Monday, 10 December 2012

Sunday hikers

Hey, I'm back it's been a few days since I've posted, my wee man has a nasty virus so I had a quiet weekend cuddling him on the sofa, putting up Christmas decorations, baking and of course the odd bit of shopping. Most of my Christmas shopping is done and wrapped apart from a couple of people who are really hard to buy for (a nightmare every Christmas) so I'm looking forward to the next few weeks of nights out and a bit of Christmas baking and very little stress hopefully!

H&M jumper
H&M jeggings
H&M scarf
Boohoo pleather jacket
Next boots

This was Fridays outfit, I totally forgot about these boots, I lived in them two winters ago when I was in my purple/Plum phase (I tend to latch on to a particular colour pallet each season) so it was nice to randomly find them when I was looking for something else. I've got my new H&M scarf on with nice little sequins, I'm fast becoming a scarf addict it's so cold here at the mo that I never leave home without one.

I have to say I'm having to think a bit more about what I wear these days as I would normally just throw on my warmest coat and boots in this kind of weather but that wouldn't be very blog worthy would it, so being warm while trying to be anyway stylish is proving a little trickier.

Next military shirt
H&M jeggings
High tops via ebay

Saturdays outfit was casual as usual, I tend not to go too far on Saturday's so just throw on something comfy. I'm wearing my favourite shirt here, I bought it in the next sale about four years ago and I never have it off as it goes with almost everything plus the military trend never really dies and Khaki is the colour of the moment for me.

Next Blouse
Next Blazer
George at Asda scarf
New look leggings
Moda in Pelle boots
On Sunday I sported my new Moda In Pelle 'Hiker' boots that I bought last week. I nearly took these back after I got them home as I already have a tan pair of knee high riding boots and thought "hmmm will I really get the wear out of these?", but once I played about with a few outfits I thought "you are going nowhere my friends!". They instantly 'posh' up any outfit I tried them with (maybe something to do with the fact Pippa Middleton is always wearing them) so I have held onto them. They're not as over the knee as I would like as I have long legs but they will have to do, I love the back detail and the buckles. I went shopping a few hours yesterday and they cut my heels a bit when walking but hopefully this will mean they will be more comfortable the next time I wear them.

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  1. LOVE the Next blazer!! You look fab - but please can we have bigger photos!? Glad you're feeling better! xx

    1. Thanks, Joanna I got the blazer last yr to wear Christmas day and I've really got my money's worth since, as tan goes with everything.

    2. Oh and re the bigger photos, one step at a time! Lol

  2. They would be thigh high on me- I would be in serious Pretty woman territory if I donned those! Glad to hear little one is now on the other side of the lurgy. You still look amazingly tall - how do you do it? And yes, I confess to having to think more about what I wear these days so I don't look like a total reject.

    1. The school run mums would get some shock!! Its a mystery Sue, as I'm pretty average height but people actually argue with me that I'm tall- weird!

  3. Lovely outfits. my fave is the first one. those boots are fab and the jacket is too! Glad that virus is many things going round. Good to get over and done with before Christmas xx

  4. you have such great style!! really great post, thanks! love your blog -- we should follow each other?! <3

  5. Such fabulous boots(your new ones I mean). Wish I was tall enough to wear something like that!


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