthopaedic insoles so I tend to gravitate towards flat shoes a lot. While they have never been out of fashion they are having somewhat of a revival at the minute, much to my delight of course! Recently I noticed a black trainer shaped hole in my wardrobe, so of course I needed to fill it at the first opportunity.

Enter the Nike high tops, these babies only set me back £16 at the Nike outlet at Junction one (cheap at twice the price). The choice there is amazing, I spent ages trying on pairs to the point where I think the staff were talking about me. I was sorely tempted to buy two pairs and had the most gorgeous purpley-pink suede ones under my arm too, but I had a sensible moment and I knew I wouldn't get much wear out of them and would probably end up buying things just to go with them, so they'd end up costing me money. I broke them in on Saturday, and it wasn't till my hubs said to me "are you going to wear them to bed too?" that I realised I was snuggled up on the sofa under a blanket and I was still wearing them - so full marks on the comfort factor!!

Dunnes sweatshirt
H&M jacket
Topshop baxter jeans
Nike high-tops

Monday, 25 February 2013

Monochrome madness

So apparently this Spring/Summer we should all be side stepping the obvious floral and pastel hues and heading towards the monochromatic palette of black and white. This trend was massive at London Fashion Week and many designers based their collections on these colours, some with a bit of neon thrown in too. Now I'm not really sold on monochrome mostly because it feels a bit safe and boring and reminds me of years of waitressing as a teenager, but I have to say I am seeing some nice pieces in these colours lately. I tend to be drawn to black and white patterns or colour blocked pieces as opposed to wearing black trousers with a white top for example, as I think its a bit more interesting. I can imagine I will go for a black and white piece and throw a bit of colour in with it as just black and white just feels a bit too sombre for me.

I think this trend will be massive due to the fact that its very wearable and easily achievable for most people. I would safely say every woman in the country has some black and white in their wardrobe that they can throw together to create this look.

I spied this French Connection dress while having a nosey to see were any of Mollie Kings outfits from my last post here still for sale. It's £120 and I think it would look great glammed up for a wedding with a crazy hat or dressed down with opaque tights and a blazer for work. I'm also imagining it with my H&M yellow jacket last seen here. The up side of this trend is while black and white is going to be really big this year, it has always been in fashion and will probably continue to do so, so anything you buy won't really go out of fashion so perhaps it's worth a splurge on a designer item this season.

I really like these Next printed cigarette trousers which would be great for work wear or to wear out at the weekend, they are £38 and come in petite, regular, long or extra long so there should be something for everyone.

This 100% silk shirt is by Unique and is available in Topshop, I think it would look great with some black ankle length trousers or leather leggings. It's £95 and comes with matching trousers as well but I think that maybe be just a bit to OTT for me (and probably most of us)

This ASOS curve skirt is just gorgeous, it's £30 and I wish it was available in my size. It just reminded me of a French Connection dress I used to have that Kate Middleton was papped in (regretting my rash ebaying now) looks like Kate was ahead of her time!

Another good thing about this trend is you don't need to go out and buy shoes to match as EVERYONE must have a pair of black shoes, but if you want to embrace the trend from head to toe then these Dune shoes are gorgeous for £80.

So will you be embracing the trend or like me do you think it's a bit boring and like a bit of colour?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A new style icon?

I think every woman should have a style icon, someone to admire and aspire to. Like most people I swoon over photos of Olivia Palermo looking effortless strolling through the streets of New York or Miranda Kerr exiting an airport with her little man in tow but lately I have noticed Mollie King a lot. All these women have one thing in common - they’re all pretty and skinny, so would look good wrapped up in a spud sack but I like the fact that they dress more like the every day woman. Their style is pretty simple and chic a lot of the time, wearing a lot of Reiss, Whistles and Isabel Marant pieces which are achievable for some of us. I’m not going to bombard you with photos of Miranda and Olivia (you would think I knew them) as we all know how stylish they are, so instead I’m going to look at Mollie, as she’s probably under a lot of people's radar - girl band members aren’t usually known for their style.

Here's some of her looks from London Fashion Week this week, photos 1, 2 and 5 are all French Connection and are all currently sold out which I think probably has a lot to do with Mollie wearing them this week. I think she looks very chic, and dresses a bit classier than your average 25 year old - although sometimes she dresses a bit too old.

