Tuesday, 18 December 2012

This weekend I have mostly been...................

hungover in H&M. After Fridays nights escapades in the Merchant I was feeling more than a little worse for wear on Saturday, I tell you once you hit 30 it all goes downhill, one night out kills me now and when I think back to my student days when I would have been out eight nights of the week, I don’t know how the hell I did it. So of course what else would I do on Saturday night only head out and do it all again. We went to see Mumford & Sons at the Odyssey and ill and all as I was I was damn happy that I mustered up the energy to head back out again as they were absolutely brilliant! Marcus the lead singer has thee most amazing voice, it was totally flawless and you would have even thought he was miming if you didn’t know any better. They came down into the crowd and performed two songs acoustically, which was pretty cool of them I thought, they actually walked down through the crowd which shows how down to earth they are. I very nearly got a great pic of Marcus when he was heading back to the stage.

I had a few drinks to test the ole hair of the dog theory but I can safely say it doesn’t work as I was feeling like crap on Sunday again too. But I had to get up and get on with it as apparently a one and a half year old doesn’t understand the word hangover. We decided to pay Santa a visit or ‘San’ as he’s called in our house, but the mission was aborted approximately five seconds after setting eyes on Santa, as the wee man decided point blank that he was going nowhere near him, so it was money back and out of there. I could have just stayed in bed!

Hangovers and Santa aside here’s the weekend’s outfits and a few Mumford & Sons pics.

Friday’s outfit was all H&M, taken in H&M while buying more stuff in H&M.

Cardi, top & jeggings - H&M
Scarf- Dunnes
Bubble necklace - New Look
Boots - Jones Bootmaker

Saturday during the day- well no one really needs to see that pic. Saturday nights outfit all H&M again. I broke out my new pleather trews and yellow jacket I bought a few weeks ago. The trousers are quite comfy but they seem to conduct the heat or cold really well, so if it’s warm like when I was getting ready I was totally boiling in them, I thought at one stage there was going to be a Ross from friends talcum powder episode when I had to nip to the loo. Then when I headed out my legs were bloody freezing, and in the odyssey I was bloody boiling again. The things we do for fashion eh?!

Jacket, top & pleather leggings all H&M
Wedge boots - ASOS
Necklace- New Look

Sunday, yes you guessed it H&M again. This outfit was very expensive indeed, the skirt was two quid and the jumper was seven quid in H&M sale, so my entire outfit bar shoes probably cost £11, that’s why I love you H&M!
Jumper & Skirt - H&M
Boots - Zara

Wool military coat - River Island

Zara Boots


  1. Great post - so envious you got Mumford tickets! Loving the outfit you wore too - you can totally rock those pleather leggings!
    And as for those Zara boots - I had them on in the black the other day and almost bought them but couldn't make up my mind about the studs. They looks better in the stone I think and I love that outfit you've paired them with. The stripe in the skirt brings it all together so well.
    Hope you've been on the dry all week - lol..sure it's Christmas! Avril x

    1. I want to wear those legging with everything now, they just glam up an outfit instantly. Know what you mean about the studs Avril, and they're quite expensive for something that may only be a passing trend, lets hope studs stick around for a while eh?!

  2. Oooh liking the boots - can't go wrong with a pair of taupe ankle boots. And it has been a bit of a H&M week hasn't it for you but if they are doing all the right things - why not. I find lots of really good bargains in there and they seem to have been my surprise hit shop for 2012 ... and their new stock is flooding in already. The temptation - arrghghgh! But at least you don't break the bank there, You got some really good concert photos there - I have a concert (Alt-J, they won the Mobos this year apparently) which the Grumps is taking me too. I'm a little concerned as it's a standing up concert and I don't think I have the energy to stand for very long listening to something I'm not really interested in. The things we do for love eh?

    1. Yeah H&M is brill at the mo, it's great for wardrobe staples, and it's so reasonable too. I really should branch out a bit more but it's hard to go by. I really like Alt-J, you may suprise yourself and really enjoy it Sue.

      Ps. hope your laptop is feeling a bit better by now!


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