Thursday, 13 December 2012

Never again.........well until tonight.

Just a quick post on my phone with last nights outfit for my Christmas do. I'm soooooo ill today and I have to do it all tonight again -I could cry just thinking about it! Our night out was in The Merchant which is Belfast's most sumptuous hotel, so it called for my poshest frock and what could be posher than feathers and lace. I got this dress in Zara for a wedding a few months back and I still love it, which is rare for me as I always go off dresses really quick.

Zara dress
Asos shoes
Michael Kors watch


  1. Stunning! That's a seriously nice dress, I can see why you still like it. Kat on doesmybumlook40 also bought it for a wedding a few months ago ... so you're in good company :) Hope you've recovered from the excesses at this stage!!!

  2. Thanks Helen, just about recovered at this stage!

  3. I'm a bit late getting round peoples blogs as I'm hijacking pc's where I can find them since mine went kaput. Your dress is gorgeous - its the kind of thing I seriously love and dare not wear as I am too chicken and my children would want to pluck me. You look stunning in it.

  4. Thanks Sue, my little boy loves it, he's says chicken and puts his head in the skirt bit every time he sees it! Lol

  5. Great dress Trea and SO envious of your trip to the Merchant! What an amazing hotel - just perfect for an amazing dress. Looking good girl! Avril x
    PS Lol at Sue's comment about the kids wanting to pluck her!!!

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