Friday, 11 January 2013

SS 13 essentials list

So Christmas and New year are only just over, I’m still trying to get rid of those pesky bits of glitter, having Christmas biscuits with my tea, and finding random bits of wrapping paper everywhere but I think it’s high time to start thinking of my Spring/Summer essentials list. I’m shopping for Spring/Summer together because we don’t tend to have a big difference in the two seasons here in Northern Ireland, and usually Spring is the warmer of the two seasons with our best weather the past few years generally being in April or May so there’s not a big difference in spring and summer clothes really.

I have blogged before about the fact that I don’t have a wish list as such, it’s more of a shopping list. After trawling all my favourite blogs, catching up on magazines and scrolling through Pinterest I have a good idea of the pieces I’m after for S/S. I then have a look in my wardrobe just to see what would work well with what I already have in there. After doing a major wardrobe cull over the Christmas holidays I can safely say I have separated the wheat from the chaff. The chaff is currently sitting in a black bin bag ready for the charity shop, which I hope will end up being some one else's wheat if you know what I mean.

So back to my S/S essentials list, the items I feel I simply must have are as follows.

The number one item for SS has to be Boyfriend jeans, now these don’t need much of an explanation really as you would have to have been in hibernation over the past few months not to have noticed these popping up on almost every fashion blog and magazine. The reason I don’t already have a pair is that I cannot get the fit and colour that I’m looking for. I’m notoriously picky when it comes to jeans, and I’ve spoke before about how I imagine an item of clothing and then go on a (usually unsuccessful) hunt for it. So with this in mind my boyfriend jeans have to have the following criteria, mid blue, slim fit, distressed with holes, whiskering and/or shading, not too baggy around the bum and no MC hammer saggy crotch thing going on. I have this pair en route from Mango so I’m hoping they will fit the bill.

Boyfriend style jeans

Another thing I need is a denim shirt. Denim shirts are so damn versatile you can throw them on with almost anything, except jeans in a similar shade- that’s a double denim no no in my book. I already have a denim shirt but it’s more of a boyfriend one and I want a nice slim fit one that I can wear with skirts.

A pair of nude slipper flats are also on the list as my Topshop ballet flat’s aren’t really up to much, they’re almost identical to actual ballet slippers so don’t offer a lot of support or comfort. I like these Topshop ones but they do look a bit flimsy so I'm going to have to see them in the flesh.
I've wanted a mustard skirt for ages, pencil, skater or bodycon will do. I have a real thing for the colour mustard but it’s not that easy to find, so I’m hoping to come across one over the next few months. Here's Lilly from Lily's style in her mustard one.

I also really need to stock up on casual t-shirts too, in all the usual colours, I have a cream one ordered from ASOS but I need Khaki, black and grey also. w

I have a pair of grey Topshop baxters which I practically lived in when I was pregnant as they have quite a bit of stretch in them, but they’re just to big now so I really want to replace them with a smaller size but I think I’m probably only going to find them on ebay as I want the exact same ones as I had before and I probably originally bought them about three years ago. Here's the same ones, they're a lovely soft grey.

These are the essential pieces so anything else I spy over the next coming months is a bonus really. I have tried to change the way I shop recently and tend to buy things that slot into my wardrobe now rather than just random items of clothing. When I see something I want to buy I try to come up with a couple of things it will go with in my wardrobe and think where I’ll wear it before I actually buy it now.


  1. I've been reviewing the way I look at clothes - I'm trying not to buy anything too faddy and sticking more to the plainer, more simple pieces which I prefer and am most happy in. I can't do running around with big necklaces and cloppy heels so I think I'm going to be doing some very boring blog posts this year ... unless you like the simple life.

    Hope the boyfriend jeans work out for you though and these are the perfect pair! With no MC Hammer crotch thing going on.

  2. I have tried a pair of straight legs that I was going to eBay and they're great as they fit well on bum ans crotch but I'm hoping the magno ones are nice too (whenever the hell they get here!).

    I'm going to be a more savvy shopper this year hopefully my bank balance will thank ms for it!

  3. Hope the jeans work out - keep us posted. I want the same but without the tears - just with some fading. Or at least, I want to try them out….and reserve judgement until I'm happy with them on! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with your shopping list, have a great weekend! Avril x

  4. I'll be interested to see how you get on with the Mango jeans. I've also rediscovered a pair of Esprit straight leg jeans in my wardrobe and (sssshh!!) have to say, they're soooo comfortable compared to skinnies ... that extra bit of 'give' allows for a much more comfortable slouch on the couch :) I'm in two minds about boyfriend jeans ... psoriasis tends to dictate that I cover up rather than expose areas such as ankles and secondly, I'm wondering do they add bulk (something I could do without!) Loving the mustard skirt - a colour that I would never have considered, but looks great in that pic. Helen

  5. Hi there!! Love to see someone who loves denim too-my style picks for 2013 are definitely the boyfriend jeans and denim shirt! I have a pair by Gap which are quite slouchy and a more fitted pair by Zara, I will check in with you again to see how your Mango ones are! Because I love denim so much, I have a new style blog called Live to Love Denim as well as my thriftmystyle blog! Hope you have a good weekend!


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