Here's some of her more casual looks. She wears a lovely pallet of muted colours a lot of the time as wearing a lot of my favourite colours, such as mustard and navy, taupe's and mink.
If nothing else she makes nice change from the usual leggy models and shows that you don't have to have legs up to your armpits or boobs up to your chin to look good. She's about 5ft 3in I think.

Now I have to show you the skirt I ordered from Topshop, I think it will be really easy to style with a black or white silky camisole for going out or with a silk shirt for day time occasions. It's sold out so no link, I think I just got it in the nick of time.

If it fits me here's how I hope to wear it. I have all these items apart from the Boden clutch *sad face* but it will definitely be a pretty versatile skirt so it will slot into my wardrobe no probs!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The obsession continues............

Yesterday I got the rare opportunity to have a few hours shopping alone in Belfast, so where did I head to? Yes you guessed it Zara and H&M (other High Street stores are available!!).

There are still a few bargains to be had in the Zara sale, I picked up these printed trousers for £9.99, I think they'll look great dressed up with heels and a jacket as well as with flats and a vest in the summer (and by summer I mean that one week we may get in May) or failing that I'll just use them as my 'good' pyjamas for special occasions!! (anyone else do that.........? nope just me then!)

I got this biker style jacket in H&M after missing the boat on the similar Zara one last year so I'm rather pleased with myself.

I nearly went for the one below, it was a tense few minutes trying to decide which one to go for. The one above is more rigid and made of heavier material while the below one is more of a boucle jacket, and has a dressier feel, especially with the fact that it has no collar. I decided on the above jacket as it's a bit more substantial and it looks like the awful weather is going no where fast, so I'll probably get more wear out of it. The jacket below is down to £15 from £24.99 on a mid term offer so it's a great wee jacket for the price.

I also spied this little clutch which is very similar to the leather Boden clutch I've had my eye on after seeing it on this post on Poppy's Style blog. The H&M one is £12.99 while the Boden one is £59.99 now I appreciate there's a hell of a difference but I don't buy a lot of bags, so when I do I want a leather one as I keep them for years so I passed on the H&M bag this time and I'm going to hold out for the Boden one (hoping the hubs is reading). The H&M one comes in these three colour ways while the boden one comes in six different colours, including navy which is so bloody hard to find in a leather bag.

I also tried on a pair of  H&M boyfriend jeans and was pleasantly surprised, they weren't as bad as I thought they would be. They do give me a bit of a pancake arse, and do have a bit of a MC Hammer crotch thing but I'm slowly warming to that fit of boyfriend jean. I think I may go back and get them, although definitely size down, I tried on one size smaller than my usual and could easily go down another.


I broke in the bargain 7 quid Zara trainers yesterday, for maximum comfort while shopping of course. I just cannot go shopping in heels and I envy anyone who can.

Primark stripy top
Oasis leather jacket
Zara khaki linen waistcoat
Zara skinnies
Zara trainers

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines view from the loo

Just a quick post to say Happy Valentines day to all you lovely ladies, and I hope you all got sufficiently spoilt! I'm not big into the whole Valentines day thing as I think it's a bit of a con, but I got taken out for a meal tonight so I wasn't going to say no. So here's the view from the loo and my gorgeous red rose.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Clumsy and colour blocked

I just about got over the cold/bug thing then what do I go and do only bang my head off the shower controls while trying to make a bit of room in the small plastic animal zoo that's located in the shower tray. Told you I was accident prone in my last post here but I bet you didn't believe me ;( I've had headaches ever since, and after visiting A&E today turns out I have concussion. So short and sweet post tonight as the glare of the computer isn't really helping.

Saturday's outfit was a blast from the past, it was literally pulled from the back of the wardrobe, the top and cardi are at least 5 years old, and I don't think I've worn leggings in over a year. I totally forgot how comfortable they are. I actually kept panicking every time my top went up a bit as I kept thinking I was wearing tights, so I think I may have to revisit the leggings very soon again as they're ideal for a day of housework and rolling about on the floor with my wee man. Oh and great for the cinema too, because I usually sprawl out and eat my body weight in popcorn (I see it as a personal challenge). We went to see Flight, with Denzel Washington,and although was head was pounding it was really good and lets just say I'll not be getting on an airplane anytime soon!

