Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cheese grating boyfriends

Now there's a few words I never thought I'd use together. Boyfriend jeans seem to be all the rage at the mo, and while they’re not a new Phenomenon I’m sure they are going to be pretty big this year. I have to admit I wasn’t completely sold on boyfriend jeans in the AW season as I think they only look good when a bit of ankle is showing, be it with trainers, ankle boots, pumps or brogues. The thought of cold ankles really put me off as I’m one of those annoying moaning people who are always cold. But I have to say I’ve definitely warmed (get it?!) to them recently. Now as usual my requirements are long and boring but the number one requirement was fit, I wanted them to fit quite snug around the bum and crotch. The pair I got in my recent mango order weren’t actually too bad overall and if I had ordered a size smaller they probably would have been perfect. Following discussions with a few blogger mates, Fiona from Avenue57 and Sue from Susie so so suggested just rolling up a pair of straight leg jeans as they will have a snugger fit around the top. So I went to my ever growing eBay pile and pulled out a pair of Criminal straight leg jeans that were always a bit too big on me and tried the theory out, and what do you know, they’re not half bad.

H&M  blouse
Criminal jeans
Zara ankle boots

I decided they weren't quite as distressed as I would like, so set about doing some DIY distressing. I used a cheese grater on the pockets, first I cut a small slit so the grater has something to catch. I cut 2 slits on the front and pulled out the denim threads with tweezers. I like the effect but I think I will add a few more of these. I didn't want to go too mad at the start as obviously it can't be undone. Even though it was freezing on Sunday I really wanted to wear these and as I wasn't going too far I threw them on with a orange blouse to brighten things up.



  1. Your DIY distressing is ingenious! I'm now eyeing my straight jeans and the cheese grater wirh definite intent, lol! I think they look fantastic. I'm going to pull out a straight pair at the weekend and see how they look rolled up. Fingers crossed they look as good as yours!

  2. It's a bit scary at the start Helen but I'm definitely going back for more rips. I love distressed jeans and they go with everything.

  3. Hi there! A great customisation job done-they look just like what is being sold on the high street now and I love how you've paired them with that lovely orange blouse!

    1. Hi thanks, don't think I'm done yet but wanted to test them out. I'm trying to brighten things up as the weather has been so horrible, so this pop of colour seemed to help!

  4. Love the orange shirt - I've got an old Jigsaw silk one in that lovely burnt orange shade. I'm so glad I hold on to stuff like this. This is a look I can totally replicate. I have all the components. Beuozza!

    Back to the jeans - they look fab and the fit is perfect on you. So much better than a looser pair would be and because of the fit, they would look great dressed up with something more flashy for the evening too with some toe baring sandals. I like the distressing done on the pocket trims too and very inspired to use a cheese grater. My immediate thought would have been to go for the sandpaper. If you are planning to do any more distressing - be careful of the knee area and where you are most likely to kneel as this will tear the fabric if you have started to distress it there - unless that's the aim! I'm very careful to look to find areas of weakness if I don't want the torn across the knee look now. It will be interesting to follow this pair of jeans progress until you have decided they are perfect. A brilliant take on the boyfriend jeans and you saved yourself some money.

    1. I don't think silk shirts ever go out of style Sue so don't u dare throw any out!!
      I'm well and truly sold on the boyfriend jeans now, just hope it gets a bit warmer as they're not great for out and about in this weather. I made that hole quite high up as I knew it wouldn't get too much wear there, although I may put a piece of an old Jean pocket behind the rip to ensure it doesn't grow. My favourite jeans have ripped right through at the knee and they're definitely a bit draughty now.

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