Thursday, 6 December 2012

Style stealing

I love me a bit of style stealing, blogs and pinterest are great for this. I see an outfit I like and I simply pin the image to my pinterest pin board or save to the camera roll on my phone, which is handier if I have no Internet connection. Pinterest is also great as you can search for an item of clothing and see what photos of it appears.

I first came across the idea for recreating outfits straight from photos when I stumbled upon an American blog called She literally re-creates outfits straight from photos with items she already has in her wardrobe. It's a great way of re-working what you have in your wardrobe. This is great when funds are low or when I'm feeling a little uninspired with my wardrobe, as I can often breath new life into an item of clothing just by pairing it with something completely different than what I usually wear it with.

Here's a few pics of J (in the khaki jacket and pink jacket photos) and a few of the inspiration photos on my phone at the minute. These are all outfits that I want to try out over the next wee while. All images via pinterest.


  1. Really interesting. I don't go on pinterest much - I can't keep up with all these different things - I only discovered what blogs were this year as it is. Would be interesting to set up a challenge where one blogger picks a picture and tries to get another to replicate it!

  2. Oh that sounds very interesting Sue, will have to try that out. Pinterest is very handy to use, I have it as an app on my phone and I just skim though the photos and pick out any outfits I like. It's a bit more fiddly on the computer to be honest and then you don't have instant acces to your photos when your getting ready either.

  3. I like that idea. I am a pinterest addict.

  4. Can't beat a bit of style stealing, I do it all the time! Not quite so hooked on pinterest though, just don't get time to get on there very often with so many other social media things to do!


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