Dorothy Perkins Tunic
Dunnes Cardi
Next leggings
Jones Bootmaker boots
On Sunday I manged to drag myself and my massive bruised head out to meet the girls for dinner, I wore an ASOS colour block blouse that's been in my wardrobe for months which I totally forgot about (love when that happens!) and of course nice stretchy jeans.
ASOS blouse
Topshop Baxter jeans
ASOS shoes


Friday, 8 February 2013

25 things...................

I love reading these random facts on other peoples blogs so I thought I would do one too as my blog is pretty new so you could find out a little more about me. That and the fact that I’ve got that horrible cold/bug thing that’s going about so have nothing exciting to report on the fashion side of things.

  1. I’m a tomboy and far enjoy men’s company and sense of humour to women and despite the fact that I now love fashion I wouldn’t wear a skirt or dress until I was about 15 (apart from school uniform obvs)
  2. I wanted to be an Architect since I was 8 and studied it for a year before changing to Construction Engineering. While I love my job this is a big regret for me as I still want to be an Architect now.
  3. I have really long arms, and have problems getting clothes that are long enough.
  4. I had a really slow labour with my son - 44 hours with my son to be precise, but I forgot about it all the second I saw his face.
  5. I love cars and used to buy a new one every year (that was before I got married!)
  6. The most beautiful place I have ever visited was the Maldives on Honeymoon, we’re planning on going back for our 10 year anniversary (only 6 more years to go!)
  7. I am obsessed with food, I think about it constantly.
  8. I have both a gluten and dairy intolerance which is always fun (see above)
  9. I extremely accident prone and have broken my foot twice, my ankle twice, various toes, my knee cap dislocates every so often and I have to pop it back in, I have a piece missing of my right index finger, and I’ve fractured my skull to name but a few.
  10. I believe in love at first sight, because I experienced it.
  11. I'm scared of heights, I just woke up one day about ten years ago and had a fear all of a sudden.
  12. I love America, and always wish I was born there.
  13. I designed and am currently building my own house and hope to be in it before the end of the year.
  14. I never really like chocolate until I got pregnant now I can’t get enough of it especially Galaxy.
  15. My pet peeve is people eating loudly, it makes my skin crawl.
  16. I have really good balance and am very flexible.
  17. I have really bad patience, a trait that I can now see in my son.
  18. I could not live without the Internet, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use it.
  19. I am very shy and quiet which people sometimes mistake for snobishness or arrogance.
  20. I love to read, and still have all my childhood books that are very precious to me.
  21. I have over 200 pairs of shoes but always seem to wear the same 5 pairs.
  22. I am very competitive from years of playing sport, its dying down as the years go on thankfully.
  23. I can jump really far, and represented Ulster in The Long Jump.
  24. I am really indecisive, and find it hard to make decisions especially important ones.
  25. I am always late for everything and it bugs the hell out of me.

Meeru Island, Maldives

The honeymooners!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Lough Eske - again!

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary at the weekend by going to Lough Eske Castle in Donegal. We were there in November for the hub’s birthday and loved it so much we couldn’t wait to get back so this was a good excuse. It’s simply stunning inside and out, but I took very little photos this time as the weather was pretty crap and the wee man was having an awful time cutting three teeth so we spent most of the time just chilling in the room with bob the builder on loop. The food and service were amazing, it’s great to go somewhere and feel like the people genuinely want to help you. The one thing that struck me was the age of the staff, they were all above 30 and some probably well into their 50’s. It makes a refreshing change from spotty hung-over teenagers who are just there to collect beer tokens for the next weekend.

Saturday’s outfit featured the boyfriend jeans again as it was a two hour drive so I wanted to be comfy in the car. For dinner on Saturday evening I wore my new jeans from Zara, which is fast becoming my favourite place for jeans. They are cut quite high so always great for hiding a mummy muffin top and they have great stretch so never feel restrictive. I have to say I’m totally in love with my yellow H&M jacket, it goes with so much and instantly brightens up any outfit. I would wear it every day if I though I could get away with it! Sunday’s outfit was built around my Moda in Pelle boots, as I thought we would be exploring the grounds but as the weather was so dire that was swiftly knocked on the head.

New Look jacket
Next shirt
Mango t-shirt
Criminal jeans
Zara boots
H&M blouse
H&M jacket
Zara Jeans
ASOS shoes

AX Paris dress
Next jacket
Moda in Pelle boots